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March 20, 2011

In Which Emma Lavery Captures The Hearts of Millions

Okay, so anyone who pays even slight attention to daytime ratings knows that title is hugely hyperbolic, but "Emma Lavery Captures The Hearts of Tens" just didn't have the same ring to it and regardless of just how many worshippers this adorable little moppet has, the point remains: the girl is all kinds of amazing.

Emma: If Mommy's at the hospital, I want to go, too.
Greenlee: Emma, that's not possible.
Emma: Fine, I'll go by myself. I know how to get there.
Ryan: Hey, Mommy's not at Pine Valley hospital, sweetie.
Emma: Where is she?
Ryan: She's at a hospital called Oak Haven.
Emma: I've heard of that place. Mommy was scared of it. She said she'd die if she went back.
Ryan: That's not going to happen, I promise you. That's not going to happen.
Emma: I don't believe you, Daddy. I hate you. I HATE YOU.

I hate you. I HATE YOU.

I hate you. I HATE YOU.

I hate you. I HATE YOU.

I am not going to tell you the number of times I rewound that scene just to drink in those beautiful words again and again, because you'd judge me (or you'd share your own absurd number of re-watches and then we'd get into a "Who Hates Ryan Lavery More?" contest), but let's just say it was a lot.

And Ryan's baffled reaction was just the icing on the cake.

Ryan"Nobody's ever said those words to me in that order. Emma, are you sure you weren't trying to say "I hate your awesomeness?" because you're slightly jealous of me?"

I have many thoughts about the past couple of days in Pine Valley in list form--I had a prior version of this post with, you know, paragraphs, but TypePad ate it and after I shook my fist at the sky and screamed "Curse you, Lavery!" I could only muster up the energy for a (-n admittedly long) list...

  • You know, as much as I ALWAYS hate Ryan, I spent an awful lot of time this week hating Greenlee. I just...when she and Ryan went to confront Annie at the hotel and Annie became more and more unhinged at Greenlee's very presence, crying and ranting and completely coming undone?

    Annie: You should call Marissa over here. You could have a sick little tag team. The two little bitches who ruined my life.

    She kept screaming "Get her out of here!" in complete anguish and I feel like any rational person would have said, "I think I'm making this worse..." and went to wait in the hallway or, at the very least, felt too uncomfortable to stay, but Greenlee just stood there, staring blankly at her.
    She even had the nerve to stay there after Ryan left, getting Annie even MORE worked up and making it impossible for Brot to do his job. I so wanted him to let go of the whole "professionalism" thing for a second and just let Annie punch her in the head.
  • Speaking of: poor, poor Annie. This last mental break was just heartbreaking to watch and Melissa Claire Egan killed it.
    I'm selfishly disappointed that she's leaving the show, because she became one of my very favorite parts of AMC and while that seems to be damning with the faintest of praise, I genuinely mean it. I think she's absurdly talented and she and Jacob Young are amazing together, and I think JR and Annie could have had an amazing future as a twisted couple.
  • Heart. Breaking.
    JR: Don't fight them.
    Annie: But they're trying to hurt me.
    JR: No, they're trying to help you, take you someplace safe.
    Annie: Where?
    JR: A place where they care about you and want you to be healthy and happy.
    Annie: You want that for me, too.
    JR: I want that more than anything.
    Annie: Because you love me, don't you?
    JR, voice beaking: Yes, because I love you.
    Annie: Well, then if you want me to go, I'll go.

And then she thought they were taking her to a secret wedding for her and JR, and she threw JR one last blissful smile?

I really hope Melissa Claire Egan goes places.

  • JR and Marissa, however, are the television equivalent of a barbituate.
  • In case you didn't already know how EVIL Diane is, she found an ostrich wandering the streets of Pine Valley (stranger things have happened), killed it with her bare hands and wore it around her neck as a warning to others.
  • David is trying his best to get reinstated at PVH. He went to the Chandlers to ask for help, reasoning that getting the backing of some Pine Valley bigwigs wouldn't hurt his case, but I have to say, even hearing him say the name Chandler makes my eye twitch a little bit, because I am still bitter over the completely fakakta "Who Killed Stuart?" story.
  • On the other hand, I'll NEVER tire of him talking about the Martins.

    David: Your sister just married a Martin. If this place were a chocolate factory, they'd be the Oompa Loompas.
    Griffin: What does that even mean?
    David: It means according to them, they keep this place going. Pine Valley would be nothing without those holier than thou imbeciles.

Snark really brings out his eyes.

