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March 31, 2011

The Failure Is Legendary

I can't believe--no, that's not true. I can believe it. I am offended by and confused about it, and it makes me want to toss a piece of stemware across the room and let loose a primal scream that would do Bruce Weitz proud, but I believe it--that Lucky Spencer was nowhere to be found on an episode about his young son's memorial service.

I know, I know--I should just be grateful that Elizabeth had a speaking part during today's General Hospital because it would have been so typically General Hospital to have the only mention of Jake's parents be part of Michael's brief and self-pitying memorial service recap to Abby ("Steve Webber gave the eulogy. Lucky was a wreck...and Elizabeth was crying too, which was weird. How did they even know Jake?") and asking for a scene or two of Lucky getting ready for and recovering from the memorial would have just been ridiculously selfish, especially since it would have drastically reduced the amount of time Abby and Michael would be able to talk about, well...Michael* but REALLY. REALLY! Dante has been onscreen practically every day for over a year, even in stories that have nothing to do with him (remember when he went to Ireland?! Call me a crazy grudge-holder, but I'll never forget!), and Carly, Jason and Sonny find themselves awkwardly inserted into all of the stories taking place in Port Charles, no matter how far removed they are from them, but Lucky and Elizabeth can't be on for a full week when the story is the death of their child? They don't get a standalone memorial episode? WHAT THE HELL?, THIS EFFING SHOW, I HATE EVERYTHING, ETC.

*Just so I'm clear on this, are we supposed to hate Michael these days? Because I do. When he admitted that he was carrying a gun, I wanted to start chanting "Pentonville! Send him back!" but that would have been weird.


Michael's hateability is reaching new levels. The only thing that would make me not hate Michael would be if he went berserk and finally offed Sonny, Carly, and Jason. That would be delicious!

Failure sums up every element of this show. There is no creativity in the scripts and damn few rootable characters other than a very few we rarely get to see. Other than a few stellar performances in the past week, many times the actors are about as enthused as a Wal-Mart greeter with bunions.

There is no way that ABC/Disney execs cannot know the utter outrage and sheer disgust of the prospective audience and those still hanging in hoping for a change. And yet they do nothing.

As for Michael - I have wished that character dead from the second he was conceived. I could never get behind any story he was involved in, and this latest with the NotAHookerJustAStripperParalegalWannabe sure doesn't change my mind. And seriously, do they think we don't know he's not going to go back to Pentonville?

Jake didn't get a stand-alone memorial episode because they don't want us to remember him.

Oh... the silly idiots at GH - we remember. We remember everything.

well clearly they couldn't because then they might have to admit there were other people's grief that might *GASP* eclipse Jason's. Or that this storyline isn't actually about Luke. (WTF Lulu? You were surprised Luke wasn't there? Ummm why exactly?)

For once, I actually disagree with Mallory. . . .but only because I think the failure is not legendary, but . . . expected.

This show is heartless and dead.

It is merely a soulless machine, cranking out scenes that pass for "action" and "plot" held together by duct tape and the drool Bob Guza collects while he thinks of more "awesome" things for Carly and Jason to do.

It is ABC's designated "last soap standing" and they'll leech out every last drop of humanity until it just hums along without any of that pesky "emotion" and "history" and "thoughtfulness" that take *time* and energy (and money) to develop, surviving on hair gel, bullets, and focus groups until they finally give up and put some new Justin Bieber talk show in its place.

Hey, did you guys hear that Y&R snatched up Genie Francis to play Cane's mother?!?!? This unfortunately means that Laura won't be coming back home to Port Charles anytime soon! HOW I HATE BOTH FRONSIE AND GUZA SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

So sad that GH can't even spare one episode to show a funeral for a little boy that was killed. And on top of that not one scene of Lucky in today's show. Is it to hard to have some scenes of Lucky and Liz grieving together for their son. Instead all we got was a recap of what happened at the funeral.

Did we really need to see Sonny and Brenda celebrating her birthday? Did Dante, Michael, Abby and Kristina really need to be on today?

I should have known by now not to expect anything from this show.

OT:Congrats to Genie Francis on her Y&R gig. I'd be afraid what Guza would do to her if she ever did return to GH.

there are noooo words to how horribly this show is written but this storyline I think is thee lowest evil has gone. I mean seriously??? if this doesn't get his sorry ass FIRED than NOTHING will. He just proved once again how he doesn't give a damn about anyone or any character on that show except for the usual suspects and now his f*cked up mind is giving the future hitman and his stupid ass hooker/girlfriend/therapist more onscreen time than the REAL PARENTS of the adorable little boy he decided to KILL off in the most f*cked up plot driven stories I have EVER seen just for the sake of ratings. Like I said, if he doesn't get fired after this I will know for a FACT that he himself is blackmailing tptb cause that is the ONLY explanation why a sick bastard like that would continue to have a job "writing" this show.

You know, I think GH didn't have the budget to do this entire s/l dealing with Jake's death and funeral. I vaguely remember SBu stating at one of his PA recaps that they ran out of money during the bus ski s/l back in December. Maybe this is one of the reasons we're not seeing a group of characters all at one time?

