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April 30, 2011

Preview for A Bold And Not-So-Beautiful Experiment

So I was going to wait till I got a few weeks of episodes under my belt, but there were just too many awesome things in this last batch of episodes to keep mum. I am making an attempt at picking up The Bold and the Beautiful, which I have not watched since the eighties. Obviously as the soaps are disappearing one-by-one (or two), it's worth it to find new ones to keep the genre alive (if such a thing can occur). Obviously I don't have the history with B&B that would make me a perfect candidate to cover it, but I will certainly try. And I'm kind of looking forward to you wonderful readers filling me in on years of backstory and linking me to sites that cover all the ugly details, if any of you are so inclined.


Still kickin'!

Among the reasons I chose B&B instead of another show: I used to watch it. Literally from the very first episode. Also, it's only a half hour, so probably a lot easier to catch up on and watch in marathon form. I'm also told Scott Clifton, Rick Hearst, Andrea Evans, and Jack Wagner are on it, and that works for me, though from what I've seen they don't exactly eat up screentime. In fact, I have yet to see some of them at all. (So, uh, Rick Hearst's character is really named Whipple? This is what people actually call him?) I also mistakenly thought Ian Buchanan was still on it, but apparently that ended years ago. I am psyched that Alley Mills is on the show; I had no idea!

Among the reasons I'm frightened of taking on B&B: soaps are personal. Viewers are hardcore. I will make fun of things that I have no right to, and I will get things wrong regularly. And I will be confused all the time.

So I guess my point is, use the comments below to talk about whether you'd enjoy a B&B presence here at Serial Drama. And remember, correct me as much as necessary, I welcome it! While it's clearly true that Serial Drama is responsible for the fact that Mallory, Becca, and I are all fabulously wealthy and world-famous (obviously), we don't have fact-checkers. 

Okay, first of all, Hunter Tylo's upper lip is its own character on this show. I suspected as much before jumping in, but it's truly frightening. Also, is Heather Tom angry that she's on another show where a major female character does the nasty with her stepson? Or jealous that it's not her character? How many times has Ridge been married to Brooke, and how many times has he been married to Taylor? And how many collective children do they all have? There must be a lot of incest on this show, right? If I recall correctly, the last time I watched this show, none of them had any children at all. Are any of them long-losts or just products of the SORAS? (Sure, I know this is all available on the internet. I'll get to it, but I also know it's fun to introduce people to your show... so feel free!)

Speaking of the last time I watched this show, other than the fact that the actors have aged, the look of the show hasn't changed a bit. I'm pretty sure in B&B's Southern California, it's definitely still 1989. There are a lot of new characters, but I'm impressed with how many have stuck around. Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Thorne, Eric, Stephanie, and they do all seem to be central to this day. Is that fair, or has this plane crash storyline not really been representative of the typically major players?

I am loving the daytime love scenes. They're totally old school with the slow-motion and the horns and the jump-cuts to various pieces of clothing being removed. And seriously, Brooke stranded on the island with her ripped dress exposing her black bra and undies is about the old-school soapiest imagery you can get.


And the special effects? Well...



Love it. Love it.

And I am sure that message boards all over the internet lit up with this one so I'm way late to the party, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is this a visible cue card??!!


Because if it is, that is amazing.

That's all I got. For now. Should we keep going?

Whipple out!



Here is a fabulous "Bold and the Beautiful in 6 Minutes" video made by Sky Italia. It makes the show seem even more awesome, honestly.

That cue card should be nominated for an Emmy....LOVE it. I'm going to start watching B&B just to see more of it.

roxanne, thank you thank you thank you! That is incredible.

They call him Whip. I wonder what his parents were thinking but this show does have some strange names. Poor Thorne is stuck in the basement but other people are stuck down there too since a lot of the cast is barely on it.

But this plane crash thing is amusing me especially with the magic berries that are making Thomas and Brooke trip out on them. I want some magic berries too.

Love B&B. Hi-Larious show!!

Oh, definitely start commenting on B&B. I've only seen a few episodes--mostly in Italian, which makes them even funnier--but the incestuous relationships and fake business crises are old-fashioned soap.

I haven't watched B&B in years either, but the last I saw, with all the interfamily commingling, these characters were perfect guests for Jerry Springer!

(I'd LOVE to see someone do a takeoff on that - hilarious!)

The only character that Louise mentioned that gets significant airtime is Clifton Scott. He's on almost every day. Jack Wagner and Rick Hearst are only on occasionsally, but they're being used more frequently in this 'plane crash' SL.

I had read that Scott Clifton's character Liam was involved in a storyline where a baby he thought was his was actually fathered by a dude named Oliver. Sound familiar, Louise? :)

I think soapcentral.com can get you up to date on most of B&B.

But Brooke and Ridge have been married 5 times. To each other if that helps.

Plus she's been married to Eric 2x, some guy named Grant, Thorne, Whip and Nick.

Louise, thank you!! I am SO EXCITED to see a regular B&B presence on Serial Drama! YAY! You MADE my weekend! I am pretty much a newbie to B&B too, I started watching when Sarah Brown joined because I was afraid that not having her exposed to my eyeballs everyday (once GH killed Claudia Z.) was going to send me into shocky seizures.