  • Ricky and Griffin's constant one-upsmanship and thinly veiled hatred is more than a little tiresome. To recap every conversation they've ever had:
    GRIFFIN: I don't like you.
    RICKY: I don't like you either.
    GRIFFIN: We'll see about that.
    RICKY: Oh, we will.
    GRIFFIN: You know...Kendall likes me more.
    RICKY: Kendall likes me the most. And so does God.

Pretty lame, but occasionally the sniping is entertaining, like when Ricky says ridiculous things like "It never hurts to have one of God's servants as your co-pilot".

  • Griffin and Kendall have moved on to the banter phase of friendship.

Kendall: I was playing a raging game of tag. I'm sure you would have found it very lame.
Griffin: For sure, after I kicked everyone's ass.
Kendall: You know, you really need to work on your self esteem. You're modest!
Griffin: Okay, I'm glad you let loose a little. It's good for your heart.
Kendall: Wait a second, did you just say I did something right?
Griffin: And I regret it already.

It's just that sometimes...the banter doesn't really make sense.

Kendall: Wow!
Griffin: Oh, that good, huh?
Kendall: Down boy! I meant, wow, you're...not in scrubs.
Griffin: Why? You've seen me in a suit before.
Kendall: Yeah, well, you look...nice.
Griffin: I'll take it. And look at you, not in a hospital gown, unless...what have you got going on under that coat of yours?
Kendall: Oh, nothing much, really, just...
Griffin: It's definitely not a hospital gown.
Kendall: You like?
Griffin: It's nice.
Kendall: I'll take it.

It was just weird, since they've both seen each other dressed up and in normal clothes, so the whole hospital gown thing just seemed silly. Although I guess it proves how frazzled Griffin is by Kendall. It just makes him come across as sort of...socially awkward.

  • I'm not at all sure what to make of Griffin--I think the writers did themselves and Jordi Vilasuso a disservice by immediately stating that he'd be Kendall's next love interest. Not that I expected the writers to let anything happen organically since rushing things, and rushing them poorly, is more their style. And the writing for him since then has either been trying too hard or just plan boring--but I think Jordi Vilasuso is all sorts of handsome.



    Madison: You don't make me feel useless and small. We're on even ground, you know? Equals. Partners. I never had that with anyone before. I...really want to kiss you.
Scott: But because of last time...?
Madison: Yeah.
Scott: Then allow me.

They are adorable. Since when does AMC have MULTIPLE pairings and almost-pairings that I enjoy unabashedly? SINCE NEVER. So this is unsettling. How long will I be able to like Scott and Madison, and Tad and Cara, before they are irrevocably trashed? Probably just a couple of more days, huh, so I should enjoy it while I can...


I don't watch AMC anymore, but I adore Daniel Cosgrove. He's dreamy AND funny :)

Hahaha about Emma and Rylee!!!! Sad about Annie/Melissa Claire Egan leaving. She and Jacob Young were amazing and Marissa is the biggest dead weight on a show full of dead weight.

I think Jordi is all kinds of handsome too, but I really don't like watching his scenes with Kendall. It all seems uncomfortable and forced. I thought he had more chemistry with Amanda from the start.

Rebecca Budig looks like she's sleepwalking. I wish the writers would give her and David another try instead of a last-ditch attempt to pair him with Liza and make her remotely interesting. What a different place for Greenlee from a year ago.

How sweet it was to hear those three little words, finally uttered by someone on the show! I - and so many others - have been SCREAMING those same words at our televisions for quite some time. But now, finally, someone has actually said it to Thongie McSpittlebug!

I hope they set it to music!

Thank you, Serial Drama, for ALWAYS making me laugh with your absolutely perfect columns. You really are the best!

I haven't watched AMC since Annie left Pine Valley. If I had known she was putting in one last appearance, I would have tuned in.

You know, I've dreamed about those words being uttered to Ryan by one of (or all) his kids, but I was afraid that it wouldn't happen until they were teens. I did know, though, that if anything happened to Annie, there was a great chance Emma would take him to task and and actually start to dislike Greenlee. Speaking of.....

Greenlee never fails to astonish me with how little she thinks of others. I know it shouldn't, b/c this is Greenlee, but Annie was clearly hanging on by a thread and this selfish turd couldn't see fit to excuse herself??? As someone who has contributed a great deal to Annie's downward spiral, one would think, at some point, self-awareness would visit Greenlee. Go away, you idjit!

I think this was Melissa Egan's best performance to date. For the first time, she wowed me. I truly felt sorry for Annie and I never have before. Kudos to her! I hope she'll pop up somewhere soon.

LOL @ Ryan's face after Emma's proclamation made of awesomesauce!

Emma is my favorite character on AMC. Flove her!
I have been obsessed with her since the first phone call she made to Madison when she was with Annie. Wow.
That girl is so young - and so impressive. AWESOME.

