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December 15, 2010

"This Is Some Show", She Said In A Voice Drenched With Sarcasm

On paper, it seems like Tuesday's episode of General Hospital had it all. A confrontation between a (-n awesome. Yes, I said it, awesome. You only have yourselves to blame, really, always saying, "Mallory, you don't like ANYTHING". Well, I DO. It just turns out that that anything is Carly, shrieks and all) mother and the older woman trying to date her son. An estranged couple sharing a tender moment (I...am a sucker. I wish Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough would just half ass it, even once). Blackmail. Crazy people. Heartbreak. A car chase. It even had blasphemy (really, did anyone else gasp and wonder if the floor would swallow Sam whole when she uttered the words "Well, maybe Jason's right"?! MAYBE?! What kind of a sycophant is she? A bad one, obviously!)!

All of that sounds almost...soapy doesn't it?

AND YET: Dullsvile. Yawn City. Bore Town.

I mean, let's look at the last scene of the episode, following the aforementioned car crash where Jerry (oh, right, Jerry is back. Because we've all been clamoring for that) possibly perished (because I am so sure that the show is going to for real kill off the villain they love to trot out for ghastly, completely illogical deeds), after killing an innocent lab tech and whispering sweet nothings to a dead body ("Tonight is my last chance to bring Alexander home"? Somebody please photoshop Jerry's face onto the cover of a Harlequin novel).

Dante: No one survives that crash.
Jason: Jerry's survived a lot.
Dante: Well, we got to wait for the paperwork. But if he didn't survive, maybe this whole thing's over.
Lucky: And then, what? We just tell Brenda and Siobhan that everything's okay? That they're safe? We don't even know for sure that Jerry was actually The Balkan.
Jason: How is it snowy if it's not winter yet? Did...did the weather break?

Okay, he didn't, but he might as well have, because CONFUSION was plastered all over his face.

Speaking of faces...

Laura Wright has a bevy of facial expressions that I can only describe as amazing, so it works out well that Carly's default state is "reacting to things in an absurd and over-the-top manner" because she gets to show off.





I love it.

I also loved her talk with Abby. I mean, yes, she is completely oblivious to the fact that the various traumas Michael has experienced are almost completely her fault. Choosing to co-parent with Jason and Sonny basically ensured that he'd experience jail time and a severe case of PTSD; the only question there was when those things would happen. But, really, wouldn't most mothers react...coldly when faced with the prospect of her child dating someone older? I know that he's 18 and all, and that he is not your typical teenager, but...doesn't it raise a few eyebrows and numerous red flags when an adult wants to go on a date with someone who wears a school uniform? I was with Carly there, frankly. And not just because she and Abby looked like contemporaries when they were onscreen together.

Sam? Not with Carly.

Sam: I'm not going to tell Abby to stay away from Michael, and neither should you.
Carly: I don't need you to tell me how to deal with my child.
Sam, laughing condescendingly: Michael's not a child. He hasn't been for a very long time.
Carly: I want Michael to hang out with kids his own age.
Sam: Carly, Michael said the kids his own age are afraid of him. Michael isn't going to have the life that you planned and if you can't accept that, if you try to control that, you're going to lose him.
Carly, plainly thinking "I hope you die in a fire":





Sam is right that Michael is not a child, though. I am starting to wonder if he is even human. At the very least, he is part teddy bear.


As much as the prospect of Michael and Abby dating makes me uncomfortable, it was still sad when she took Carly's advice and told him that she wouldn't be able to go out with him, especially since he was so excited, talking about how he had "A million plan B's" if she didn't want Italian food, and saying they could date around her course load. You could see his heart visibly shatter, like Ralph Wiggum in "I Love Lisa". And when he asked if it was because she's afraid of him? So sad. He needs a hug from an age appropriate person.


I...don't even know what to say.

Brianna Brown should sue.


I'm sorry, Carly is Queen of the Shrew People, and I miss Faison.

So is Sebastian Roche still playing Jerry (now that his character has been killed off Fringe)? I love that guy... he was way to good for this show.

Focusing on the positive, at least there weren't any Sonny or Brenda sightings today. Mentions, yes, but no sightings.

Jerry wasn't talking to the body, he was on the phone with someone. He had a bluetooth in his ear.

I can't even look at Michael without wanting to hug him. His excitement over the date when talking to Sam was heartwarming at the very least. I wanted to cry for him at the docks. This kid just gets to me, I'm so glad I gave him a chance after the recast. I loved, loved, loved the last Michael, but this one is the perfect blend of... well, everything.

