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March 10, 2011

Oh, Plot Point Writing. I Hate You.

There is some serious Invasion of the Body Snatchers stuff going on, because Kendall--KENDALL!!--said these words today:

Kendall: What good is a purpose if it just leads to a dead end? 

Kendall: I haven't been "here" in a very long time. So this is me. This is me stopping right now. I am going to stop all the craziness and stop all the obsessing and I am moving on with my life.

The writers of All My Children ask me to believe all sorts of crazy things on the regular, like Ryan being the most sought after man on the planet or Marissa becoming a lawyer in less than half an hour or Rebecca Budig having any interest in staying with this show for the long haul (I love her and all, but what's with her lately? She's about as disengaged and over it as Tyler Christopher), but believing that Kendall is going to just give up finding out the truth about Zach's death is just ludicrous. When does Kendall EVER let go of something she's been obsessing over? NEVER, is the answer to that question.

We've watched her fixate on all sorts of trivial things and sat through the interminable period of time that she was consumed with reuniting Ryan and Greenlee, but she suspects that there is more to Zach's death and she just moves on after a couple of hours? Because she seemed excited to get her Nancy Drew on and said on Tuesday:

Kendall: Trying to find Zach's hidden message -- it's given me this energy, this drive, and I haven't had that in a really long time.

And now it's, "Never mind, moving on"? What the hell? This is sloppy and out of character, which isn't completely surprising considering the show we're discussing here, but seriously.

Silver lining?I now have a new game to play during AMC called "Where is Ricky lurking in the creepiest of ways?" Today we saw him spying on Kendall at Krystal's with his eyes peering out over the top of a large menu and then again, staring in her window. It is kind of hilarious.

And a PLATINUM lining?

LaughterI love them. I know. I am setting myself up for all sorts of disappointment, but I can't help it, Tad and Cara have completely won me over. Tad is like a totally new character with this re-invigoration and Lindsay Hartley is the cutest. The wedding deserves a proper post of its own, so check back over the weekend for a recap!


I am completly shocked that Kendall (our obssesive and determined girl) totally out of the blue,dropped the idea to figure out how her beloved ZACH THE LOVE OF HER LIFE died.


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kendall "wins" a date with griffin at an auction.

Need we say more.

I haven't watched this show more than a handful of times since the poisoned pancakes but all I can think of is, remember the chemistry Tad and Simone had?!

Don't get your hopes up...

I am loving Tad and Cara, too, and have no illusions about the inevitable disappointment ahead... but I can't help but get invested!

It's like I'm standing on the tracks, watching the train come at me and all I can think is, 'Oooh, what a pretty train!'

I also couldn't believe that Kendall would give up so easily. It's more plot-driven writing that makes no sense to me, either. It appears that it's all to make Griffin look wise and wonderful as he pushes Kendall to look into this, but it won't wash with me. LMAO at Stalker Ricky! He's so cartoonish and badly written, there's not much else you can do but laugh. I have some hope for Tad and Cara. They're the only new couple I'm excited about, though Scott and Madison have their moments, too.

Mallory, didn't you get the memo - the men of PV are in control of the wimmins & they aren't allowed to solve anything or think for themselves! I smell another Ryan white-washing with this Griff guy- it's getting sickening how much they're beating us over the head with how he's the white knight/
savior/good-doer extraordinaire!! I'm hanging on hoping to see Kendall do this last thing & solve her beloved husband's murder, but I'm thisclose to giving it up for good. Gag gag gag

Thank you, Mallory, for being the voice for many Kendall Hart-Slater fans. The fierce Mrs. Slater would not give up until she knew the truth behind her soulmate's "death." Alicia Minshew deserves better than out of character writing to push an unpopular agenda.

Thorsten Kaye's return and reuniting Team Slater is the payoff I'm waiting for to this unsatisfactory story.

Kendall is being written unrecognizable and totally out of character to give the newbie doctor an undeserved story. One day smart, impulsive Kendall is reenergized to go after whoever was responsible for Zach's crash and a few days later she ready to give up and stop obsessing about Zach's fate.

One day Griffen tells Kendall to stop obsessing about Zach's letter, because it is affecting her health and now he is urging her not to give up, but pursue her instincts.

These writers can't make up their minds which way to go and are dessimating Kendall's character in the process to push their pathetic newbie down our throats.

Thank you Mallory, from this Kendall Hart Slater/AM fan for being spot on with this writing for the character. At this point, she is unrecognizable to me in this story. And, IMO, she has been put in a supporting role...in a story that should be her's...but, her role in this has been given to Griffin. There is NOTHING that has been written for Kendall, that would make me believe she would just "give up" on finding out if Zach was "killed" and by whom. There is NOTHING that has been written for Kendall that would make me believe she needs to be pushed/prodded/convinced to pursue her instincts...not when her instincts tell her Zach may have been "killed". Writing a character OOC to push an agenda...and that agenda is "hero" Griffin...it is bad writing. How about writing KENDALL'S story, with Kendall being who she is...and fit Griffin into that story...instead of the other way around? Contrived ish much?

Goodness this show is in desperate need of TK/Zach/Zendall.

Its so sad the lenghts AMC will go to to push their agenda. Their agenda you ask?? Yeah, Griffin Freakin' Castillo!! Take a dynamic character and destroy her to push this guy as the new Ryan Lavery!!

JV and AMC might think he is the second coming, but WE don't. You know, those of us who matter. We want Zach Slater back and in Thorsten Kaye's body!!

When I say "those who matter", I mean the viewers. Everwhere I look, on line . . . people don't like him. He can't act and he is NO Thorsten Kaye!!

So happy I am not watching this mess. Not good for my blood pressure. Bring Zach back . . . and I and many, many others will be back.

Kendall has been totally out of character ever since Sarah Michelle Gellar left the role and Richard Culliton brought her back as a super-model heroine instead of a dynamo driven by hate and revenge. Why can't a character be a total bitch and tons of fun? Gellar's Kendall was that in spades. Minshew's Kendall, not so much.

As for Lindsay Hartley, I've loved her since the first time I saw her on PASSIONS. No matter what the material she was given, the girl could turn it into gold.

I don't think Kendall will stop looking into what happen to Zach . Also Zack /Thorsten Kaye is not coming back people at least for now , so get over it , maybe some where down the line he will who knows ! I am really enjoying Tad & Cara , i like them a lot As for Griffin i like him ,also liking Scott & Madison ! Greenlee can leave any time!

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