If you remember, ladies, during OLTL's Buke girls wedding, there were a lot of missing folks that should have been part of that scene.

Maybe SnB big fat wedding took up all of the money and there was none left for Jake.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering if I'd blinked and missed the memorial service.

Also glad to see that I'm not the only one who dislikes Michael.

Having been a fan of this show since the 70's, I'm just so disappointed. Looks like I'll be tuning into Y&R.

An epic failure! The writing for this horrid storyline has been one hot mess after another. It's tragic really...tragically sad.

Normally, NORMALLY, I can sit through an episode of GH, even the really bad ones...But this one, I gave up watching after Abby was telling Michael about dropping the charges against Brandon or whatever...after I forced myself to get through the scene of Jason being an asshole to Luke. The episode was that bad.

The show has been given an absolute gift with the actors they have on cast but the writing is so despicable, it is such a waste

OK no funeral....FINE!!! But why couldn't everyone gather at Elizabeths house after the funeral. That's what happens in real life you go to the home of the person who past and have akward small talk while holding a plate full of food that was donated and cooked by everyone you've ever known(and some you haven't). GH is just beyond F'd up!!!

I'm so disgusted by this. I mean, not to have the grieving parents at the funeral, but, wait, there was no funeral. Outraged. Guza, that hack, needs to go.

Hey did you hear that Genie is coming to Y&R and is the ex of Tristan's Colin?!

Yeah, that is all I've got.

I might have to check out Y&R since all my favs on it on.

OK I get their is a budget crisis at GH across all soaps-- I get it. BUT we could not have Elizabeth and Lucky at her house together talking and crying. We could not Patrick and Robin stop by Elizabeth's house. We could not have anything????!!! Abby and Michael???? huh.

Here is a tip to GH I don't care about Brenda's son with someone never on screen DONT CARE. I don't care about Abby's attacker DONT CARE. I don't care about the Balkan or Lisa or Terrell or Shawn DONT CARE.

What I want to see-- Elizabeth and Lucky grieving for their child- (although I still think killing Jake BIG mistake)

After the episode where Elizabeth apologized to Luke for I'm not really sure what, I've about had it with this soap. And Luke all of a sudden visiting Josselyn? WTF? My feeling is they couldn't pay for the extras and Jonathan's salary for the day, so they just skipped showing the Memorial Service which is why this show sucks. Anyone watch Y&R where they had a huge funeral for Chance, who it turned out wasn't even really dead? GH could learn from Y&R about how to use their actors.

This show just sucks. That's all I got.

I have to at least give Abby credit for being pissed about the gun. I shudder to say this, but I found the scene with Jason reading to Joss to be ridiculously cute. And yes, I know Guza's patting himself on the back for that one. "Look at me! I made it come full circle! Remember how Jason used to read to Michael about Africa! See! Now he's reading to Joss about Africa too!"

I was afraid that Elizabeth and Lucky would become bit players in the story about their son's death, and with the exception of Lucky being in additional scenes with Luke and Jason (Jason, really?), that seems to be the case. The whole thing is all about Jason's pain. Carly thanking Jason over and over, and giving such a lame brief thank-you to Elizabeth. Where is the meeting of two adversaries where big bully Carly has to be in Elizabeth's debt and conflicted about how she's treated her all these years? No scene with Carly and Lucky, her COUSIN. Jason doesn't kill Luke (would he have pulled a gun on Sam or Carly if they were the driver and been drinking?) because of Michael. So now the story is about Jason and Michael? Jason Morgan's countless other actions apparently don't set a bad enough example for Michael, I guess. At least he didn't kill Luke, right? What a great guy!

I hate Michael. I actually liked him for about 9 months, but that's over. I won't with him ever again. I do not give a damn about him and Abby and fail to understand why they're getting airtime every day (along with Dante) and bits and pieces of Jake's parents. He's just awful.....and his mother's son and I believe when he got shot, they should have just killed him off then.

People in PC can speculate all they want about whether or not Jake would have been better off with Jason (as if), but that all flew out the window when Jason didn't show up to lay Jake to rest. He's been moping and crying about not being there for him and then he doesn't go to the memorial? HATE. RAGE.

Also, who the hell is Shawn that Jax can't have alone time with his own daughter???

Why the freaking hell have we not seen Scrubs visit Elizbeth????

Why is Genie Francis going to Y&R? B/c she is awesome, of course! Love it. This is the best move ever and I am totally pointing and laughing at GH right now. Frons, Guza, and Phelps are made of epic fail. EPIC.

I actually liked the visit with CarJax and Liz. I liked the fact they were willing to turn around & leave when Nik said it wasn't a good time. I liked how serious, respectful and brief their thank you was. I loved that they actually thanked Liz - the mother - for her generous actions. I thought it was well played and important.
I was okay with not seeing the memorial. I think the actors (and maybe the audience) couldn't handle much more grief. HOWEVER, I think we should have seen Lucky getting ready and being wrecked afterwards.
The fact that they showed everyone else makes me wonder if JJ wasn't available for taping that day.
Please stop this Michael/Abby/Brandon mess. Michael has been so likable the past few months and they are ruining him!
And Brenda (who I used to LOVE) is so self involved and annoying, I cannot even watch her.

