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April 21, 2011

Random Non-Sequiturs and Save Our Shows!

My quick disclaimer: I am very pessimistic that there is any hope of a decision reversal regarding the cancellations of One Life to Live and All My Children, but I will say that I've noticed a hell of a lot more backlash in the mainstream press than I'd anticipated so, hey, it can't hurt to try, right? And of course, my sadness over the cancellation has already made me the brunt of a lot of friends' jokes, but I don't care a lick -- if their comfort food fell off the Earth for the rest of all time, they'd be sad too, right? This is important beyond just what we put on our DVRs and having to part with families we've been tuning in for for decades. It's hundreds and hundreds of jobs and yet another blow in the slow demise of scripted drama on television; we cannot possibly need more "lifestyle/reality" television. And for me personally, One Life to Live is a very big deal because it is one of the few remaining scripted TV shows (and the final soap) based entirely in New York City (and not shot here but written in L.A. ala L&O SVU, Gossip Girl, etc). It's a big deal here in particular that sustainable day jobs exist here so that hundreds of actors, writers, directors, and designers can stay put in a city where they can work regularly in the theatre and still pay the rent. Read any bio in any Playbill and I guarantee you almost all of them, among the actors' TV credits, list some combination of One Life to Live, All My Children, As the World Turns, Another World, Guiding Light, Loving, The City, and the list goes on. It's no joke that this show being based in NYC in fact supports the arts in a major way.

I'm seeing a lot of flyers, I might add. Tonight I was walking up Eighth Avenue and almost every single one of those little plastic stands that carries the free daily papers was full of "Save Our Soaps!" flyers. I got a little verklempt. Of course some of the coverage out there is deliberately mocking us for giving a damn by making overt efforts to make us all look like hoarding shut-ins with no sense of self or personal hygiene and, hey, that's some of us. That also accounts for some of the viewers of Meet the Press, Sesame Street, 30 Rock, Mad Men and everything else on the schedule.

I am seriously rambling. The point is that if you want to take action, there are about three thousand resources out there right now. You can go here (make sure the volume's on for fun there!) and here (I admire that woman's thorough spirit!) and about a million and a half Facebook groups and pages. Post any other links and information into the comments below, and everyone else scroll down to see what's going on and what you can do! (I am involved in none of this so I certainly can't vouch for it -- just trying to get the message out there.)


Oh yeah, the show! Just some stray thoughts:





Why break up this adorable family? Why why why?


They're just so cute! Why ruin this cute? They are SO CUTE!

- Oh my god, y'all, Kassie DePaiva has SHOULDER FRECKLES!


I love shoulder freckles. If more people knew this show starred a woman with shoulder freckles, they'd totally tune in, right? Well, they should.

- The new doc is awesome!


Finally, a psychologist with a little damn authority around here! (Anyone know the actress' name?)

- This is seriously how they're going to write Susan Haskell out of this show?


Crazy Marty's gone insane and is psycho-obsessed with John McBain? Kill me now. They clearly have no intention of escorting her out with the least bit of damn dignity. Imagine how thrilled Susan Haskell must have been to reprise her role of Marty only to have Marty come back to the show to get re-raped by Todd Manning and lose her mind over the likes of John McBain and then written right back out.

So really, Liam is John's baby after all. Oh goodie. I cannot wait for Brody to get completely crushed and then John and Natalie to inexplicably reunite even though it changes absolutely nothing about why they broke up. I will eat my words if Natalie and John stay split but come up with some appropriate visitation schedule (as of course John has every right to his son and the fact that he wasn't interested when he learned his girlfriend had lied about the boy doesn't change that at all), but I think it's safe to say a reunion is on the horizon which is just tedious. The last thing I want to see is John "magnanimously" forgiving Natalie and Natalie being just so damn grateful to him about it and, hell, Brody probably re-joining Marty on the way back into St. Anne's. GLURG. That's the best way to sum up my thoughts on that.

Well, there it was. I am Louise's lack of eloquence. 


"GLURG" is my new fill in word for when I'm frustrated beyond words. Oh and "Suck it John McBain".