I enjoyed it when Emma told Captain Forehead that she hates him. She's just so darn cute. As for Gooblee I just wanted to slap her for being so damn stupid. If I was upsetting someone like Annie clearly was I'd be thinking I better leave but no she just hangs around.

I am going to miss her. Damn I wish I started watching sooner since Annie was my favorite resident in Pine Valley but there are others that aren't Captain Forehead and Gooblee.

Scott and Madison are adorable. I really must find another word since I find myself saying that a lot about these two and about Tad and Cara.

Did I miss MCE's last air date? Crap. Stupid high school basketball trumping my stories!! I guess I'll have to catch it online or on YouTube.

Thanks, as always, for another great column. I kind of want the "I hate you" on repeating loop. Hell, that should be the little actress's Emmy reel. :)

That was all BS how they ended Annie & JR, Jacob Young and Melissa Egan had chemistry up the wazoooo! and they do that to them? and then wave a piece of crap in Marissa the character dead weight 2nd to Ryan Lavery. These are things that make me hate AMC.

well the only REASON i watch was for JANNIE, and now that they are done, so am I, i WILL never watch JR with Marissa EVER AGAIN......never...as a couple they are just too DAMN BORING, just a fact.

I’m glad I didn’t catch 3-18's episode live and was forewarned about the JR/Marissa prelude scenes. Considering the latter half of the episode, those scenes were not only jarringly inconsistent with the emotion JR later shows for Annie, but in VERY poor taste by the writers. How are we supposed to believe JR truly ‘loves’ Annie when he is carelessly flirting with Marissa a mere half hour beforehand, suggesting that sauntering into her bedroom would not be so ‘bad’ and that you can’t help what you ‘want’. REALLY? When is the last time JR really wanted Marissa? This sudden interest in winning Marissa back is just lazy writing at its worst, making JR seem as fickle & deep as a 14-year-old boy. And I don’t buy it, not for one bit!

But the Jacob Young/Melissa Claire Egan scenes, cut or not (and I do believe they may have been cut a great deal to reduce the emotional impact on viewers having to lose Annie/MCE), were just spectacular. The amount of chemistry these two can generate from a mere look or touch is simply breathtaking. I was not crying watching her with Ryan, with Scott, or Greenlee, but as soon as JR entered the room, I literally couldn’t stop the tears from rolling.

He enters the room & even though her eyes seemed vacant/glazed seconds before, there was an immediate light & energy in them. His suppressed emotion with Annie was present in every word, gesture and look. When he told her he ‘loved’ her, there was no doubt in my mind that he meant it, that his true heart was speaking, and not the fake persona that he had put on with Marissa. Annie’s always had this ability to see his stripped soul and SHE was again the one to bring it out today, despite her delusional mental state.

His smile to her in the end, through tears, was just heartbreaking. When he broke down in front of Scott, his hands were shaking & he was completely broken. I have NOT seen him this broken since Babe’s death, and his emotion seemed even more raw & visceral here. Like he’d been denying his feelings to himself, even, and did not know how DEEPLY she had gotten into his heart & soul.

JY, I applaud you! This may have been one of the BEST scenes I’ve EVER seen you do. And the best I’ve seen any actor do this year. Even Missy, who completely rocked it this year in her crazy Annie scenes and on 10-6, did not look this tortured or eviscerated. I was sobbing at the end, something I’ve NEVER done watching any soap opera scene. Sobbing for Annie, sobbing for JR, but most of all sobbing for the LOSS of seeing JY/MCE together on screen again. I don’t think I can fathom not seeing this magic EVER again. All I can do is hope against hope that MCE eventually comes back!

J.R. & Annie .... I will miss them so much. They sucked me back into AMC after giving the show up. And after seeing how Kreizman & Swajeski wrapped up their storyline, I remember why I dropped AMC in the first place.

There have been way too many couples like this on AMC in recent years -- smoking hot and with all kinds of potential but wasted by agenda-driven, not character-driven, writing. And then the writers go out of their way to poop all over that fanbase by inserting awful Marissa into Annie's exit storyline, making Annie a homicidal maniac, and refusing to let Jannie even have a short time in the sun.

I just don't understand why you go out of your way to alienate a new fanbase for a couple that's getting positive press and has people excited. Are they doing it so that people will accept Marissa now? It doesn't matter how much the writers have the characters crow about how great Marissa is. They could have Zombie Myrtle Fargate rise from her grave just to tell us that Marissa is the best thing ever and the character of Marissa would still be extremely unpopular and wretched. Everybody would be like, "Ugh, Marissa can't even let the dead rest. She's the worst. I can't believe that thing is David's daughter."

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