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December 15, 2010

Fingers Crossed For A Rewrite of a Rewrite

Turning Madison North into a villain wouldn't be illogical and completely out of character (besides, even if it were, does anybody think that the All My Children writers would care? Or even know what any of those words mean?). It would just be reverting to type; the type that is a scheming, vindictive bitch. And if ever there was a character in need of some bitchiness, it is Madison.

Greenlee: Madison, I'm sorry you were shot. I'm sorry that your breakup with Ryan was very painful. But you need to stop coming around here. You didn't come here to quit Fusion.
Madison: Leave me alone.
Greenlee: I can't, because you won't leave Ryan alone.
Madison: You don't understand.
Greenlee: No, I don't. You told Ryan to stay away from you and then I come home and you're with him.
Madison: I wasn't--I just needed to--never mind.
Greenlee: You may not believe this, Madison, but Ido feel for you. I'm genuinely sorry for everything you've gone through and I'm not just talking about the shooting.
Madison: I should have worn my bullet proof vest. This building is dangerous.
Greenlee: So is holding onto something that's over.
Madison: You think I came here to try to get Ryan back?
Greenlee: You two were serious. I get that. But you need to move on with your life.

(Let's just ignore how depressing it is that Greenlee and Madison are so territorial of and heartbroken over/knocked up by, respectively, Ryan, because that's just a novel-length rant waiting to happen)

Surely I wasn't the only person wishing that Madison would bend down two and a half feet and rip a chunk of Greenlee's hair out? She hasn't even been reunited with Ryan for that long (their reunion has been so disturbing that it feels like much longer) and already her smugness is at threat level midnight. We are in for a rough few weeks/months/however long Rebecca Budig has on her contract!


Really? Greenlee telling someone to let go of something that's over? Really? Greenlee's gotta be the biggest damn pot calling the kettle black.

i love spoil bratty greenlee i like the arc with greenlee ryan david madison its been great the whole year

Say what you will about Madison, you can see the love with Ryan.

I swear I've never seen such love in anyone's eyes as I saw in Ryan's today, as he was leaving the Badger Barn after his talk with Kendall.

Those tiny little pig eyes, all scrunched up, his beetle brows all furrowed, as he gazed with disappointment at Kendall, but most of all, with love.....for himself. I don't know why they have ever bothered to match anyone up with Ryassclown. The guy is pure MAGIC with himself.

After trying to browbeat Kendall into inviting the Troll to partake of donut holes and cocktails at Christmas, and being rebuffed, after trying to guilt Kendall by saying that Zach would want this, he finally admitted defeat and walked away from her. My heart was broken - broken, I tell you, by his sad look, until we could see the dawning realization that no matte what Kendall did, no matter what Greenlee did, Ryassclown would still have - himself.

All he needs is the love of a GOOD man. And if he's ever in doubt, he can always go to Madison the Brain Dead, who will repeat that line to him until even he can understand it.

Now THAT'S love in the afternoon!

Hahahaha Love the Michael Scott (Agent Michael Scarn) reference

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