Yeah, about that whole Jason didn't kill Luke because of Michael. WHAT? Can someone please tell me what I missed there?

This show is just awful!!!!

No Lucky? No memorial service? I guess we have to be grateful we got Elizabeth for a short time. This show boggles my mind!

But after they made Ethan the son of Luke and Holly I just have to giggle at the irony that now Robert and Laura have a son together. Suck it GH!

Just when you think it can't get any worse, a new episode airs.

As for CD's Michael, it weird for me to say because I've also been one of Michael Corinthos III's biggest haters, but I am pulling for that kid. I liken it to KS's Maxie. She drives me up the wall a lot of the time, but I can't help myself from giving a damn about both of them which is a lot more than I could ever say about the previous Micheals and the majority of the current cast (of characters). Luke, Carly and especially Jason could all drop dead for all I care. I don't think that was the reaction Guza intend, but there you go.

Just another example of really bad writing. Every person in town has been running around talking about Jason being Jake's biological father and Jason can't go to the funeral???? Really???? This is the same crack team that had Jason visit Liz and never so much as hug her or touch her as they shared their grief. What a crock. And let's be honest, the Quartermaines and Webbers were integral parts of each other's lives and with Luke and Lulu, they are practically relatives, do you mean to tell me that none of them would go to a funeral for Laura's grandson???
And after everything that Steve Hardy did for Brenda in the past she couldn't go to the funeral for his great-grandson... because of Carly. This was not Carly's event, this was about Liz and Lucky. I don't know why the writers don't just put up a scroll across the screen that reads, "This program is for Carly, Sonny, and Jason fans only...Others Need Not Watch….EVER!!!!!."
What a disrespectful way to end the Jake’s death storyline. If I were a new viewer, I wouldn’t even realize that Liz was once pregnant with Jax’s kid. The real Jax would have visited Liz at home and thanked her for saving his daughter before the funeral, but in the world that Guza has built this is all about Carly’s kid being sick, Jake was just a stepping stone to more Carly, the luckiest woman in Port Charles to complain about how bad things happen to HER.
And how fitting that the woman that wished Jake was never born could so easily talk Jason out of going to his son’s funeral. Sam has already won Jason, she could have been supportive of him attending the funeral. But then again, this is the same show that always blamed Jake’s existence on Liz. Somehow in the four years of his life, she was the only person at fault. If you notice the way they talked about him, Jason wasn’t even there when he was conceived. I take today’s show as proof that the writers never respected this character or the story around him – and couldn’t wait to dispense with him. I guess with him gone, we can forget that his existence could be traced back to Sam sleeping with her mother’s husband.
What a crock…a completely disrespectful crock. Whose bedside in Port Charles hasn’t Liz stood by and helped nurse back to health. Every member of the community owed her their presence at that funeral and long time fans deserved to see it, and Lucky.

This show sucks so much , i haven't watch it in a while . The name should be change to Mobster City! It is all about Sonny and his mob , they just keep the name General Hospital to fool people in thinking that is what they are watching! I don't care about Brenda when is she leaving ? soon i hope I just don't think she is all that and a bag of chips jmo Good bye General Hospital , when you good you were very good ! now you just suck big time !

This story is horribly written Guza doesn't care he got a #2 spot with 276,000 more viewers...He's been aware for years now he doesn't have to tell a good story just kill somebody and the viewers will come

So, let me see if I have this correct. Jason isn't going to kill Luke for murdering his son because he wants to set an example for Michael. The same Michael he conspired with to kill Carter while in prison less than a year ago. Why doesn't that surprise me? This is the same man that went after Claudia relentlessly after he discovered that she was the cause of Michael's accidental shooting. He's also the same man that now sleeps with the woman that terrorized Jake (his son); the woman that watched his kidnapping, his death, and finally his memorial service. The woman he now plans to have a child with. Ok, I get it; Michael, his nephew, is important, while Jake, his son, was not.

Can I get a job as a continuity expert; my memory is not so good either.

I suppose it's fitting that Michael is the new Sonny for me, in so far as he's talking like a dumbass and I fastforward all his scenes. I'm hoping this is a temporary condition, because there were a lot of traits I liked about Chad's portrayal of him, but the further the shove Michael into the mob the more this will be true. And seriously, there wasn't a mechanism fast enough for me to speed through the Abby/Michael love scenes. Am I the only one whose gut reaction was a retching eeeeeewwww! while being subjected to a scene where Michael sleeps with a stripper ten years older than him on the same night that Jake died? Seriously, seriously gross, and even grosser that GH tried to pass it off as romantic with soft music and romantic lighting. Seriously, I can't think of a love scene that soured my stomach more than that one. Which, of course, is why the GH producers decided to make it a quarter of the episode :P The fact that Lucky and Liz haven't had a single scene together since the hospital scene also baffles me.

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