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March 30, 2011

Angelic Hitman Says WHAT?

I know that grief makes people say and do crazy things, and I know that Jason is in the throes of a grief so powerful and so overwhelming and so heartwrenching that nobody else on the planet (not Lucky and certainly not Elizabeth, who probably shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as Jason and Lucky when it comes to grieving for Jake, because who was she, really? Little more than an acquaintance, if we're being honest. She certainly never spent fifteen minutes bonding with him over toy motorcycles like Jason did!) can possibly understand what he is feeling right now, so part of me wants to soothingly pat him on the head and excuse him for saying the following words which, strung together in this particular order, are INSANE.

The other part of me is like, "What the actual fuck?"

Jason: I thought I was doing the right thing for Jake. I thought I was keeping him safe. It turns out, he might have been safer with me.

It...does not turn out that way, actually, Jason. Here is a list of examples illustrating just how much that is not the case.

1. Everything that has happened to Michael, ever.

It's a short list, but I think it makes my point. Though if it doesn't, we can set aside the next eight hours running down a longer list of all of the people who have had their lives tainted fatally or almost fatally by mob violence and not an accident.


I stopped watching, but this post makes me want to throw up. The delusions that the writers harbor and perpetuate are so disheartening. It's like they have no memory of the past decade, and they don't expect us to either. They are condescending, moronic, and insulting all in one. The way this storyline has been handling, shoving Elizabeth out of the scene (Elizabeth, the legacy character who has been played by the same actress for YEAR) and focusing on Jason is ridiculous, terrible, and insulting.

many people agree, on all the ways this storyline is wrong.

Thank you for this post, Mallory, b/c I became enraged when he said that. Jake was hit by a car. It could have happened at any time. Whether or not Jason had an active role as Jake's father is completely irrelevant.

What happened does not make the mob world look better exactly for the reason you stated: Michael.

As tragic as Jake's death is, I firmly believe that little boy had more joy and happiness in his four short years than Michael has ever had.

The lack of Elizabeth in the story has taken me beyond RAGEY. She is the only one I really want to see in this (besides Lucky), but God forbid anyone overshadow Jason's pain b/c, you know, it's not like Jason walked away after Jake was kidnapped a second time and almost BLOWN UP or anything. His world would've been totes better with kevlar onesies and everything!

I think you're all being too hard on Jason. Jason's protection/security team is among the best in the world. They've never let people wander in and out of the homes of their protectees nor have their protectees ever been menaced or kidnapped under their watch. There's no way this crack team would have been outwitted by a four-year-old when they've never had a problem stopping Edward Quartermaine from showing up at Sonny's penthouse uninvited.

Thanks for posting the Ed Martin article. That was awesome and I was struck by the amount of comments.

Yay! I am so happy that I stopped watching. The Josslyn/Jake story was all I needed to realize that I was no longer enjoying this show and it was no good for me and I should just walk away (kinda like when I quit smoking 10 years ago)

What got me was that Lucky said THE SAME THING to Sam as he was leaving the penthouse. I changed the channel at that point. They're so obvious; this is all just part of the campaign to get people to care about/accept the "Jason and Sam make a baby" story that is hurtling towards us like a bullet (OF LOVE) train.

Yes @Bourgeois Nerd when they had Lucky repeat the same crap I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was woke. They might as well have someone walk across the screen with a big sign that reads "JaSam baby story coming April 2011 stay tuned....."

Angelic Hitman...love it! These writers need their heads examined.

Today Elizabeth said the same thing. I don't care how many people you have repeat it, show, I am never going to believe that Sonny and Jason's kids are better off with them in their lives. Any kid can get hit by a car in the street in a freak accident, no matter who their parents are, but kids around Sonny and Jason have to survive multiple kidnappings and about 90% more gunfire than the average child to make it to age 18.

Seriously. Who writes this crap and thinks it makes any sense? Not only did he say it but we had Lucky AND Elizabeth saying the same ish!

Well clearly if Jake had lived wiht Jason he would have lived long enough to be kidnapped at least FOUR more times before he hit 18, shot in the head and be in a coma for a year, kill his stepmother with an axe to the head, go to prision, be prision raped and then repeatedly try to take over the mob business. IT'S ALL SO CLEAR TO ME NOW. THANK YOU FOR THE KOOL AIDE GUZA

I knew going in this storyline (Plot point) was going to be epically screwed up and all about Jason in ways we hadn't even begun to contimplate....but I had no idea THAT was coming for me.

LOL...Awesome article and ITA! GH is so ridiculous.