I completely agree with you sanen85! I was so pissed when they recast....but wow -Chad Duell has proven us all wrong. He's more than capabable and he just pulls you in!
He just plays the character so well. I really do just want to hug him. I am in the obvious minority because I actually really like Abby and I like them together! I know she's older, but as she pointed out yesterday - he's old enough to vote & fight for his country! Plus, if the alternative is that flighty (read: bad actress) little friend of Kristina's who was on for a couple of days trying to pull Michael into the pool, it makes me like Abby all the more! I think it helps that in the back of my mind it's always there that Chad Duell is not actually 18, but in his early 20's. LOL

Well, it was a two grainshovel-upside-the-head day for my wife today.

Carly (to Abby): I want Michael to (Wham!)...

Carly (to Sam): I want Michael to (Wham! Wham!) hang out with kids his own age.

Aye yi yi!

I was under the impression that Abby was in her early twenties (the dialogue is always, "Not that much older than Michael"). Something like four years older than Michael which is nothing like the cradle robbing that Sonny did with Brenda (she was 18, he was what-35?) or even what Olivia and Johnny have going on.

And while I know that Carly was hooked up with an older married man in Florida before she came to PC, she moved for the specific purpose of screwing up her Mom's marriage to Tony when she wasn't even twenty. Is she worried that Abby is just like her?

My grain shovel award goes to chief of staff Dr. Steve (Wham!) for letting a doctor on probation off with yet another warning.

Johnny gets the honorary (Wham!) for thinking that Lisa's just going to let all this blackmail stuff go for very long. And Ethan gets the genius award. "She's crazy, dude!"

I'm with you, Lucy. I love Michael and Abby. So what if she's a little older than him? He's able to talk to her and she makes him smile and laugh. That's more important. Since when is Abby being a few years older than Michael a good reason for Carly to make her back off, with almost no other information? Carly is a jerk, plain and simple.

I concur with Curtis, Dr. Steve has made a mockery of the Chief of Staff position at GH. He is the worst Chief of Staff ever. What would Steve Hardy say?

I thought Abby actually looked younger when seen next to Carly. Not to knock Laura Wright, but she is getting older (as we all are...I am a few years older than her) and to see her have to play a character who is written as selfish, childish and whiny year after year is starting to look a little silly. Maxie can get away with it maybe (and even she has grown up a little), but someone Carly's alleged age, no.

In spite of that I have to say I saw her point about Michael having a "normal" teenage life, but unfortunately that horse has left the barn for that poor kid.

Thanks for agreeing Luanna - I'm glad I'm not alone! Every post I'd been reading was dissing Michael & Abby so I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sees their spark! Also, like you Curtis, I too was under the impression Abby was only in her early 20's & although Laura Wright looks fabulous, she still looks way older than Abby. Carly smothers one child (Michael) and appears to have completely abandoned her other two (Morgan & Josslyn).

I freaking LOVE Michael and Abby!!!! I just wanted to give him a big hug when she turned him down. Oh, and I wanted to bitch slap Carly into the next dimension. Abby is ten times better than Carly will ever be, and Carly's obsession with "protecting" Michael is bordering on the creepiness of Claudia's obsession with "keeping Johnny safe."

"Oh, and I wanted to bitch slap Carly into the next dimension."
LOL - you rock Leanne!

I love Abby and Michael. The age thing really doesn't bother me, because as others said, I'm assuming she's no more than 4 years or so older than he is, and my husband is 4 years younger than I am LOL And let's not forget that Laura had just turned 18 when she fell for Luke, who was, what, 30 or so? Same with Sonny and Brenda.

mouse, Sebastian Roche is supposedly only back on GH for a really brief visit. I've read that he has an appearance on Supernatural coming up (he apparently was on that show before, too). Glad to see him popping up on all these TV shows. I don't really care about Jerry, but I like the actor.

How old is Abby exactly? I got the impression she was like 21-22, that doesn't seem particularly creepy to me. The reality is also that Michael really would be an inappropriate mate for your average, well-bred teenage girl. He has anger management issues, he murdered his stepmom and he's been to the penitentiary...let's not even mention his unmentionnable prison assault. Add to that the fact that it's well known that he's a mobster's son. No matter how sweet Chad Duell's Michael is, most concerned parents would be uncomfortable letting their daughters date him. I don't know what lead Abby to think that taking her clothes off for money was a respectable way to pay for her education, but at least she wasn't blackmailed into it to protect her drunken husband (unlike Michael's Aunt Courtney) and she's not a prostitute (unlike Michael's Grandma Bobbie). Maybe Abby is like Karen--who was seduced into stripping by Michael's father Sonny--an essentially good girl with a history of abuse. I just wish that Carly would back the fuck off and give that poor boy the chance to develop into a well-adjusted adult.

chad duell is awful its one of worst recast in soap history same face all time no energy he act like he is lost or loaded plus he got the bad writing from guza and turn michael into dull and boring drew garrett must be counting his lucky star that he not on this awful show at least when he was on writing was great

Well, I have to say that I am possibly biased about the whole Michael/Abby thing: I work with teenagers and I can't imagine wanting to date one, even huggable ones like Michael.

