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December 17, 2010

Little Blessings

While it's true that I basically complain about One Life to Live as if my life depended on it, let it never be said that I cannot find joy in the little things! I mean I do watch this show for a reason. I think. Yesterday's episode brought us some blessings, starting with the fact that most of the serious vets had airtime: Clint, Nora, Viki, Dorian, Bo, Echo, Charlie. Throw in the scenes with Tea, Blair, and Todd and the episode may well have had a median age of ADULT! (The total absence of Ford and Langston helped my disposition a lot.)

I groaned a bit when at first it seemed they're going to turn Echo's storyline into a PSA about alcoholism (look, we already have at least three people on this show who can never again have a sip of alcohol -- Jess, Viki, Charlie [who am I missing?] -- and dammit, it limits story options!), but now it seems this will just serve Echo's plan to get closer to Charlie.  Lady Zimmer was pretty hilarious when after denying she had a problem, Charlie insisted she did and he'd stay by her side every step of the fight and Echo immediately backtracked and figured, hey, AA is as good a place as any to keep Charlie in her orbit! Time for the first step! "Charlie, I'm powerless over alcohol! Charlie, my life has become unmanageable! Charlie, stick by me and I'll fight!" 

And Bo and Nora. Oh, my heart. Bo and Nora. While the "the voice-overs are the thoughts in his head!" trope is one of those silly soap opera necessities, I do prefer it to characters constantly talking to themselves aloud, and boy did Bo have a head full of thoughts yesterday. Good thoughts. Contrite thoughts. Loving thoughts.


Look, Bo's in big trouble with me right now and even though he didn't sleep with Inez, he still made a lot of extremely disloyal and inappropriate decisions that he should have to answer for. Luckily I think his boy Matthew will be taking him to task but good, so I think that'll be well-covered. So I'm still mad at him, but:


Just melt me, why don't you?! Love. I admit it: I have a problem. I am powerless over my Bo and Nora 'shipping and my life has become unmanageable.

Now, I've been very vocal about loving the Blair/Tea chemistry whether they're getting along or fighting, but I do wish they could both get more to do away from Todd. Yesterday, however, I found the scenes between the three of them to be a great deal of fun -- Tea and Blair calling Todd out on all his nonsense and doing it as a unit?


Cute. That's a formidable duo. I wouldn't mess with them.

While we did get the bulk of the OLTL, Jr. crew (Nate/Dani, Destiny/Darrin, Starr/Ford, Matthew), the episode somehow managed to have this magical thing called balance. And again, it helped that we were spared any Langston or Ford. Or Gigi attempting serious drama. Sure, a little Roxy would've helped but dammit if I'm not feeling a little positive about the show right now! Have I lost it or was this a pretty decent episode, all things considered?

Destiny out!


I have never been so happy to see anyone as Nora stumbling out of the bushes. She was missing exactly the right amount of time; even one more day would have been too much.

Loved Tea mentioning Tad Martin as a possible suspect because of the cuff link

Off topic, but I just had to share what Neil Patrick Harris tweated: @ActuallyNPH

Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. the actor, (Robin's dad) agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn't 'substantial' enough.

Katie I heard about that -- hilarious! Too bad because he was actually quite funny in his earlier appearance. Who is Braeden to be so above a recurring role on a popular prime-time show? Seems nuts, right?

They got someone great to replace him, though.

I can't imagine anyone not loving Nora stumbling out of the woods and grabbing on to Bo. I have no doubt that despite the shenanigans of Clint and Inez in particular that they will come out of this a stronger and better couple.

Kim Zimmer has been an excellent addition to the cast and has played Echo with just the right amount of deviance.

Watching Vicki & Dorian bond was pretty fantastic as well. Especially when Vicki admitted that she didn't want to be the villain by throwing Echo out and Dorian admitted she could.

My only issue was making Todd the most immediate suspect (per John) of Eddie's murder w/that cufflink. I was really hoping we'd get a reprieve of Todd being the center of any story (particularly when there are plenty of other suspects with better motives to kill Eddie) but alas that does not seem possible on this show.

Today's OLTL show was excellent. Who killed Eddie Ford? Nora? Inez, one of the Ford brother's, Matthew, Clint, Todd, Langston.

Am I the only one annoyed that Roxy was no where near Llanview Hospital to visit Rex? This show hates Ilene Kristen and it really bugs me.

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