Anyhoo, her whole storyline fizzled and now she's not on the show anymore, but I LOVE me some B&B. Even my husband likes to watch it with me (though he would NEVER admit it)! So I am missing a lot of back story as well and am hoping your new B&B posts will help me catch up too. THANK YOU!

And while this plane crash story is cheesy, it is totally refreshing and feels like a breath of fresh air, even though stories like this have been done for decades. Actually, this my very well be the first psychadellic berry storyline, so never mind! So excited for tomorrow :-) It's nice to have something fun and exciting to watch before the painful torture of GH.


^^psychedelic NOT psychadellic

Those berries cause spelling errors along with sexy hallucinations.

Does you writing about B&B mean less entries about OLTL!?


On the SORAS question - they bungle it. Badly. I still can't get over how many things got skewed when they aged up Taylor's twins. One minute they were babies (sharing a baby-sitter with Rick & Amber's son). Then when Taylor died (the last time) they were maybe around 5 or 6? Like two years later Taylor came back and they were teenagers. So in show time they had spent most of their lives being raised by Brooke, but they definitely don't act like they're aware of that.

Thanks for all the info, everyone! I think I saw various incarnations of Ridge/Caroline, Ridge/Karen, Ridge/Brooke, and Ridge/Taylor over the years but it's been a while. And hasn't Taylor come back to life more than once?

Knope, no need to pout, I promise! OLTL is absolutely Priority #1 until it breathes its last breath. (I have to stop articulating things that way; it's depressing.) This is just something additional to throw into the mix.

Cooties Galore aka B&B used to be one of my favorite soaps until they began turning Taylor into Brooke. I had always loved Taylor AND Brooke and enjoyed their differences as strong powerful women in LA. Now, it's hard to tell which woman has more cooties than the other! Taylor and Brooke have shared most of the men on the show...gross!

Louise, if you start commenting on BB, you may force me to watch it again. Then I may hate you, consider yourself warned.

The last time I watched, Brooke was having an affair with Bridget's husband for the second time. Different husband though. At least that's what I think and remember. Both the husbands were claimed to be Brooke's REAL and FIRST loves. Because isn't it every other week? Brooke finally finds her true love, always married to someone else.

Louise, wouldn't you rather catch up on DAYS or YR?

Also, I hate Brooke, not just hate, I loathe her. I've never despised any other soap character as much as I despise her. And I know people like Carly and Lisa from GH, Jan from DAYS or ... actually I cannot name anyone else as I'm in my IHATEBROOKE mode and I cannot focus on anything else. Hence my sincerest apologies in advance in case I really start watching the show again. I cannot help it. I must rant away when it comes to Brooke.

Bold and Beautiful is a great soap opera - I'm thrilled you're going to be covering it! It is so campy and entertains the heck out of me constantly!

I've always liked B/B even when it got campy and through years of many characters bad acting Susan Flannery is has taken a lot of them to school and they've gotten better over the years...

I enjoyed the temptation Garden of Eden meets the Blue Lagoon scenes even though its corny as hell with its heavy foreshadowing...IMO B/B has improved a lot.

I can see that they are "trying" also the dialog has picked up quite a bit. I'm enjoying several storylines and suprisingly that 19 minutes packs a lot of punch.

So excited to see some BB coverage here. Wheeeeee!!!!

YES, YES, YES!!! SO happy to see you covering B&B!! Like you, I used to watch way back when, and then got into it again a few years ago, and it's SO refreshing to see the core cast so prominently featured.

The younger crowd definitely has their own share of screen time, but Brooke, Ridge, Eric and Stephanie all get a good deal amount of screentime (varying by storyline), which is super exciting!

The kids (of the 2nd generation) have all been SORASed except RJ (Ridge and Brooke's youngest son.....he has also been MIA for a while, so you never know when might pop up + he's related to EVERYBODY, so I guess he wouldn't have anyone to "play" with anyway).

The other "kids" are:

* Rick & Bridget Forrester (Brooke & Eric's children) (I guess they're not regulars (anymore?) as they are not in the opening credits

* Steffy & Thomas Forrester (Ridge & Taylor's children)

* Hope Logan (Brooke & Deacon's child, but raised by Brooke & Ridge; she calls Ridge "dad" --much to Steffy's chagrin).

Marcus is Donna & Justin's son, but he was given up for adoption way back when, so he's not a legacy character.

Did I miss anyone else?

Can't wait from more from you! And yeah, the desert island thing...so cheesy...so soapy...so much love!

Yes, Louise! Please cover B&B!! Fun fact: did you know that Betty White was on for a few years? Doesn't that make you love it even more?

I also started watching this show because of Sarah Brown and am not quite sure why I keep watching it. I surely don't enjoy it much, but I figure since it's only 30 minutes, I keep watching.

I routinely want to throttle Taylor & Steffy, often Stephanie as well. The way Ridge looks frightens me. The clothes, for being a fashion house, are just horrible. And not horrible in a "wow, that's fashion??" type of way, but like you said, in a 1989 kinda way.

All that said, I'm thrilled you will be covering it, because I don't know anyone else who watches this show.

Ok, this should be interesting.

However, with Shelle's comment of Brooke having an affair with her daughter's husband, I have to respond. Brooke had an affair with Deacon, but a lot of people overlook the fact that Brooke and Nick were involved before he married Bridgette. And for what it's worth, Bridgette has ditched age-appropriate suitors to get involved with someone who was once involved with her mother.

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