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April 13, 2011

A Hazmat Suit And A Long Stick

Just some random thoughts on today's One Life to Live, as an impending head cold leaves me insecure about my ability to unify any sort of cohesive post.

The titular phrase, of course, being what Clint insisted he'd have given Charlie if he'd know Charlie was susceptible to Echo. Which, let's face it, was awesome.

And even better...

Echo: Why are you taking this so personally, Clint? It's not like somebody cheated on you.

Clint: It's worse. Someone's cheated on Viki, and she doesn't deserve this.

Damn straight, Clint! I love that he's still so protective of Viki. That and "Nobody picks on my grandson and gets away with it," and I'll be damned if we're not starting to see a little bit of Clint's viciousness finally pointed in the right direction! Here's hoping for more of this Clint, and less of "we need a bad guy so we're going to have Clint hurt his family in a million ways and randomly call it protection" Clint.

And over at La Boulaie...

Blair (to Tomas): I'm afraid Todd and I may have raised a sociopath.

Oh, Blair. Good call. And take a gander at the third word of that sentence and you'll figure out the main problem!


Also, Tomas misses Blair. And I swoon, and open a bottle of wine. (Or wait. That might be bad with the impending head cold. Cruel world, curse you!)

Rex and Gigi did that unfortunate grownup thing where they try to cheer up a teenage outcast with lies about how in the future all the nerds and outcasts inherit the Earth. It's always a sweet and well-meaning sentiment, and of course in some cases it's true. But (a) to a teenager, two weeks feel like an eternity so assuring them that a few years after college and freakin' grad school they may turn awesome and beloved is little comfort and (b) speaking as a former school outcast, I'm still waiting for my big prize, dammit!*


I am actually kind of loving them in this mode, though. Worried out of their minds about Shane and feeling completely adrift. Wisdom from Rex(??) about how utterly unprepared they are for this, and how not only should get they family therapy and therapy for Shane, but he needs therapy himself. 

Starr and James had a tedious argument about his ex-girlfriend visiting. Didn't they just get together? Do they need an interloper already? Shouldn't they try to get the audience invested in this relationship first (yes, I admit for me that's so tall a task indeed that it might not be worth the effort)?

I did love Charlie walking out with one suitcase, and Viki stopping him to make sure he took his mug. A suitcase and a mug was all he brought into that marriage and that's all he's taking out.

I am super-covetous of Tea's hot dress.


And of course, I just get more and more excited every time...


Eeee! 'Cause now we know it actually means something. Finally.

Destiny out!

(*I kid, but in all seriousness, of course the "It Gets Better" message is an exponentially important one for any child who's struggling. I'm not that big an asshole!)


Clint won at life today with that hazmet suit and long stick crack. I do hope that he's the one to break it to Charlie that Echo knew all along that Charlie wasn't Rex's dad because Charlie turning into a pile of whiney, weak-willed dust would be awesome. I love Clint using his badass-ness for good!

The printed dress that Tea is wearing is Ali Ro!

Charlie just kept shoving that foot deeper and deeper in his mouth. I felt so bad for Vicki having to listen to his drivel about his feelings for Echo. I'm glad she didn't take too long to shove him out the door. I also hope Clint is the one to break the news about Echo's lies. I'm also glad he cares so much about Vicki. I do not, however, want them to be re-paired romantically. But then again I never get my wish that way.

I was kind of with Echo when she made the statement about Clint just now caring for Shane. It's great that he does and all but it seemed a tad contrived at the time. Also I hope he doesn't go to Shane and be all like "I'll make Jack Manning pay" because that's just not the most appropriate thing to say when it comes to dealing with a bully.

I do think Blair has been pretty outstanding in her reaction to what's going on with Jack and I can see where she might blame herself but she really does need to take a closer look at Todd in this case. To be honest, I'm glad Todd has been out of play in all this as I think he would just make things worse though I suppose he'll have to come out of the coma sometime.

I'm also glad they are pushing forward Tomas' story w/Tea finding "old" Todd's picture at his place. It's probably the one story involving Tea & Todd (or whoever TSJ turns out to be) that I have been interested in since FL's return.

Loved much of the show except for the usual Starr/James/Deanna crap. ZZZZZ. Precious screen time not given to Matthew/Nora/Bo. I mean the kid committed murder and still gets such a lack of screen time. Anyway, loved everything Viki/Charlie and Clint/Echo. Very well done. However, I felt flat for the Shane/Rex/Gigi scenes because JPL and FF are just not very good. I have tried to give them a chance but they fail me each and every time. In the hands of capable actors, the material given to JPL and FF would have equaled Emmy reels. *Sigh* Austin Williams, on the other hand, is only getting better. This kid is a gem.

Biggest WTF of the day: Why did Rex divulge too much information to Blair and Jack? And man, JPL's acting was so bad in the reveal. Kassie Depaiva's ability is so effortless and impeccable, her wordless reaction outacted JPL and the kid playing Jack.

