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April 17, 2011

Oh, For Jason's Sake!

After unceremoniously cancelling All My Children and One Life to Live (which, to be honest, I still haven't fully processed yet. Like, it just seems so WEIRD to me that All My Children won't be around after September. How is that possible?! And how am I going to write about it until then? On the one hand, it seems awfully cruel to go on about the bad writing, since that's like kicking someone when they are down. On the other hand...you know, with the badness and all), Brian Frons gave interviews to all sorts of media outlets saying things like, and I am paraphrasing here but really not by much, "Yeah, it's sad and all but, moving on, you know what's going to be awesome? THE CHEW is going to be awesome" and a host of other crazy things, including statements like:

“[General Hospital is] in good creative shape..." ABC daytime chief Brian Frons told the Associated Press, urging its fans to “ask as many of their friends to watch the show as possible.”

Who who in the what now? I'm not going to even touch the whole "ask your friends to watch" aspect, which seems needlessly mean (I like my friends!) and also like he's trying to make us feel guilty, because: good creative shape? What?! The last time the writers exercised a creative muscle was in 1999! Everything since then has been the rehash of a rehash of a rehash, a veritable parade of "Been there (multiple times), done that (poorly)". It's not that I expect logic from a man who has proved himself to be an impossible failure at his job and I am surprised that he took time from pimping The Chew (it's been a few days and still, I cannot) to even mention General Hospital, but seriously: what the hell?

"What the hell?" is a pretty apt question for most of what is happening in Port Charles lately. And it seems to be happening in slow motion--lots of repetitive conversations, usually about or involving Michael or Jason. The latter is starting to realize that sacrificing his entire life and happiness for the former is a huge mistake, because it turns out that Michael is sort of terrible.

Jason: You get good grades. You know, you can go to college, you get a good job when you're finished.
Michael: I'm not cut out for the corporate world. Look, I barely make it through every day at Madison wearing a tie. I can't imagine putting one on every morning to just sit behind a desk for the rest of my life.

Career Day must be really strange in Port Charles, if the only options are "Tie-wearing corporate ninny" or "Mobster". Shut up, Michael.

There were actually a few really nice scenes between Liz and Maxie, and Liz and Sam, filled with polite awkwardness and discomfort, which is fitting when you consider the sordid history the three of them share, but Sam's line to Liz completely took me out of the episode. And by that, I mean that I rolled my eyes and deleted it from my DVR.

Sam: Yeah, but Jason doesn't blame you for what happened. So I don't think you should blame yourself.

Jason has the final word on everything in this town, and forgiveness is no exception, but STILL. UGH.


Michael could have been such a great character, now, he's just a moron and new Jason in making.

I did think that Jason expressing his regret about how he treated Alan was a sweet moment.

Just a few weeks ago, Michael was awesome. What's happening?

I love Frons' comment that AMC & OLTL were canceled because they weren't pulling Y&R and GH numbers. WTF? OLTL beat GH in the ratings last week. This man never ceases to appear like an idiot.

I've had to make myself stop thinking about Frons and The Chew. There's only so much rage-inducing WTH? that I can process without having a stroke. ABCD really should put a muzzle on that horrible idiot.

Frons coming out and saying is good creatively shows one of two things.

First, he's deaf, dumb and blind. The majority of people who still watch GH - and all of the people who used to watch GH (and that adds up to WAY more than who do still watch) can tell you, the creative ship sailed on this show a long time ago. Anyone who recognizes quality can sit and watch this show and see that it's been hobbled by a head writer who was inspiring in 1996, but really keeps topping himself in WTF stories year after year since then. If he doesn't see that, then he's just completely stupid.

Or, he's just a blatant liar. And let's face it, we know that is an established fact. Telling people that GH is good creatively is equal to saying the sky is bright orange. It's not true. Frons knows it. The audience knows it because they keep telling Frons outright and through ratings, as the show bleeds more and more viewers each year as GH stubbornly refuses to change head writers or change creative direction. Frons is like the cartoon villain, pushing GH on to the train tracks, everyone around him screaming for help, screaming to stop, and he's just smiling away, saying "Nothing to see here, every thing is fine." We know it's not. Frons is helping to kill the show by doing nothing to change the show. Do nothing, and the GH will be gone in a year or two. Guza isn't going to get better, Guza isn't going to change the way he writes, the focus of the show will be the focus it has been for years. The ONLY shot GH has is to change writers, producers and be set free creatively. That's it. That's the only chance. And yes, it may speed up it's death because lets face it - the main audience for GH now has to love Sonny and the Mob and any shift from that could spell disaster - but GH WILL END on very soon on it's current track. It has a 0% shot. At least changing the behind the scenes talent gives it a 50% shot.

I know we are all on the same ship here, but as I said before I watch GH on YouTube on hubby's phone, usually in bed before falling asleep. Yes, it often makes me to fall asleep, too. Works like a charm.

The great thing about this way is that I can simultaneously do other things like reading this amazing blog and commenting on it, going through new recipes or checking Facebook updates, but not ironing or dusting. The not so great thing is that I usually cannot keep myself from reading the comments bellow the clip. Sweet Jason, have you ever tried that? Whenever I do, I feel like I've just crossed to another universe (See Olivia? You're not the only one who can do that!). It's scary and frightening over there, it truly is. The majority of the comments is nothing like posts here, there's mob cheering, Sonny cheering, cops bashing and the overall lack of touch with reality. Does it mean Guza is right, do people really want SonnyJasonCarly show every single day? Are WE the ones that are a minority? If so, then soaps truly are over :(

BTW Loving Maxie and Elizabeth's scenes re Aiden's paternity. The best part was no mention of SonnyJasonCarly monster, I didn't think a scene like that could make it through Jason loving censor's cutting floor and here we are.

No, no Shelle, don't be Guzafied. Don't let it happen. What's happened and what you are seeing is easy to understand. GH was once a place that offered a variety of stories - mob, corporate, family, psycho, spy ... and it attracted a variety of viewers. But as ABC and Guza decided that the mob should be a front and center 24/7 on a show called "General Hospital", the audience has responded in part by slowly leaving. What you have now are loyalists, hanging on for the scraps they can get and the hope that someday, the GH they loved will come back - and Sonny / Carly / Jason / Mob lovers, who at this point, have to outweigh the loyalists. This show and it's meager ratings are for THEM - the S/C/J/M lovers. it's not for anyone else, ABC, Frons, Guza, Jill -they have all made sure of that. For all Fron's request to get people to watch GH, they don't do anything to actually appeal to a wider audience. It's like saying "We're serving salisbury steak and green beans for lunch every day - and maybe every once in a while cold tater tots. Make sure you invite friends. We're trying to get more people." Yeah, right, I don't think so and frankly, I don't believe you (I mean if the goal is to try and get more viewers, do you keep doing the same thing that has lost viewers year after year and NOT change a thing?).

Frons is delusional and full of shit. He's also arrogant and rude. He has stated that "viewers need to be trained like dogs" to watch shows that he calls "his vision". The last man to be that egotistical and controlling was named Adolf Hitler.

I've watched AMC for years. After their worst 'fails' I give them a time out and come back later. Frons has been one of their bigger fails. I don't even like his 'favorite characters' or story lines. Will I watch the CHEW? No way.

So what you're saying is after 3 years of no TV in my house I can flip this on and be right where I left off?

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