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April 25, 2011

Destination: Horror

Usually when I compare All My Children to a scary movie, I'm referring to the way that I can sense, during long stretches of boring, that something (usually Ryan or, shudder, Rylee) is lurking offscreen, waiting to horrify and disturb us. Also, the show's propensity for downright illogical and silly plot twists reminds me of, well, Scary Movie.

But lately when I talk about AMC's terror, I mean it in a good way! The stories that are supposed to be creepy continue to hit all the right notes. Erica's kidnapping? Chilling. And I'm finding myself really intrigued about the mystery of her captor. Who is this person who knows all about her? The kidnapper and his/her distorted voice have namedropped more old characters (Mona, Tom Cudahy) than the three previous AMC writing staffs managed to (cue Charles Pratt wondering, "Moan-a? That's hilarious"). Will the big revelation be a complete let-down? Probably, but I am holding out hope!

Then there was the last scene of Friday's episode, which I have finally gotten around to watching (it was an unexpectedly busy weekend, hence the driveby posting). I have ranted for years about soaps moving away from the traditional Friday cliffhanger and opting to end the week with a run-of-the-mill scene that will, if anything, urge people to tune out on Monday, but AMC captured some mojo with Kendall, after spending an episode continuing to put together the pieces of Ricky's true nature (and busting Griffin out of the hospital and sending him off to parts unknown), walked home to find the man who killed Zach playing with their children.


I am actually excited for today's episode! And not just in the post-cancellation, overly sentimental kind of way ("This is the last April 25th episode AMC will ever have!"), but I am looking forward to seeing where this story goes, especially if Kendall follows through on her pledge to make him pay. If they write her with even half of the personality traits we've come to known and love, it is going to be pretty fantastic.

And, of course, we can't talk about horror without mentioning the most horrific creature to walk through Pine Valley: David "There's an E in evil, and also in David!" Hayward and his litany of crimes and misdemeanors.

Frankie: But you don't know that for sure, do you? And this is your son talking now. David Hayward -- he hates this family and will do anything he can to pay us back for whatever he thinks we've done to him. I know you want your sight back. I know you want it badly, and so do I, but you need to remember who this miracle is coming from.

Frankie: David's to blame for you losing your sight in the first place. How can you be buying this con job?

Frankie: Mom, you're responsible for David losing his license to practice medicine. Before that, he accused you of stealing his job as chief of staff.

Wouldn't it be nice if Frankie were an actual character with a story and a personality, and not just a plot recapper?


I sgree, especially about Erica's storyline. It's been far too long since I've been really interested in her storyline, not just enjoyed her presence.

Kendall's storyline, not so much. Kendall-in-peril has been such a constant that it's lost any novelty for me. But it's not bad. I had to laugh when Ryass informed her that he AND the police would find out the truth. That spittlebug couldn't find his clown nose in his thong drawer...

And poor Frankie! He has been a talent under-used and abused. Marrying him to that piece of cutout cardboard didn't help, and he deserves more.

I really hate the current storylines they have now, and I stopped watching the show because of it, and won't watch again until the Lorraine Broderick episodes start to air to fix this show before it's cancelled!

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