I'm not sure how old Abby is supposed to be; it's entirely possible that she's only in her early 20s. She just seems older to me; not that Andrea Bogart LOOKS old, she just reads as more mature.

The actress that plays Abby is 33 and Chad is 23.

It's not so much the age issue that bothers me with Michael and Abby. It's the fact that she was willing to deflower a traumatized teenage boy who just got out of prison out of the kindness of her heart? To help out a friend? Frankly that's just creepy and weird. It would actually have made more sense to me if she really was a hooker. As it is, I just have to wonder who in their right mind is willing to do this if they're not actually a hooker.

Also, I have a serious issue with how GH seems to be using this relationship with Abby as a substitute for Michael getting real therapy. Of course this would totally be GH's m.o. to say that a rape victim's trauma can be cured through some loving from a stripper/student.

So it would be better for Michael to get deflowered in the back seat of daddy's Mercedes by some Madison prep party girl who doesn't give two hoots about him other than he's "dangerous?" Half a dozen beers after joining the house party at some rich kid's house Mike will be blowing a joint in the back bedroom with his date (I seriously can't remember her name. Michael can barely remember it) and he'll be groping her and she wants it because his folks are rich, too. There may be contraception involved but probably not. There will certainly be no respect between the two parties involved and barely any conversation, as opposed to what the writers are trying to do with him and Abby. They like each other, are genuinely trying to respect each other's boundaries and the chances are good that Abby knows a lot more about planned parenthood than Michael does.

Slight age difference aside I think what a lot of viewers object to about this pairing is that Abby takes her clothes off in front of men for money but doesn't have that many reservations about it. Her rational that it's paying the bills is valid as is the self image she has of her body as a tool of this job. Would anyone be objecting if she was a licensed sexual surrogate therapist? Or even working a legal brothel in Nevada?

My problem with Abby is that she plans to use her education to go into the legal trade. Snakes and bloodsuckers and shysters - oh my!

I like Michael and Abby together. Yeah, the way they started was creepy and inappropriate, but she's been a good friend to him. He opens up to her more than with all of the other dipsh*ts in his life. Speaking of...Carly needs to get a grip. I understand her wanting Michael to be normal, but if she thinks that's going to happen she is completely delusional (which, of course, she is). Carly is a childish, self-centered moron. She wants to be the center of Sunny, Jason, and now Michael's universe. Those 3 are not allowed to love anyone but her. She wouldn't even notice if Jax left with Morgan and Joss.

I'm sorry but, whatever happened to Maya's sister who was going to be paired with Micheal? I would have liked to see that. It would have been today's version of Jason and Keesha....well I was hoping it would be!

I actually don't care about the age difference or inappropriateness of Michael and Abby. I just don't care about them at all because they are boring. They keep having the same conversation over and over again. And Abby's voice bugs me. Must she always talk in that soothing gentle "I'm talking to a wounded puppy" voice? I suppose the upside is I can just watch their scenes if I'm suffering from insomnia and they should put me to sleep right away.

Wake me up when someone on the freaking show actually says the words "Michael was raped."

LW's Carly is at the top of my list of GH characters I most wish to die a slow and painful death. Her faces, her whining, her screeching and most definitely her in ability to see past her needs and wants at any given moment of the day. It is ALWAYS about her and did I mention her screeching? Put a sock in her already!

Personally, I like the Chad Duell recast. It's the first time that I've actually enjoyed Michael Corinthos III. My only issue with Abby is that she was going to have sex with Micheal for money. Shouldn't she be somehow embarrased or ashamed by her behavior? As much as she's spoken about not being a prositute, she certainly "almost" crossed a major line. How does this "good girl" working a dirty job to pay for college justify this to herself? The writers should have addressed this issue immediately, but instead they didn't and so now I am left with a bit of a tainted feeling as far as Abby and Mikey go. However, I find them cute and seeing how ever couple on GH is tainted in one way or another (even the legendary Luke and Laura), I say welcome to the club Mikey/Abby.

Sebastian Roche has been on Supernatural twice now and is due to have another stint. Two episodes of Supernatural, and now I can only see him is that character when I watch him on GH. It's said I saw him play Jerry a thousand times, but it didn't stick with me like two episodes of him playing another character.

Or it could be because I adore Supernatural - one helluva lot more than GH! - probably because Jensen Ackles makes my thighs go up in flames.....

That should have said, "it's SAD I saw him play Jerry...."

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