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December 18, 2010

The Only Surprising Thing Was Just How Anti-Climactic It Was

Oh, who am I kidding? No one is even reading this, because you're all currently hospitalized and receiving treatment for SHOCK, thanks to the SHOCKING episode of General Hospital yesterday that revealed, in SHOCKING fashion, that--wait for it--Siobhan is actually Irish and her over-the-top Irish accent is just an over-the-top Irish accent, not the over-the-top Irish accent of someone pretending to be Irish. I know! Like I said, SHOCKING!

She's also working for The Balkan.

Oh, and The Balkan is Theo, which was a storyline twist that surprised...nobody, anywhere, ever.

Jerry: I'm a little busy at the moment.
Theo: So I understand. Why are you disrespecting the girl?
Jerry: Because she didn't do as she was told.
Theo: I hired Ms. McKenna for a important reason that did not include secret rendesvous where you could threaten her at your convenience, Mr. Jacks.
Jerry: Listen, you're The Balkan, hidden somewhere else. No one's shooting at you.
Siobhan: Wait, you're not The Balkan?
Jerry: You don't have the entire town hunting you.
Siobhan: You're not The Balkan?
Jerry: No, I'm not. You see, my employer's very shy darling, like you and me. I've never seen his face.
Theo: Maybe I should remedy that Mr. Jacks. Maybe it's time for you to better understand who I am and what I want.

It's so like General Hospital to go the most obviously telegraphed route possible, in the most boring way imaginable.

(And THIS was what "floored" Vanessa Marcil?! I hope when Soap Opera Digest said she "clapped", they meant that she "clapped her hands against her forehead and screamed 'Why oh why did I come back to this show?")


TIIC probably think that the reveal of Theo as the Balkan was 'shocking' because he was earlier introduced as the lawyer sent by the 'New York firm' to help out Alexis and Diane. Epic fail. That entire set-up came from out of nowhere--not that GH is ever known for consistency or logic--and was so clearly intended as a distraction. But I am hoping for two things I won't have to fast forward: more scenes in the law firm with Alexis, Diane, and Theo unraveling the convoluted relationships in Port Charles, and more scenes of Theo scolding Jerry Jacks.

Unless VMG needed the money, I never understood why she would contact Guza, Frons and Phelps since her 2002 return to GH sucked donkey balls. Yeah, Guza wanted VMG back because she was able to bring 800,000 plus relapsed viewers back to the show, but that was eight years ago and we've all seen how much garbage GH has dished out over the last eight years.

It could get interesting, if TIIC allow it to become a intellectual "mob war"... Theo knowing all of Sonny's business and legal secrets uses that information to drive Sonny out of PC. But, I guess that is impossible, because it would require "creative writing."
JMHO. Peace Out.

Good grief. I don't even watch the show anymore, and the second I heard they cast Daniel Benzali way back whenever, I was like, "Oh. The Balkan." Subtle, they're not.

What IS the Balkan? His masquerade as a litigious hypochondriac and lawyer just hurts my brain.

And why did Brenda blab to Carly that she killed the Balkan's son and include the information about Dante covering it up? Shut up, Brenda.

Wake me up when it is over! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ! BRENDA YUCK ! JERRY JACKS double yuck ! When the the heck is General Hospital the soap i used to watch! Cause right now it is pure crap!

You know what might have been genuinely shocking and possibly entertaining if GH wasn't run by utter idiots? Making Jax the Balkan!

Yup, Candyboy! Carly destroyed Tony, Jason, Sonny, and Lorenzo, so why not have her ruin Jax completely? I mean past the castration she already inflicted upon him and all us long suffering viewers. So. After all her running to St. Jasus and cheating with Sonny etc....for years while waddling Jax down to a shadow of his former self. He just flips his shit and gies full on evil to destroy The Corinthos Morgan empire and leave Carly all alone with her mobster heroes and no good guy Jax husband to pick up the pieces.

I could so go for this! Anyone else?

I was sort of hoping it was Mac-- all those years of keystone PCPD cops--Mac was really running a criminal empire the whole time! Ha Ha...

Theo ??? what investment do I have in him--why do I care that he is Balkan? why do I care about the Balkan???

why did VMG Really come back?

This was only shocking if you think the little people in the TV are real. Oh wait...Guza does think we all believe that. All is explained now.

GH is a mess!!! The Genie Francis rumors are rampant-does anyone know if she is really coming back? As much as I want her back, I want Guza gone first!!! Days of Our Lives beat GH in the prime demo last week! When is ABC going to do something!!!!!!!! All of their soaps are sinking faster than a lead balloon!!! Honestly, they should fire Brian Frons and then clean house at GH!

the mean problem with abc soaps is brian frons he has to go but they should keep guza i know his writing of late is awful he turn gh into comedy i can not stop laughing how bad writing is but to get new people in is going to make thing worst at least he has emmy and some talent and done great works in the past but if they let him go and clean house i understand

mean= main

I've been watching season 2 of Fringe for the past few days, and was delighted to see Sebastian Roche show up for a few episodes on that show! Finally, a show worth the man's efforts!

As for GH, I got nothin'.

daytime biggest star adrianne leon vanessa marcil and gh gets new lows in rating i know show misses drew garrett but look who they got this show is in big trouble all around

biggest letdown!

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