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December 22, 2010

Lemon In Her Crazy-Eye

How fun is it watching Marty go off the deep end? Yesterday's One Life to Live gave us Susan Haskell having what has to be a grand old time playing Marty's descent into total lunacy; you could almost see her tasting it.

The highlights?

-She jumped up and down gleefully, squealing at the prospect of sharing the news (that Brody is Natalie's baby's father) with John!

-Mocked Natalie for failing to have protected sex with someone more anonymous than her sister's ex-boyfriend.

-Clapped like a seal when Natalie explained that John loves this baby:


-Told Natalie that if she got Cole out of prison, she'd keep her mouth shut and then smacked her lips:


-Did an excellent little dance to celebrate the fact that her very, very crappy year is almost over:


-Simulated Natalie tumbling through her moral highground while saying: "Open up! Boom! You'll go! Bye-bye!"

-Swore on her cell phone that John won't find out the truth from her:


-Swatted at Natalie, yelling, "Good then go! Go! Go, merry Christmas! Get out."


-And finally, she concluded her tour de force of Crazytown today by explaining her clever little semantic trick (she only said she wouldn't tell John, but she can tell someone else!) to a photo of herself and her son:


It's just all too fun.

Also, what? The new Sam debuts tomorrow? Sigh. We all know I was attached to the old one, but what can I say, the new one is adorable:

Aww. And at least they kept him young and near-sighted!

Destiny out.


Susan Haskell is definitely taking the ball and running with it in her portrayal of Marty and it's probably one of the best and most entertaining portrayals of a character on the edge of a mental health breakdown that OLTL has ever had. Watching Marty continuously one up Natalie with her consequences be damned attitude was soapy goodness. Melissa Archer deserves some kudos as well for holding her own against SH as well (especially since her repairing with John has made Natalie a complete bore).

And wow, a Sam sighting. First Shane at Thanksgiving and now this. It's a Christmas miracle indeed. And the new kid seems just as cute as the old one. Now if they can just bring Addie back for 2011 (and send Kelly back to London while there at it).

You'd think Natalie would be a bit smarter about dealing with someone who clearly believes she's got nothing to lose. Oh, this is going to end in tears... and most likely a serious case of indigestion for Susan Haskell after devouring every piece of scenery on whatever set she's in.

We've got a new Sam who now delivers lines... like a little kid but since that's what he is, that's fine. Watching him and Jack racing around in today's episode cracked me up. Everything about them was spot on, from Jack trying to convince Sam that there was no Santa and that it was a made up thing so toy stores could get more money (with Blair wrestling with Jack every time to get him to shut up and then threatening to take back his presents if he ruined things for his little brother), to Jack shaking his presents and identifying each one ("clothes, clothes, clothes with a belt") and then wondering if Eli's box had a shrunken head and taking it outside to open... and then, of course, Operation: Rescue Santa Claus.

I love them at Creme Brulee, they fit in so well with the Cramer shenanigans that I just can't see them doing the same stuff at Rapehaus. Blair's indulgent of her boys but their antics combined so perfectly with Dorian's plot against Echo that it was a delightful perfect storm of Cramer Crazy. May Jack and Sam never leave the Cramer Manse.

I love how dedicated Dorian is to her design aesthetic. Even her presents are wrapped white on white!

I watch OLTL on occasion, so it was a treat to get home early from work yesterday and tune in to see Susan Haskell's performance. So much soapy goodness - I loved every minute of it. Susan is so good!

cops need to have a story without the rest of the cast i am find with story with rest cast in the cop story but they do not have to do it all the time same thing sucks

Wednesday's OLTL was awesome! It's too bad that Hannah is gone because she and Marty could rule Llanview with their crazy routine.

LadyBug - I so agree!! Hannah & Marty could rule Crazy Town!

Absolutely loved the Christmas episode -
the new Sam is adorable. Vicki, Doran, Echo, Clint - the only thing missing was Bo & Nora & Matthew. Makes me remember why I watch this show though.

Louise - hope you and all the SD girls & their readers had a great Christmas and wish you a terrific New Year!

i wonder if hannah will comit suicide when she learn what happen to cole oltl need to give john mcbain a bigger role on the show he does that bruse willis john wayne humphrey bogart act well please no rest of cast on cop story only the cops should be allow ok most of time yeah too many cop shows on tv but none is on every day

Dandesun, just have to say I love "Creme Brulee" and "Rapehaus!" Hahaha!

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