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April 04, 2011

The Kid Is All Right

Perhaps it's because I have younger brothers, years of babysitting experience and the bad luck to almost always wind up in line at Target behind toddlers in the midst of a meltdown, but I never considered a child having a prolonged temper tantrum to be the very definition of a good time.

Boy, was I wrong! It turns out that temper tantrums can be hilarious, especially when the child in question is Emma Lavery and the meltdown is spurred by her complete and utter disgust with Ryan and Greenlee's "great romance".

Emma: Get out of my way!
Greenlee: Listen, listen. We're gonna have a great time together today. I have that lemonade that you like, and I have tons of Fusion samples--body lotion and that lip gloss you like.
Emma: I don't want your stupid makeup. I want Mommy!
Greenlee: Ok. You can't see her. Emma, Emma, don't do that. Emma, stop.
Emma: Let go of me.
Greenlee: Ok. Listen. Take it easy, ok? Just take it easy. It's ok.
Emma: You don't want me to see Mommy.
Greenlee: That's not true.
Emma: Yes, it is. She said you broke up our family.
Greenlee: What? No.
Emma: You took Daddy away from her, and now you're trying to take me.
Greenlee: Listen. I would never, ever try to come between you and your mommy. You love her, and she loves you.
Emma: I hope Daddy finds out what a horrible person you are and leaves you forever.

Emma: I don't want you here.

This is the epitome of Must-See TV! I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but I can't help but imagine how amazing it would be if the great Rylee villain were vanquished once and for all by an elementary schooler.

I'm sure this won't last for long and that Emma will eventually be subdued, and she and Ryan and Greenlee and Madison's baby (because you know at some point Madison will do something to irk Ryan and he'll retaliate by taking custody) will be one big happy family, wearing matching t-shirts and frolicking around Pine Valley, blinding the rest of the town with their smugness, but for now? Capital L L-O-V-E.


Expression Hall of Fame contender! Best Character in Soaps contender! All around awesome contender!

I love this kid. I think Scott and Madison should adopt her and raise her with her baby so Captain Forehead and Gooblee can go flying off a cliff.

Emma is wonderful not only because she hates Greenlee, but because she was able to slip out unnoticed while Greenlee and Bianca were outside, but looking into the apartment through a glass door... Oh, and she called a cab? That's fantastic... I wish that when I was her age, I had the wherewithal to do all that (it would never have happened because mom was checking on us like every 3 minutes).

I was glad that Greenlee got a little backbone back, because recently that has been severely lacking; I'm sure Emma will still test her (I hope she does), but the kid needs to know some boundaries (or not, so she can end up like her mother and entertain us).

I can personnaly attest that Toddler meltdowns are no fun at all, but this... little Emma Lavery is not having a meltdown... she's truthtelling! Love it!

I haven't watched this show if forever and a day except for the occasional 10 minute glimpse on SoapNet and have a question... Madison's baby is actually Ryan's?? blech! I saw a cute scene between Madison and Scott (I love Daniel Cosgrove!), where he said something about pregnancy from a one-night stand. I assumed her baby was Scott's, but it's actually Ryan's??! blech, again!

How sweet it is, to see someone on the show finally rattling the cage that McSpittlebug and Greenlee live in! Long may Emma continue.

But another DNA test needs to be done, STAT, since Emma possesses brain power and smarts that her dear ol' dad couldn't have on his best day. Not only can she multitask - and Ryass can't even pull his pants up past his thong - she can speak without spitting or over-enunciating. This kid is no Lavery.

I sure hope Annie passed on her trusty tire iron to Emma before she was hauled off.

@Ron: "I sure hope Annie passed on her trusty tire iron to Emma before she was hauled off."


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