I'm stunned at the talent of Erika Slezak. I really think that right now, she's one of the best woman acting in tv, day or prime time. OLTL has been so wise to hang on to actors like her and Robin Strasser - completely tremendous in her own right, and the other great mature female actors in their cast. And unlike the other ABC soaps, they even went and hired another one, Kim Zimmer. It's impossible to even imagine AMC doing that anymore, or, from what I hear, General Hospital. What a loss it has been for both shows to toss that kind of talent aside.

Those Vicki scenes today, both with Charlie, and by herself, were heartbreaking. How magnificent.

Kudos to ES and the other vets on today's show.

nuJack and Rexx both won in the bad acting scene at the end of the show.

Why in the heck would Rexx blurt out that Shane almost committed suicide to Blair and nuJack? How soon before nuJack runs his mouth off at school about Shane?

I keep hearing the Ford's are leaving and hope it's the entire bunch (Momma Ford, old man Nate, rapey Ford and James).

As great as ES was, as fabulous as the scenes were with Vicki and Charlie, Echo and Clint... we also had the dreaded..

When Squirrels Attack!

I don't care what Blair might have done, or not done, she didn't deserve to come face to face with a blond-streaked rabid squirrel today! How could she have known that when she knocked at Rex's door, dragging her no-neck monster son with her, that the door would be opened by the biggest, squeekiest, facial-contorting, screeching bug-eyed monster squirrel EVER?!? That was the most frightening thing I've seen on OLTL in ages. It was like seeing the star of Meerkat Manor morph into Rex Balsom......oh wait, it WAS Rex Balsom.

TPTB really need to consider having the Muppet people make a puppet to use in JPL's dramatic scenes. Kermit - or even Elmo - would have been much more effective yelling at Blair and Jack than Rex was. (And Shane is not going to thank him for telling Jack that he tried to kill himself. BAD move, Rex).

Ron. LMAO at the description of Rex at the end of the show. Just appalling. JPL's "acting" choices are beyond obnoxious but when coupled with bad scripting, ugh, just painful to witness. Why are Rex, Ford and Kelly characters whose portrayers overact so much?

Oh you guys are so right, JPL was ridiculous in that bit at the end -- and it was really disappointing because he'd shown that glimmer of sincerity last week!

LMAO, Ron! That is hilarious!

Characters currently WINNING (I know, I know...don't judge me):


Austin Williams is really impressing me with his performance. I just want to hug Shane and I was always so annoyed with him before this s/l. FF has greatly improved with this so much so that if I have to pick a weak link between her an JPL, I'm going with JPL. He's had some good moments esp. when he was talking to Shane, but it's inconsistent.

Starr and James...if they insist on being featured as a couple, I'm with you, Louise, regarding having an interloper so soon. I also feel awkward watching their scenes with Deanna and pretty much Deanna at all. I just need her and Jack to never share scenes b/c then I wouldn't know who's worse.

Clint: You and Charlie are both LOSERS.

Preach it, Clint!

Tea's dress really is something special.

Man, did I need that Blair Y Tomas (henceforth referred to as BYT) shot in the arm. They've been stalled for what seems like forever and I want to be INVESTED when RH shows up again so I can be legitimately TORN if RH shows the same magic with KDP that he used to.

And I lament the fact that you did not include a shot of Tomas standing behind Blair with his shirt undone because that is the sexiest thing that has been on OLTL for a LOOOOONG time.

Charlie and Echo suck. Just when you think they can't suck more they keep on sucking and find new levels of suck. Ugh. I want so badly for Clint to just blow them out of the water. Echo even attempting to play the 'we didn't mean for this to happen' card when we've seen her flouncing her way around Charlie since her return, most of it IN VIKI'S HOUSE. The best part has been seeing Viki roll her eyes in disgust every time pathetic, wishy-washy, milquetoast Charlie tries to explaiiiin or say he's soooo sorrrrrry. I want him to find out what a complete tool he really is. I want Clint to blow him and Echo out of the water.

Soap karma dictates that Echo must lose everything she wants because she got all of it dishonestly. Will Rex and Gigi even care that she busted up Viki and Charlie's marriage? Probably not. They didn't seem to care that she new Shane was being bullied and didn't say anything.

Speaking of which, Jack reacted like a human being when Rex spilled the suicide attempt. Blair was spot on as usual. And Rex looked like he was campaigning for the Ministry of Silly Faces. What WAS that?!

Dandesun, it's so funny you should mention having hoped for that screencap because I really tried. It was SO hot. And I froze the image at about 9 different points but for every single one of them, Blair either had her eyes shut or so downcast that they might as well have been shut and I just couldn't make it work. Believe me, it wasn't for lack of effort! (Seriously, it bordered on completely pathetic.)

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone then! And thank you so much for trying! I've already watched that scene too many times.

But I don't care. It was HOT. Hotter than anything Ford has done the entire time he's been on the show. More Blair Y Tomas!!


Both AMC and OLTL have been cancelled, officially. Looks like September will conclude AMC and OLTL will die a few months later.

GH lives, for now. Frons is debuting new lifestyle food shows in the time slots!?!?!?!

What a stupid mess :-(

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