I don't think it's going to be as simple as, "John learns Liam is his, John and Natalie reunite." Maybe Jolie will reunite for the end of the series, but remember, that's months from now and OLTL shoots far in advance, so all of May and probably some of June is already locked down. OLTL's spent a lot of time on Brodalie (cute! hot! cute! hot!), a lot of time on John/Kelly (ugh), a lot of time on Ford/Tess (brain bleach).

Liam being John's doesn't change that Natalie lied to John all those months, so John's not just gonna turn around and forgive her. And really, to me that's okay, because I feel that Natalie isn't just going to want to reunite with John anyway. She knows now that he'll turn his back on Liam, he'll turn his back on her. Meanwhile, Brody has forgiven her for everything and thinks she's terrific, even though he was hurt by her too. And unlike John he'll love and be a father to a kid even if he's not the bio dad.

Yeah, Brody will crack up. But I really think Natalie's going to be there for him, and that her comfort and support is going to turn into a whole lotta more. And since OLTL has until January, and it's really the couples of Brodalie (adorable), John/Kelly (ewww) and Ford/Tess (ugh) that the writers want to write for, not Jolie or Jody, I think it's going to stay that way at least through the summer and into the fall. Most likely they'll wait until the very end to reunite the "correct" couples.

I agree that the new doc is tops. I knew it from her first appearance and it was confirmed today.
Overall, today's episode was a major bore, like yesterday and the two episodes just melded into each other. But I do love Brodalie and their family. I wish they were the endgame-couple but I have no faith in the writers to write consistently entertaining episodes. Seriously, it seems like each week we are lucky to get one or two really good eps and the rest of the week sucks.

OMG...Liam with that little hat? Adorbs. I HATE that asshole John gets to be his dad and Brody, at this point, has no kid.

These show does have a thing about rocking head wear (Dorian's many hats, Oliver's cute knit cap during the blizzard).

Darn. I want to kick a house shoe across the room! I love Natalie and Brody's friendship and they are so adorable with little Liam. ME is a Frons pet so it was a given that McBore would end up with a kid...Blech.

I want Ford to die it's killing me to see him on screen.

The new Doc is awesome.

If Brody doesn't end up with Ryder as his biological child, I will scream. This man is so perfect, willing to be a father to three (and obviously four when the truth about Liam comes out and it looks like Natalie might not want John to be the father, but who am I kidding about that) children who aren't his biologically. He deserves a biological child more than the Ford, the rapist who is only interested in what Ryder can do for him, and John, the man who turned his back on Liam right away. In fact, he should have been the biological father of both children from the start because think of all the drama and soapy goodness that would have resulted in the years to come (although we obviously won't get that now).

Marty is a legacy character and it breaks my heart that they are doing this to her. Let me repeat this: MARTY IS A LEGACY CHARACTER, more so than John, Natalie or Kelly.

I liked the initial story of her becoming angry and bitter towards Natalie and blackmailing her, but then somehow it became about her still in love with John (huh??)

She was whisked away to St. Annes only to come back still crazy??

She should have come back not remembering all her actions when she went crazy and try to rebuild her life. Maybe she will be friends with John again and is trying to get her license reinstated only to start dreaming that she switched the dna results. Then its an ethical dilemma instead of "oh yeah, she's just a jealous, bitter, angry woman"

That is disgusting!!! Marty is so much more than that. I hope they reconsider firing her now that the show is over and keep her until the end and give her the proper happy ending that she deserves!!!

I agree that this is a shaping up to be a horrible ending for Marty as a character. I never liked her much, but she's a major pat of the show's history and she deserved better than this.

As for Brody, it's clear that the show intended for him to end up with no bio-kid out of this mess. It's like they were setting him up to be the male equivalent of Blair---always screwed over. Now that the show is ending they better be changing that plan, that's all I can say.

i am boycott oltl and amc since it got cancel i will not watch good by show that not a real show and i boycott gh because it sucks and i am mob fan /frons is not a problem solver he is the problem were is modernity of the soaps were is spanish dub on these soaps i here spanish soaps huge here and they are keep growing

I didn't think Oprah would take two scripted dramas for her new network, I thought the cost would be too much for her. So I wasn't surprised to hear her say no to the request - and she has every right to.

