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April 05, 2011

Tuesday's Gift

No lie, I am on a One Life to Live high today. I thought this was the third good episode in a row. What? No, seriously. The well-timed Roger Howarth news came right as Tomas showed up again with a photo of Howarth's Todd and a few (ostensibly) throw-away lines about the face-changing surgery Todd had once gotten. I don't read spoilers but sometimes these things are telegraphed from a country mile away, but quite frankly I'm delighted that I have no idea where any of this is going. Add that to the Echo/Charlie reveal, the revelation of Matthew as Eddie's shooter, and the high gear of the bullying story (and it finally bringing in most of the adults), and this is a really strong showing for our perpetually-on-the-verge-of-cancellation show. 


Monday crushed me. Watching Viki get her heart broken is like watching my TV mom's heart get broken. Or it is watching my TV mom's heart get broken. And sweet mercy -- Slezak's still got it. In spades. She gave me chills in her confrontation with Echo and Charlie yesterday. Today I was worried for Viki because she seemed to be looking at Charlie as some poor victim (and buying into his horrific argument that somehow sleeping around on his wife was, at the very least, better than taking a drink!), blaming Echo entirely and feeling bad that she expects too much of him or some sort of bullshit, but then she got crushed all over again when he confessed he has legitimate feelings for Echo. Erika Slezak ran the gamut from rage to disgust to humiliation to devastation and back again. I wanted to give her a big fat hug.


Another performance worth singling out was Kassie DePaiva's. She hit every note of Blair's horror and disappointment at what her son has turned into before her very eyes. In particular, after Jack's comment about how Marty was probably asking to be gang-raped and she slapped him (and while I'm never in favor of hitting one's kids, that took a crap-ton of restraint on Blair's part to only slap him), when she was shocked at what she'd done while not losing any of her anger but added the fear for her boy on top of that. I might add that Andrew Trischitta stepped it up in that scene as well -- and I hope it signaled to the writers that youngsters are better trained opposite experienced actors because they have no choice but to elevate their effort. (Also, holy shit! I can't believe Jack said that!) Here's hoping that scenes like this that really attack the meat of the matter keep coming.


And speaking of young actors, Austin Williams made me cry today. Yep. Shane. Rex and Gigi's son made me cry. I am lost! But seriously, he's been really starting to impress me in this storyline but today just sent it home. That was not easy material to play, but it was well-written and beautifully executed and made my heart hurt just the way it was supposed to. And you know what? I could screencap a bunch of Rex's completely ridiculous facial expressions from today's big scenes, but honestly? The show was good. The scenes were good. They weren't perfect, but I was moved and I don't really feel like undermining that right now by making fun. Nobody gets a free pass, but they do today because a lot of heart was put into what we were given today. And I actually do root for this show! (I feel like I'm disappointing those of you who stopped by for snark, so I apologize for that. And you know this is just temporary good will!)

In the spirit of the recently begun MLB season, some categories for the last few days:


OLTL Casting Department

Austin Williams

Erika Slezak

Starr (the character) (seriously, she's been awesome again!)

Eddie Alderson (Matthew)

Kassie DePaiva


Ones to Watch (Improving Batting Average)

Andrew Trischitta

Farah Fath (Gigi)

Shenell Edmonds (Destiny)


Possibly Sending to Minor Leagues

Marty (the character) (she's clearly still crazy)

Clint (the character) (he was seriously going to give Matthew up in court if Nora hadn't dropped the charges?)

John (the character) (why's he punishing Brody for taking care of his son? Brody didn't even freakin' know John wasn't the father when he was being lied to, so John needs to chill.)

Hope's babysitter (wasn't Marty actually not allowed access to Hope?)

Susan Haskell (quite literally on her way out)

Brian Kerwin (quite literally on his way out)


Well, I'm certainly feeling warm and fuzzy today. Am I alone in this? Off I go to actually re-watch a few of these scenes...


Good on you, Show. See what happens when you stow the Fords, Aubrey, and Tess away for a few days?

One off-note for me in the Shane bullying storyline is the total lack of Roxy. She loves that kid fiercley even though she's not biologically related (take a lesson, Chuckles!). I hate that Echo has usurped the only role (doting grandmother) she had left after Kyle and Sky got the boot.

Oh, and John does need to chill. He and that File Folder Of Pain of his can take a flying leap off a cliff.

So true, so true. Roxy should absolutely be in this storyline. (Though I like Echo in it, too. There's room for both grannies!)

