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February 24, 2011

They Should Save Money and Use an Actual Xerox Machine as Head Writer

OMG, remember that time when Sonny's new wife was blown up by a car bomb?  In juxtaposition to a happy event?  And Brenda was part of the story?  Man, what a time.  I wish I had a photo of what I was wearing.  And my hair!  Oh lord, my bangs.  I can't even talk about them.  It was such a crazy era.


This show is so far past trying that "barely making an effort" is a mark that it cannot hope to even have in sight without a degree of improvement that has probably never before been seen with anything associated with television. 


Bob Guza and his team of hack writers also ripped off the car bomb scenario just last summer when Johnny planted a bomb on Sonny's car to avenge his sister Claudia's death, and the bomb almost killed Sonny's daughter Kristina!!!!!

Sigh. Why hasn't Anne Sweeney fired Frons, JFP, Guza and the folks tanking AMC? OLTL may NOT be perfect, but at least FV and RC are trying to give us good soap.

Seriously this show just makes me so angry. Leading up to the rip-off clink boom was so adorable and they had to ruin it. Did you see Sonny and Luke hugging and Brenda and Robin hugging?! It was so 1995 my heart was melting. And then Jax and Alexis being their awesome best friend selves...adorable! I mean how do you go from 3 straight days of Sonny being not just tolerable but enjoyable to this awful rip-off. Bob Guza is the Regina George of Daytime seriously he's a life ruiner, he ruins peoples lives.

Okay. I am going to risk being mocked openly, but I sorta liked the clink boom rip off. Three of the four major players in the first clink boom were involved (thankfully we were spared a Lily comeback) and it played pretty well to me. The montage, the slo-mo Brenda wave, Jax clinking the glass, Luke hugging Sonny like the first time, and Sonny's reaction. I have to say that I didn't hate it.

I burst out into loud Brenda-cackles when I saw Clink Boom Redux. I mean, I knew he was going to have the limo explode and I actually thought that was amusing since it involved a lot of the same people. But I did not realize it was going to be exactly the same, with the glasses and the happy music. As soon as I saw Jax pouring champagne and Brenda walking to the limo, I knew he was going to rip off his own work shot for shot. It wasn't shocking to me. It was just laughable.

Guza is like the person who peaked in high school, such as the star of the football team who keeps reliving the glory of that championship game over and over, because nothing he has done since has measured up to that. Unfortunately, he is airing his past glory over and over on national television. He probably has a macro in his computer when he writes scripts that says "[insert clink-boom ripoff here and then bask in the flattering publicity from the press that inexplicably thinks this is the best thing ever]".

Janet B. - that is the best analysis of Guza's psyche that I have ever read.

here here Janet B. spot on with Guza. That does explain him! Tara also love Brenda crackles! Seriously where did that come from?? VMG is in her 40's!!!! Grown woman do not make those noise tweens do! Just awful. I did enjoy the wedding -- the dance scene was terrific. I like Carly as a mom-- LW does a great job with the kids. Love the Jax/Alexis friendship! Loved seeing Brenda/Robin dancing in the background. Loved the Titantic references from the q's. Wish Monica had been at the wedding! Not happy with Click Boom redux...

So wanted to comment on this to poeple who actually share my sentiments..WTF!... REALLY GUZA...REALLY???

So bad, so very bad.. I can't even add anything else

Forget the click-boom ending. How about the wedding of the year done on the cheap? There was no food on the tables. No wonder Edward had to go home to get something to eat. Someone made a remark about Sonny going all out for this wedding. The only thing they had was a cake. I guess they blew the budget on that. Couldn't they at least put plates on one table? The blown up car with Brenda was predictable. Guza doesn't do happy for even 10 minutes on this show. All that being said, the cast had its truly brilliant moments. They save Guza's sorry tush every time. Noteworthy today was Ingo's explosion...far more electric than anything Guza could dream up. Kimberly and Jason were also just grand. The delayed response from some of the characters at the wedding was somewhat puzzling. You would think they would have all rushed out immediately hearing an explosion and police and ambulance outside. Oh well, it is GH, and things don't make much sense on this show any more. Like, what the heck does Siobhan and her sister have to do with any of this?

I loved the comment, and I can't remember which one of the kids or Ethan said it, but it was something along the lines of "no one could've ever expected something like this". Really? LMAO. You could start a recycling business with all the shrapnel Sonny's wives have had removed from their bodies.

Who didn't see today"s "shocking" cliffhanger coming a mile away?

Two things stuck out for me in this episode - and one of them WASN'T the clink-boom because I knew that was coming, and I'm so - WHATEVAH - about that.

1) The camera was panning by, and Jason Thompson had Lexi Ainsworth up off the floor spinning her around while dancing. Clearly just improvved for the background. CUTE! Had to rewind that one.

2) Is Ethan actually starting to be ATTRACTED to Kristina?? There were all kinds of pedophile looks her way. Because if so, EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (like that Scrubbing Bubbles commercial). The whole, "I'm going to marry you one day" comment from Kristina - is that Guza's way of saying he's going to go all Big Love with this duo???

Oh right, I forgot one last aggravating development. WHAT THE HELL was with Brenda's going away dress? Were they going with Donna Reid or Toddlers and Tiaras?? That thing deserved a clink-boom.

*hides head in shame*

I kinda liked it. Mostly because we saw two best friends (Jax and Alexis) actually in the same scene together doing friend things. (Although can someone tell me how Alexis manages to keep her hands offa Jax? Because I sure couldn't...)

Meh@the Copy/Paste but the aftermath has been fantastic.

I think people need to start looking at the good in GH, it is one of my favourite soaps, and if we focus so much on the bad we miss the good scenes. The cast did a lovely job, and i felt the emotions all around. so what if it is a redo, a lot of teens havent seen the original. Im not saying there isnt bad things about general hospital or the writers, because there is. But i think we need to give credit at times, because lately GH's writing as been pretty decent. I dont know about you, but everyone is talking about it, and it was even a google trend last night. so i say kudos to GH!

^^^Those teens need to watch the originals because they were done better the first time...

Also this isn't even the second time...this has to be at least the 4th time by my count. There was the first one that actually floored everyone. (I remember standing up on my couch squealing as the hated Lily imploded and my much loved J&B married), There was the time they did it with Jason & Robin when she had the awful short haircut, the aforementioned Kristina incident from last year and this one. GIVE.IT.UP.GH.

Nothing says I love you on GH like a car bomb!

There was also this one. And this one. And this one. "Hack" really doesn't even begin to describe it.

Becca! You're back! :)

Rene, Lexi Ainsworth was 18, as was her fictional character Kristina. Being petite shouldn't discriminate against Lexi or her character Kristina from having an adult relationship, since she is an adult.

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