But what she didn't have to do was be a shill for the network, and repeat AGAIN the lie that the soaps don't make money. They do, and it's been proven over and over again. They just don't make as much as they did. And she also repeated that old chestnut about not enough women being home to watch anymore. Did she miss the past 20 years, with the advent of recording devices that eliminated the need to watch live?

All I really heard her saying by repeating the network arguments was her kissing up to both Disney and ABC, and probably the tv executive world at large. As powerful as she is, I doubt she wants to make enemies, certainly none that might impact the success of her new network. I also think Oprah is still a bit star-struck, and not all that interested in the little people who are the ones who actually made her so successful.

So Oprah, have your new network, cry your crocidile tears, and just STFU.

So Oprah is sticking to the company line, eh,Ron? Not really surprising. I guess that's partly why she's beome so successful. Rumor has it ABC has told Kelly Ripa and the women on The View not to discuss the soaps cancellation any further. Frons is taking unexpected heat for his callous decision.

Brody, Natalie and Liam are adorable - but they are SQUISHING the poor kid in that last shot. Yikes.

As much as I love baby Liam, I would like to see some scenes of Brody and Natalie alone. They can bring the sexy times, so why am I forced to watch Tess and her various paramours getting it on or Aubrey and hers? Give me Nat and Brody Le Moan: The Sequel. The show and I do not agree whatsoever on what is sexy and what is not.

I'm not convinced that Jolie will be reunited. The show seems to like whatever they have going on with John/Kelly. Hopefully Natalie will finally be allowed to move on (although I'm sure they will leave her in McBain limbo until they have John's next women and storylines lined up nice and tight, first).

I'm sick about Susan Haskell and the way they are writing Marty out. Am I really supposed to buy that Marty went crazy over losing...John? Not the love of her life Patrick. Not being gang-raped then re-raped. Not losing her son to prison. She went crazy over...John McBain. Sure.

They never should have made Marty crazy, but it seems like Ron doesn't know how to write a multi-layered bitch, so it's just easier for him to make Marty nuts. For shame.

I will miss Marty/Natalie and their rivalry. They were a great surprise and were truly fabulous together in their scenes.

"These show does have a thing about rocking head wear (Dorian's many hats, Oliver's cute knit cap during the blizzard)."

Little Hope wore some awesome hats when she was younger too.

i hered she got started up money from disney for her network but the real fight soap fans against disney we need a soap uion soaps are too easy target soaps fans need to come together that means gh gl oltl amc yandr bandb dool and they need to have victor newman say boycott abc and disney

I wish Oprah hadn't released a statement at all -- the soaps' existence is not her responsibility, so really all she did was further frustrate people by claiming they can no longer make money (then what are the 4 remaining soaps remaining for?).

Knope, absolutely, it's ridiculous that Marty's "crazy" is now solely reduced to being about a John McBain obsession (especially since she's the one who broke up with him so he could be with Nat). Lazy and nonsensical.


Louise, As (almost) always I agree with you & I don't hold out much hope that ABC will change their mind, but here is a link to a petition anyway - it can't hurt anything.

To take an expression from a favorite book - Louise you are a "kindred spirit" when it comes to OLTL.

Nuts, I can't find it. There was a thing on Soaps.com that had NBC's # listed because they have said with enough phone calls to show support, they were willing to adopt AMC and OLTL.

I was chatting with a USA net exect yesterday on Twitter (along with Nancy Lee Grahn from GH) who told us that NBC/Universal (who owns USA) does not agree with the 18-49 demographic any longer, that they feel all ages count. How refreshing. If I can find the phone # for NBC, I'll be back to post. I know I tweeted about it yesterday.

Found the link, Catherine Hickland tweeted it yesterday as well


nbc will never pick up abc soaps dool only made the cut because comcast just bought nbc they play safe root for now

as for greedy mouse they are going to bail if soaps fan fight them because they do not care about abc disney brand is number one for them reason why dump the soaps because it was easyer to sell abc that way i expect 20 million campain from disney to stop bad press after oltl amc come back on the air this how these big company works hello bp

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