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December 14, 2010

The Listless List Of Suspects

So, today's One Life to Live started to shed some light on who may and who may not have killed Eddie Ford. Who is on the suspect list? The top of the list seems to be James, Inez, and Nate. Is Nora a possibility? (Where is she? And where is Matthew?) If it's Nate, he's pretty much a psychopath considering he's only met Eddie like three or four times. I suppose there's some chance that Ford did sneak out and kill Eddie considering all of his comments about how their father won't ever be able to hurt James again. I think what interests me the least here is that all the suspects on the list are people we're supposed to give a crap about (the key words being "supposed to," in the case of any of those Ford/Salingers) and, at the end of the day, we'll learn that it was really just in self-defense or defense others. There's no way any of these "heroes" committed murder, right? And the previews for tomorrow (I'm having fun that these are back... why did they ever go away in the first place?) seem to indicate that Todd might be another suspect, so clearly something heroic happened. I can see how Todd would be angry enough to kill Eddie -- I mean, almost raping Nora is totally Todd's thing, no fair!

One suspect, Inez, was shown returning home in last night's outfit to be greeted by Bo asking her point-blank if they had sex the night before.  He asked pretty outright considering he should be mortified at the thought. Why in the world can't Inez just tell Bo what Clint is up to? And then they had a super-casual conversation about it. He was seriously, seriously under-reacting. I hope that was just public stoicism. If I woke up from a night of drinking and realized that I'd cheated on someone (or been lied to that I had), I'd really want the world to swallow me whole. Complete devastation. Not that I'd know. Really. Oh, stop judging, Y2K was a crazy time!

Look, as usual I have nothing nice to say about the Fords and I find Ford and Langston to be the grossest couple ever (their relationship has seriously evolved into Langston being horny but maternal with him and I just... I can't) and Starr and James are dumb as bricks and dull as dirt, so let's instead spend some time with the rest of the show, shall we? It wasn't half bad. Some thoughts:

  • Wait, is Bree Williamson back from maternity leave?  Oh yes, clearly, she's a completely different shape now. Welcome back, not-as-big-as-a-house Jessica!
  • Were there actual non-Ford-related family conversations taking place today?  Wha..?
  • Kelly's comment about how Blair is the common factor in all of Blair's failed relationships was way harsh, but it also made no sense. Couldn't the same be said about anyone's failed relationships? Did Blair somehow personally contribute to her most recent failed relationship?  
  • Dorian was adorable behind Kelly and Blair gesticulating at them nervously to be nice to each other. But her advice was pretty awful. "Your ex just got engaged to someone new? What a perfect time to tell him you're still in love with him!  How could that go wrong?  We're Cramer women, we're nothing if not insanely lucky in love in the most unlikely situations!" 
  • A miracle occurred! Blair was actually given a chance to speak to her family, however briefly, about her experience with Eli.
  • I hadn't realized how much less I dislike Rex when he's not with GIgi. Not that he had much to do today other than writhe and moan a little, but honestly? The last few episodes have given us a better side to Rex -- his scenes with Natalie and with Nora have been oddly refreshing. Or... not bad.
  • At the moment, we have three out of the five (as far as they know) siblings engaged to be married (Jess, Natalie, Joey) with one more rumored to be engaged (Kevin, though erroneously rumored thus).  Would it kill them to bring the fifth sibling home for a day?  I miss Cord!

So, who killed Eddie?  

Destiny out!  (Is she still on this show?)



I agree that Dorian's advice was awful, but it made sense for her with her long-established "no boundaries" philosophy to give it. Also I loved that whole conversation, just for:

"Seventeen times! We have not been married seventeenth times!"
"I think she's counting all the annulments..."

I'm willing to be optimistic and think the Papa Ford murder mystery might be interesting despite all the dull characters involved, especially if they bring a traumatized Nora into the mix and they run with Inez being suspected of orchestrating Nora's kidnapping. But I really think they're stretching to bring Todd in. Not only is he such an obvious red herring that he might as well have it tattooed to his forehead, but what the hell is his motive? Papa Ford made creepy innuendos to his daughter (which really weren't that bad, compared to how the character was being written)? He reminded him of Peter Manning? Come on, writers, you have to try harder than that!

