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March 14, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad People

That's the best way to sum up many of the characters in Llanview these days. But before I begin what will inevitably devolve into an inarticulate rant, I give you Tomas:


So not everything sucks. Now onto the business at hand...

Langston. Ford. Todd. Charlie. Echo. My head is exploding.

Shall we begin with the milder cases? Charlie and Echo and their little affair behind Viki's back allegedly "ended" today (and then re-started by the end of the episode), complete with a big discussion between the two of them about how Dorian is somehow the bad guy here because she made Charlie end his extramarital affair. Dorian is the bad guy in this scenario. You read that right. That's how they characterized it. (Infuriating as they were, Kim Zimmer and Brian Kerwin are still doing a bang-up job.)

Todd, on the other hand, didn't do anything today other than lie around bleeding after getting shot (can't anyone with a gun pointed at Todd ever have better aim?!), but what was and is being done around him and being done for him is just revolting on every level.

Tea refers to Todd as "over-protective" and Dani is all of a sudden becoming sympathetic to his abuse? Also, flashbacks to Todd and Tea's "hot" S&M sex the other day doesn't exactly comfort me. Raise your hand if you're comfortable watching a serial rapist have violent sex. If your hand is up, I.... am nervous. And Dani explaining to Tomas that when Todd loves you he has your back forever? That crap he pulled on her last week was "having her back?" Seriously? That looked to me like a man threatening his children and their friends with a gun and essentially calling his daughters disgusting sluts. If anyone ever has my back like that, please pry them as far away from my back as physically possible. (Thanks!)

And now Todd's been shot and the whole world is going to rally around the bastard as if it all of a sudden makes him a better man. If I'm going to sit through whatever is to come, with the flailing and the worrying and the championing of that awful man, I am going to need some much stronger Everclear. Do they make that?

So Langston is upset about Ford's situation because she sees Tess as a rival, and feels threatened that Ford is married to her. That's the problem? (And another acting-related aside: some of the better work today from Brittany Underwood that we've seen in a long, long time. The tears weren't coming, so she made another choice instead of just doing the shaky voice and dry, scrunched-up face routine. I don't know when her final air date is, but I just wanted to give credit where credit is due -- I don't like the character anymore and my heart certainly doesn't break for her for giving up Ford of all people, but the actress definitely delivered.)


Oh hey, Ford! You can't take money from Langston for your rent, but you can take it from your son? And hey, Ford? Viki Banks is treating Ryder "like he's a commodity?" Trying to put him in a safe home with people who know what the hell they're doing? Yeah, that's way worse than letting Ryder live with a dangerous crazy woman in a tiny apartment so you can get cash for it, and making sure this newborn infant will never, ever know his mother again, will never know his grandparents or his sister, just so you can have sole custody. I cannot fathom at this point that anyone anywhere could find one single solitary thing appealing about this man. We are not meant to think he's "in a tough place," are we? Sweet mercy I hope the fuck not because the mere sight of him makes me breathe fire at this point. He's completely out of his mind, right? I am worried that I'm taking crazy pills because he was spewing some garbage today about how he's stepping up and making a responsible decision. There's no logic anywhere on this Earth that suggests he's done anything other than recklessly endanger his child and his child's mother, right?

I need Girl Scout cookies.


By the way, I recently saw Renee Elise Goldsberry (ex-Evangeline) on Broadway in the new play Good People. It's not new information that she's getting to be pretty revered in the theatre community, and she definitely proves why in this show. She had a natural theatricality and embodied a character I've never seen from her before with seemingly effortless perfection -- she was one of the greatest things about the show, and considering she's in the cast with Frances McDormand and Estelle Parsons (to name just two), that's saying a lot. I know Evangeline was not a beloved character to many (was she? am I imagining this?), but Goldsberry's got it.

But that's all I got.


Langston's final airdate is Fri. April 8th

Thanks, guilty pleasure! I was wondering how much time they had to wrap up her arc. Seems like not much at all...

Today's episode was so rage-inducing. You didn't even mention how John got all pissy at seeing Brody with Natalie and Liam, never mind that John insists he wants nothing to do with the baby and told Natalie to go to hell.

And I agree, I dunno how anyone, even the most hardcore Ford fan, can rationalize his behavior after today.

OLTL is making me seriously angry lately. The fact that Viki and Clint are running around saying that the law is on Ford and Tess' side is driving me insane. All they need is a petition saying that the "mother" is mentally ill and the "father" has no source of income and a criminal record and that baby would be in protective services within hours. Also, it really pisses me off that just because they read a DNA test that named Ford as the father, that all of a sudden he has the right to custody of the baby.

And I can't believe that no one seems to care that Ford is just letting his son's mother run around town without getting treatment. The only way I can take this is if this is used for evidence as to why Ford shouldn't get any parental rights or visitation once Jessica is back.

I can't believe that only a month ago I was loving this show and couldn't wait to tune in each day.

The one upside to today's episode were the Brody and Natalie scenes. I'm starting to seriously want them together, and I love Brody/Jessica.

Also, I feel sorry for poor Bree. I don't think anyone cares about her and she is likely to have serious mommy issues when she grows up.

Thanks for posting the picture of Tomas because, seriously, that was the only thing worthwhile about today's show.

OLTL is in a bad bad way.

Has Ford even baby-proofed the apartment and gotten a crib and stuff like that??? Because, if not, that's another reason to prove he is endangering Ryder.

No comment Louise, but thanks for mentioning Renee, she was a fantastic Mimi in Rent. My daughter has seen several productions of Rent and is a huge Rent fan, she says she is the best Mimi by far!

@ Andrea..
Not only has Ford not bought the supplies needed to care for an infant, we haven't once seen him do anything but hold the baby and ask others for help. If Starr hadn't brought over diapers and formula, that would be one starving, screaming, filthy kid. The only people treating this baby as a possession are Ford and Tess.
I agree so much that this show has gone from "I can't wait to watch!" to fast forward through every bit of Todd and Ford. It's so disappointing.

Yeah, I saw how completely empty the apartment looks of baby supplies today. It's absolutely sickening how Ford is doing nothing to give Ryder the things he needs. And you're definitely right Holly, Ford is the one treating the baby as a possession. I can't wait until it's revealed Brody is the father and Ford is sent packing.

What Tara said. This whole storyline is ridiculous and it's making me angry. I also agree that the show went from legitimately interesting/good to totally terrible in record time. So annoying.

"Who's the Daddy" storylines are such soap staples that I don't mind them, and sometimes they can be great. But having Fudd in the mix is just unacceptable. Horrid. He's not only a repulsive sexual predator, but the character is also wierdly cartoonish and utterly devoid of any redeeming qualities. Putting him in Langston's orbit ruined any chance that character ever had.

That said, I think I'm still happier with OLTL than some are. IMO, they have the largest number of veteran actors and characters, and they currently are using them. Whether they are using them wisely or not is a matter of opinion. But I do know that any day that I tune in and see Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Kim Zimmer, Jerry Van Dorn, Brian Kerwin, Robert Woods, etc., will be a real treat. And it's the only ABC soap that even has this number of vets and older actors, and is willing use them.

Who needs a Fudd when you riches like these?

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