I try to imagine what Jake's life would have been like if he'd lived with Jason, and all I can think is the poor child would've still had to give up a kidney for Josslyn.

You know, priorities and all.

once again great post. The Huff Post blog was great too.

Great title-- Angelic Hitman...

This show really is a train wreck. I can't help but ff seeing one annoying scene after another.

Loved DVR title yesterday for GH "Jason gets mad"-- LOL. I am MAD-- I don't want Jason and Sam to have a baby on heels of another death's. Michael is the PERFECT reason Jason should not have children.

Why is Shawn with Joss and not her father??? Where is Jax? IS Jake getting a funeral??? Why is Joss not in ICU, have an IV, or isolation??? Where is Morgan???

Hey Tish according to Luke today Jake is buried in the cold, cold ground. So it appears that he got hit, was declared brain dead, donated his organs, and apprently had a funeral ALL IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD.

I don't know whether to laugh or bang my head on a rock.

Seriously? If I stood by and watched while my child ALMOST died at birth and didn't step forward to claim said child then moved heaven and earth to protect my child, his brother and mother and then kick all of the users (Carly/Sonny) to the curb then spare me your tears, Jason.

"What the actual fuck?"

That pretty much says it all. The rage I feel from this storyline! The day that Jason was slapped, Elizabeth should have reached for his gun instead and flew his effing head off. That is where I am at right now with this story. And of course there will be no funeral, because it's full speed ahead to the Jasam baby. What a pile of shit this is. Guza and Frons should have been fired 2 years ago.

Wow..I really..wow..and this is from a Jason fan (sadly).

I couldn't watch the whole Jake's death s/l because I knew that the actors would turn in powerful performances, and why should I waste my emotional involvement? This show could care less about its characters, so why should I wring myself dry crying alongside grieving parents when what, 3 days later, its already forgotten!?

Yet like an addict, I can't help but read spoilers and even those infuriate me to no end. (still gleefully waiting for the "official" word on Guza!)

This is what has really got me burning...no FUNERAL for Jake?!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

We were asked to invest in the conception/custody drama of the angelic hitman's love child, and now they run him over with a car (literally) and throw him away without a backwards glance.

This is so insulting. But don't stop there, let's add more insult to injury and garrishly move full steam ahead with a JaSam baby on the heels of this loss...Ouch...

And for JaSam fans, I don't care if Jason and Sam have a family, because as another poster said Jason has basically been father to every other kid on canvas besides his own biological child, but seriously do they need to have one this week!!!! 2 seconds after burying (oops sorry they didn't bother to bury him) KILLING JAKE!!!!


Why push this miraculous conception s/l so quickly OTHER THAN to infuriate Liasion/Quartermaine/Jake fans into more angry letter writing action.

And that leads me to this thought...I truly think that Guza (or his marketing team) honestly believe that NEGATIVE press IS far better than good storytelling because EVERYTHING that has been written recently has been to receive a flurry of rage induced responses from fans. This latest ordeal received too much recognition (mostly hate filled) but nonetheless they are probably revelling over their supposed genius in getting such heavy press coverage.

Dedicated GH soap fans I sympathize at the bashing your taking. Take note, you are being goaded into passion filled rage so GH can brag about all the press coverage their getting.

Grief does make people do and say crazy things...so I can only assume that FroLuza & Co. are some messed up, grief-stricken mo-fo's on the edge of the abyss. If only they’d finally jump into it. They’re either anguished beyond comprehension (because nothing they come up with makes sense) or they’re just plain sadistic—finding great joy in sticking it to people who have the audacity to expect half-way decent storytelling.

And now these scribes have multiple characters spouting off crap about how Jake might have been safer with Jason? (Puts on Chandler hat) Could the agenda BE any more transparent?

Maybe something is wrong with me for continuing to seek out the 411 on a show that does nothing but make me seethe with rage…or maybe it’s just soothing to know that I’m not alone in my IWannaCutAFool over this mucked up mess that once was a show. THIS crap is nothing but a reel of random scenes.

I’ve realized that I’m no longer hanging on for GH itself. Oh Becky, why can’t I quit you?!

Loved your article and yes it makes perfect sense to logical thinkers which no one in charge at GH could ever in this lifetime claim to be, idiots, morons maybe.
I lost respect for the jm character 2 yrs ago but I flat out hate him now.
I absolutely hate that the mother of jake has been marginalized in the death of her child in favor of two morons jm and lucy.

Mallory, your "list" had me LOLing. Thanks for the belly laugh!

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