Oh well, at least I like the new Joey, both as a character and...well, for aesthetic reasons, too.

Louise...how TERRIBLE was Farah Fath when she was pleading for Rex's life or whatever.

But at least we got a Kim mention!

A storyline involving various Fords AND Todd? Instant FF. Man, this is a whole major section of Llanview that I'll be able to happily skip through the entire holiday season.

The Cramers surprised me... mainly because it feels like forever since I've seen them. The writing wasn't great but the interplay between Robin, Kassie and Gina made it worthwhile. Those three ladies were really bouncing off each other well and made it absolutely believable that they are FAMILY... with no illusions about each other at all.

The best part was that last bit with Dorian and Blair because it was CLEARLY the very first step in the story that will bring us Ted King and Kassie DePaiva! Whee!

I'm convinced that Matthew pulled a Kelly Cramer, drove away from the accident scene and is currently having his car detailed to cover up all evidence that he was involved at all.

Did anyone else think that scene with Gigi freaking out over apparently dying Rex while the camera kept cutting to Brody staring off into space like he was having a flashback was weird?

Dandesun, yes, that was so weird! I kept thinking there was going to be a big reveal about what someone was telling him on the other line or a memory, but just... nothing. Bizarre.

Oh and C, definitely, Ms. Fath did not have a good day. Yikes.

Todd almost raped Nora? WHAT?! When? How did this guy become the show's leading man? I sit here speechless. Todd almost raped Nora... What the f---?


Todd almost raped Nora Christmastime 1993. She was recuperating from brain surgery at this beach house and Todd, haivng escaped from prision tracked her down, stalked her, and attempted to rape her as payback for throwing the defense during his rape trial.

Oh yeah, after Nora bascially told the court Todsd was guilty and the mistrial happened, Todd was tricked into confessing and was sent to jail. He escaped and Todd stalked Nora at her beach house. Todd threatened her with a knife and tried to rape her, but Nora hit him over the head with a lamp. Bo rescued Nora (ta da!) and so on and so forth.

Todd is icky. Bring back Dan Gauthier's Kevin!

Todd went through an extensive redemption storyline that took a good long time and didn't necessarily make him a GOOD guy but it made him viable... and the Rapemance story that Ron penned upon Susan Haskell's return pissed all over that and put Todd solely back to where he was pre-redemption arc for me.

Utterly useless and for the love of God get rid of him.

The beach house stuff with Nora was a 'Wait Until Dark' homage and was still when Todd was villain all the way through. Compelling story to watch, though... at least then you didn't have the show insisting we feel sorry for him during that time.

That's shocking to me and I didn't think anything could shock me anymore. I know he raped Marty, but I didn't know he attempted to rape someone else too. Would he have gone through with the rape if Nora hadn't knocked him out? To think a few weeks back Todd and Nora were acting almost chummy. This is freaking me out!

It was pretty clear he raped someone else prior to Marty as well, unless they retconned that and I missed it.

Yeah, he raped somebody named Carol Swift before Marty. And he also tried to rape Luna Moody, which is how he got his signature scar (back when he was Roger Howarth). That's actually why RH quit the show- he was sick of them trying to make Todd out to be the hero and he didn't want to be a part of it.

Actually, he was trying to rape Marty again when Luna clocked him... although she probably would have been next because he had knocked her out in the alley in order to get to Marty.

When Todd was a villain he was a VILLAIN. No holds barred, no questions asked... VILLAIN. But Howarth really was scintillating back then and the audience responded to him in a big way... that's why they kept him on and write him a viable redemption story.

Who killed Eddie Ford?

My first pick is Nora since she would simply "kill" the story followed by Matthew or even Clint who suddenly found his moral compass.

Which Ford killed Eddie? Ford, Nate and Inez can all hit the road at once never to be seen again.

nora did it she was rape she just is a shame about it

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