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« One Life to Live: 2010 in Review | Main | A Non-Event Even Less Eventful Than Usual »

January 03, 2011

The Outlook

Ah, 2011. Will One Life to Live make any resolutions to keep on this upswing and give equal time to all their soapy characters? Let's see how things look.


Well, Jess looks like she thinks something crazy is going on.


Natalie looks a bit like she's bracing herself for the shit to seriously hit the fan.


Gigi looks... a bit like a clown. And she also changed her lip color about four times over the course of the episode.


Sam looks lost and adorable.


The new guys looks good to me. I feel like we haven't actually heard his name said, but I think I saw somewhere that it's Cuddy? Or Cutter? Or have they totally said that on the show and I'm losing my mind? There are many possibilities. Point being, I like a new good-lookin' dude with some edge, since most of our current "edgy" men are... well, Todd. So I'll take this. Aubrey does not thus far exude many particularly watchable characteristics, but the new dude brightened things up for me.


And Brody? Oh Brody looked disconcerted. Little does he even know.

Cris and Blair looked ready to get it on and, while I love their friendship-with-benefits, they could've actually bothered to give Cris and Layla a legitimate breakup. But no matter, she's... not even a character on this show.

Speaking of characters on this show, I look forward to checking in with Bo and Nora and Matthew and Clint and Dorian and Viki and... I'm psyched that based on tomorrow's clips we clearly get Crazy Marty, and less psyched that we appear to also get David Vickers (this saddens me as once I reveled at his returns), but what do we think I was most psyched about? What made this episode wonderful... because of what it didn't have? I almost don't want to jinx it by saying it so I'll leave it there.

Destiny out!


Okay, I'll say what we're all thinking.


Thank you, 2011! Now, if only this could last...

No Fords!

Today's show was very good. I think I read in a magazine that FF does her own OLTL hair/makeup and it shows!

Wow...Farah Fath looks HIDEOUS in that still! I also hear today's episode featured her stripping for Rex. Ewww...

No Fords!!

Yep, Gigi did strip for Rex - not that he noticed, since he was busy playing Free Cell on his computer. The last thing those two exude is sex appeal. I think they could dispense with both actors and start using animation and it could only improve them both.

Thank God for that handy FF button!

But, no Fodds. And a no-Fudd Episode is, if only by default, a definite improvement. And not having Langston is an added benefit.

I generally like Brody, but he really got on my nerves with his self-righteous act. I mean, really? However the truth comes out, he was still wrong.

He needs to stop raining on Marty's crazy parade, b/c it' highly entertaining.

As much as Cristian keeps saying Layla's cheating on him, I have yet to hear actual confirmation as opposed to his assumptions. Besides, he's made out with Gigi and suggested another hook-up with Blair, simply b/c Layla had to work. There's cheating going on in that relationship, but I haven't seen it coming from Layla's end. I actually really like Cris and Blair, but I need an actual Cayla breakup to happen instead of him just flapping his gums and being a hothead.

I haven't watched this show in, oh I don't know, YEARS so I have to ask did they pull the plug on Evageline??

Yes, Brody is self-righteous, but so is Marty. At least this is about Brody's life though. Marty's just meddling.

I enjoy the crazy too, but why should Marty go unchallenged by anyone? I like all the interaction between Marty, Brody and Natalie. Crazy Marty wouldn't be half as fun without that interplay.

Dawn, they pulled Evangeline's plug in August.

I'm loving the crazy Marty stuff, especially since it is directed at Twitalie. Poor Twit has always been full of such self-righteous indignation and pomposity, that it's a pleasure to see someone threaten her sense of entitlement. As for McPain, he's cut from the same cloth - A lot of hot, self-impressed air dressed in black and needing a bath. I only wish that Marty could visit some everlasting wrath on those two and leave Jessica out of it. She doesn't deserve it. The poor girl has had enough pain recently - after all, she imagined she was back in high school AND in love with Chreeeeeeeeestian. Isn't that punishment enough?

I'm all for seeing Twit getting what she deserves, but it won't happen.

Well, let's face it. Marty's "wrath" is fun to watch, but it's pretty much Marty slowly and sadly losing her mind. It's not the actual wrath of a pissed off and sane person. Marty's not fierce enough to be an actual bad ass. She's just crazy. Literally.

Marty is losing her mind, yes. But she's taking out her wrath on the most mindless member of the Buchanan family.

Marty, at least, has a mind to lose. And one she can regain. Twit, on the other hand.....she can't lose what she's never had.

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