Ha! File folder of pain. What was it, even? I got confused -- why was there an ultrasound photo in a casefile?

I don't think Susan Haskell is a minor leaguer even on her worst day. I think the writer's just put Marty in a precarious situation and that's not the actresses fault. I thought her scenes with Starr today were just genuine and heartfelt. But it does look like John is Liam's father dammit. I am still holding out that Brody is actually Ryder's father and not Ford. It would be too painful to know Brody is w/o a baby to sing a lullaby to. And Ford should never be entrusted to care for a rock let alone alone a baby. Of all the criminals and villains and bad guys this show has had he is by far the sleaziest, scummiest most disgusting person as far back as I can remember. He is worse than Victor Lord, Marco Dane, Carlo Hesser and Allison Perkins all rolled into one.

I think the problem with Andrew Trischitta has been that we've mainly only seen him acting against other throwaway kids and that's why he's coming across so bad. We really haven't seen him acting against the adults (his parents) so much but I had no issue w/him in his scenes with KDP today at least considering he is still a new and young inexperienced actor learning his way. Perhaps if he has more of these scenes he'll be able to smooth out his performance a bit more so that he won't be as hated on as he has been.

I also teared up during the scenes with Shane, Rex & Gigi. If nothing else the shot on the roof looked pretty genuine and scary and the scenery alone made gave me goosebumps. I also think JPL and FF really stepped up their acting in those scenes in a way I have they have not been able to which made today's ep that much more impressive.

There is nothing more I can say about the Charlie and Vicki scenes that haven't been said by others. Simply brilliant and heartbreaking. I also wouldn't put BK in the minor leagues. Again he is a talented actor whose character has been eviscerated by the writing.

I put Haskell and Kerwin in the "being sent down" category because they are, literally. Being sent down. Not because they deserve to be. I think the show's nuts for getting rid of them, but especially Susan Haskell.

When OLTL really brings it, no show can beat it IMO.

These past few days have been awesome. Viki/ES have been amazing, Starr has been a great character (she really, really needs to get away from James and just be on her own), Clint, Nora, and Bo in the court room was great, and we haven't had any Ford or Tess at all.

I love the bullying storyline. Austin, JPL, and FF have been bringing it. Today, when Shane was saying how he just wanted to be happy, not be the sick kid, and actually have friends, I cried. Austin played the kid who had nothing left so well and Gigi played the distraught mother. She also made me cry when she was begging Shane to give her a few more minutes. JPL was great as the source of strength for Gigi.

KDP and Andrew were great today too. I never really thought that NuJack was that bad of an actor, he just got thrown into a tough storyline right away with kids and didn't have time to hone his acting around stronger adults. He's slowly coming into his own and he definitely plays the bully who doesn't care well. And I loved KDP realizing that her cute, mischievous boy was actually a really cruel bully and that she played a part in his upbringing.

Louise, yeah, John had Liam's ultrasound hidden away in that file. I guess we're supposed to feel so bad for him that he can't be Liam's dad...never mind that Natalie gave him every opportunity to be and now John spends his time giving Brody grief for stepping up in his absence and banging Kelly. I'll take a pass on the pity party, McPain.

Wow wow WOW!!! I'll deny till my dying day, but I too had a suspicious moisture in my eye region today when Gigi was calling to Shane not to jump. It matched the same moisture I had earlier when Shane was pouring his heart out about how hurt he was, and when Vicki realized that Charlie was dumping her for Echo. It was a great day all around. The writing was so superb that I even felt for Gigi, and my feelings for her aren't usually very nice ones.

I loved Blair too. I haven't watched OLTL long enough to have any negative feelings about Blair, and seeing her trying to get through to that sneering, unpleasant son of hers felt very real. NuJack isn't a very good actor, but this is a TOUGH role, and I think he's doing the best he can. Even though he's a repellent little creep, I feel some pity for the actor being thrown head first into this. When I think of what he's being asked to do, and the softball nonsense they've given the entire Fudd family to play with, I think more fondly of him.

And another thing I'll deny, but today, Jawn was right and Brody was dead wrong. I thought it was high time that someone pointed out to Brody that he got a second chance after his mental break, and was forgiven by everyone, including the guy he shot. Marty, on the other hand, has been threatened by him and tortured by Gnat for TELLING THE TRUTH. As much as I like Brody, someone needed to tell him to STFU. I hope they don't entangle him with Gnat too much, because I like Brody and don't want to see him tainted too much by Gnat involvement. One more confession - I've liked Gnat more lately, in scenes where she's not screaming at Jawn or anyone else than I ever have. That's a huge surprise for me.

