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March 18, 2011

Probably The Greatest Rumor Ever

Voice of a generation Lindsay Lohan may have claimed she's "tired of rumors starting" (remember when Lindsay Lohan attempted a music career and it was hugely embarrassing? Who would have guessed that we'd look back on that and it would be her peak!) but I'm more than okay with rumors, especially when they hint at something so amazing...

From Soap Opera Digest:

We're hearing that Robert Guza, Jr. is on his way out as GENERAL HOSPITAL's head writer. ABC Daytime doesn't comment on rumors, but an insider tells us there's a good chance it's true.

My rational side is telling me to calm down because it's just a rumor and hardly set in stone, but my easily excited side is on a pretty major caffeine and sugar high, thanks to a huge iced coffee. So if you need me, I'll be trying to relax while simultaneously flailing my hands in hysteria.

UPDATE: Boo-Urns!

A GENERAL HOSPITAL spokesperson reports that Bob Guza is not exiting the show.

I need a .gif that expresses limitless sadness.


Wow - if true, that COULD be the best news in a long time. Maybe, maybe there is hope for this show after all.

Then again, if true, I also fear who they would hire next. They've proven on more than one occasion that they can still find writers worse than Guza - but maybe, it would be refreshing to have a different kind of bad for a while.

( I have to say, for as many things as I found wrong with Megan McTavish's reign, I did appreciate that AJ - a character Guza always and without relief saw as being gum on the bottom of Sonny's shoe - actually had depth and levels and was good and bad and loving and jealous - like a real person).

Fingers crossed ...

I am saving the flailing and shouting and partying until it's official, but when I saw this on my computer this morning I actually "EEEEE"ed at work and made a cackling sound that was akin to VM's laugh! Please be true!

While I'll certainly take some measure of joy if this turns out to be true, I'd have been more gleeful even 3 months ago. I feel like this Jake story is just one bridge too far. . .

There's very little to go back to now, if I even wanted to. Guza has done such a number in the last 5-6 years. There's only rubble left in GH's foundation of characters and family. . . I don't envy any head writer trying to come in and salvage something.

Still, if there's a chance the show can step back from mob-central, mysoginistic, recycled crap to something with actual balance then that's a win, no matter what.

If only Phelps and Frons were out, too. . . .

This would be amazing.... but I think because more often than not, they replace the awful with the equally awful... we shouldn't get too excited.. on the other hand... it's so bad now, that if it's true and Guza is gone *crossing fingers* it couldn't really get worst right?

I will do a happy dance of joy if this is true. As Nikki said, it can't really get worse, right? It has to go up from here. Please, please, let this be true. If someone can undo the years of damage, it would be a miracle.

Wow, it's saying something that when I saw the headline, I never in a million years would have imagined something this awesome actually being the rumor. Much less actually happening. *crosses fingers*

i will start watching gh again if this turns out to be true. i HOPE they hire Sri Rao.

Pinching myself! Is this really happening?

At this point, I'll settle for a new kind of awful, seriously.

I would be all for Luke waking up one morning, walking into the bathroom, and fiding Laura in the shower. Let the last 5 or so years be nothing but a bad dream.

Aaaand now I will return to my regular state with respect to this show in which I waver between apathy and ennui.

*heavy sigh*

I have the feeling even if he did leave there would be nothing to salvage the show. In his what 8 years back he's killed every interesting character figuratively or literally. The Q's are gone, the Scorpios besides Robin, done and the Webber's backstage fixtures. General Hospital died around 2001 when the mob became right and everything else was made obsolete.

oh how cruel. How could someone start a rumor like that and get all of our hopes up?

And Mallory, if you want an appropriate .gif for that emotion you're feeling, you can make something from this scene from Gilmore Girls:


They don't comment on rumors but yet they did!

You need a gif of Gob Bluth hopelessly trying to throw an envelope into the ocean.

Can you imagine a GH where Laura is in PC, Alan Q is alive, Ethan is a Scorpio, the mob doesn't rule, women are treated decently, and the good guys win every once in a while? To dream.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let this be TRUE! Please! This would be like the best present EVER but I somehow doubt this beautiful dream will ever come true

Mallory...stop playing with my emotions.

I cannot express the amount of explicit glee I felt at the start of this post...and then the immediate let down that the RUMOR isn't true.

Between this (Guza not being fired!) and losing Jake, my heart cannot take much more.

I don't think I've ever gone from elation to despair so quickly. WHY can't this man be fired when he is SO VERY AWFUL?

In the immortal words of one Florida Evans ... "Damn, damn, DAAAAMN!"

As for you, person who started that rumor and gave us a fleeting glimmer of hope only to cruelly snatch it away ... A pox upon thee villain! You sir or madam, may bite me. Tool.

And here I got all excited. I guess it can be worse. He'll probably find another good character to kill in retaliation. Killing Jake is it for me. I was close to done before, and now I am. Maybe it is because I have a three year old, but I find nothing dramatic in offing a child, not to mention that it drives story for about three days and then is forgotten. Plot point, I guess.

Is is at all possible that Guza himself is the "spokesman," trying desperately to spin the story -- to hide the (delicious possibility) that although he's isn't leaving the show, he's being demoted (AT LAST!) from head writer?

If only, Wendalette, if only.

Even though I knew it was probably krap, I reported on it in my column anyway. My grasping-at-straws reason was that maybe - JUST MAYBE - if the powers that be see how absolutely ELATED (there really isn't an adjective strong enough to express the feeling people had at the thought) people were at the prospect of Guza's downfall (see the comment section of ANYWHERE this news was reported), maybe they'll actually get a glimpse at the unhappiness of their viewers.

I know, I know. But if by my even mentioning the rumor, I can somehow eradicate herpes of daytime TV that is Bob Guza, then it was worth it. Though herpes isn't curable, is it?

"Between this (Guza not being fired!) and losing Jake, my heart cannot take much more." -- SAW


I stopped watching two three years ago when Jason & Liz broke up at the courthouse and only the TERMINATION of Guza and the resurrection of Liason could bring me back to this crapfest known as GH.

I would also recommend terminating Jill Farren Phelps & Brian Frons, just for good measure.

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