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December 02, 2010

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

All My Children is laying it on pretty thick, no? And, of course, by "it" I mean "Remember that time that Ryan was awesome? Are...are you sure you don't remember? Because it happened. He totally was. He was awesome and good and righteous and he gives blood and he helps elderly ladies cross the street and he never abuses the 10 Items or Less line in the grocery store and he saves lives. Lives of puppies and kittens and babies. It happened. Here, let me tell you again about the kind of man he is. Spoiler alert: he's the good kind".

Ryan: You know what my daughter said? She said now that Zach is gone, it's just me that's left to take care of the bad guys. And since you're definitely a bad guy, you and me are going to spend a lot of time together if you ever pull out of this.  

Right now, I am picturing Ryan photoshopping his head onto Superman's body and laughing about it. The laughter soon turns to tears when I realize that it's highly likely Brian Frons is passing time the exact same way...


How is it that Ryan's not at fault for Zach's death?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Thongie McSpittlebug, the Ruination of All My Children!
In a single bug-eyed, pursed-lipped, mind-numbing performance, he is able to destroy a 40 year old soap in a single bound!

Ryan - or more properly, Brian Frons' obcession with both the fictional character and the actor who portrays him has ruined this show. IMO it borders on criminal - and it is definitely creepy.

The show has become so debased that I think a proper storyline now would be for his children, Emma and Spike, to plan the dismemberment of their father's clown nose. And they could hide the evidence in his thong. And it would be justice.

Occasionally, I feel bad for no longer watching AMC. Then I'm faced with what the show is now, a shrine to all things Ryan Lavery, and I don't feel so bad.

I like everyone else dislike the character ryan. He is never to blame for anything, he is the greatest, he will NOW as he stated with his chest puffed out and cape on he will have to fight the bad guys because ZACH is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyday someone on this show has to praise, ryan's supermanessssssss!!!!! Beat us over the head why don't you.

I am so sad for AM/Kendall.I believe Alicia tears are real because she realizes she is alone now (without TK) with all the crappy writing, and they will now push her hard and fast to get involved with someone. TPTB did write terrible things for ZEN, but at least they had each othe JMO Keep her single fighting for herself and her family, I think a single mother story line would be great. I am crying with her because we had to lose, TK/ZACH, I think we know why, because the writing on this show is such crap, and he could not, as I am sure other actors on this (but they choose to keep quiet) show would like to go to the office and say "really you want me to say what? What is this poo poo storyline you are putting me in?

I kind of went off topic, but now I will get back on it, ryan is a not a superman, please lavery take your cape/thong/clown nose and ride your bike out of town.

This month marks two years since I stopped watching this drivel. Life is so much better without AMC.

As someone on a board noted...if they are going to force feed us this drivel about SuperRyan, the least they could do is have him in his spandex tights and cape. It is just beyond ridiculous how TIIC continue to try and force feed this "hero" down the throats of viewers. It is the belief that if they tell viewers enough times, it will simply "be". Unfortunately for them, they don't give the viewers credit for actually having a brain.

The only thing left for Ryan to do now is to perform a miracle and he will officially become a saint. For his miracle, may I suggest that he take another leap off a cliff on his motorcycle. This time sans helmet? Aw a girl can wish.

The real shame of this is having all these comments about Ryan St Lavery being such a total dork, when we should all be raving about AM's marvelous & heartbreaking scenes on the same show! Too bad her brilliantly stunning performance has to be overshadowed by the dorkman. I cried a river watching her & it was wrenching.

Stuff like this make me "almost" glad that TK left the buidling. That is a BIG "almost" though. TK's Zach made even watching Ryan Lavery tolerable.

Now, I didn't see the show, but I read that Emma said something like "who is going to take care of all the bad guys now??" And Ryan answered "me". That right there shows me that even the little ones knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Zach Slater would ALWAYS take care of them and keep them safe. Ryan . . . not so much.

For God's sake AMC!! Do something right for a change and GET THORSTEN KAYE BACK!!

You know AMC is not the only soap who does that for example on Dool there is Rafe Hernandez even at his recent marriage the priest prop him, it was creepy bad cheesy ridiculous..sigh..well..yes some soaps like to do that..i don't know maybe they are so delusional that they think with this type of writing they will make audience like these characters.. and it is one reasons why so much people mock soap operas..lol

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