And THIS is a show that's in trouble??

If we're using baseball vernacular here, OLTL is knocking it out of the park lately. They are on FIRE--this is like the third or fourth stellar episode in a row--yesterday's and today's especially. Every character has been bringing it--I expect nothing less from ES, KDP, JvD, HBS, RSW, EA, KA and the other vets, but even those who are usually kind of weak *cough* FF and JPL *cough* have stepped it up. Kudos to AW for a heart-wrenching performance and NuJack seems to be improving slightly each day. The last week or so has made me remember why I've been watching OLTL since I was 11.

How is this show the one on the chopping block? Long live OLTL.

It's astounding how good this show is when you erase the Ford/Tess crap, the rest of the Fords and the worthless newbies that showed up.

Sadly, I have to add the Kelly/Joey/Aubrey mess to that which brings the show down.

That episode was truly well-done and I was happy to read you give it deserved praise.

But as beautifully written as Gigi's speech begging for a few more minutes was...

Part of me thought the real reason Shane might want to throw himself off the building was to get away from FF's screechy bad acting. She's been awful since she was a kid on Days and she's awful now.

There is nobody more delicious than Angry Icy Queen Victoria. I have watched those parts of the scenes over and over again.

I skip over the parts where she's blaming herself. Give me a break, Ron.

The bullying storyline is at last working for me, but the actor who plays Jack is just awful. That said: Austin Williams, Farah Fath, Kim Zimmer and Kristen Alderson have been fabulous. I was disappointed in Blair's reaction. I thought Starr was more Mom-like and tough on Jack than Blair was. Blair is such a softie (which I usually love) and she was in denial for so long. I didn't like it when she slapped Jack either. I loved Shane and Gigi on the roof. They both made me cry. FF plays a very convincing mother and Austin Williams just broke my heart. I like Rex, but the less said about JPL's performance the better. I even liked the scenes of Destiny trying to comfort Shane and then helping Rex and Gigi find him.

I really like Tomas, but they need to move forward with the mystery surrounding him and make his potential romance with Blair a little...spicier or something. With the news about Roger returning, I hope this means things will move along now.

OMG so good: Viki smacking a ho! As a fan of a good soapy slapping, I was very impressed when ES BROUGHT IT.

Also, I found the Nat/Brody scenes kinda swoony. I used to be a big John/Nat fan, but Brody's really awesome and I think he's edging John out right now. I hope Liam really is his.

Hey I think real Todd is one that shot fake Todd and Tomas knows it. He knows fake Todd is a fake and real Todd is alive. :-)~

Just last week I was posting here or at TWoP about how angry I was at the show because there was so much potential, yet we kept having to see Fords, Mess, Aubrey/Cutter, etc. I haven't seen Wednesday yet, but the past two/three days have been great and we've only been subjected to a little bit of James (and porn-girl, but I prefer to block that out).

I have to agree with everyone here: OLTL, just when I thought I was out, BAM, they bring me back in!!!!
After weeks of what I would consider disaster television where I literally gave up on the show, it seems this show is back on fire.

I guess its just the nature of the beast, some weeks awful, some weeks amazing. Luckily we are now enjoy the weeks that are amazing. I just watched Wednesdays episode as well, and I got sniff sniffy with the Matthew-Nora-Bo scenes. Yet another great episode!!! Classic OLTL, keep them coming!!!

OLTL has been hitting it out of the park since late last summer. We're seeing all of the character (accept for Addie) and no one is hogging the show.

ES was just awesome yesterday! I can't wait until Charlie finds out that Echo played him from the jump.

marty got fired is not oltl fault its amc fault i am shock it took so long jack he is just new acter the show needed someone taller than shane i agree with the move

brody bang his woman

My love for Roger Howarth is immeasurable. I'm such a happy camper!!!!!!

How tragic would it be to not see Erica Slezak's brilliant performances anymore, and instead be subjected to another dreadful talk show hosted by a D - list celebrity? No, no, a thousand times no.

To be honest, I was less impressed with AW's acting chops in this epi. The rooftop "nothing to live for" lines missed the mark for me - I found the tremor in his voice overdone.

That said, those are tough lines to read well, and he usually acts circles around NuJack and the other kids, so it was a nice effort. NuJack in the same role would be cringeworthy. He has a long way to go before he can be considered any kind of actor. I dislike him and this version of Jack intensely.

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