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April 05, 2011


Well, folks, I'm at a loss for words. Wait, here's a few. By now many of you have probably heard the rather enormous news that Roger Howarth (i.e., the original Todd) is returning to One Life to Live. Wow. I admit I did not anticipate that this would ever really happen. I thought we were all just supposed to be in a massive state of anxiety right now since we keep being told that cancellation is imminent! And hey, it may still be. Bringing Howarth back and somehow explaining the Todd we've known for several years would be a pretty monster farewell story, but I'm not going to muck around in the worst case scenario here.

I don't really even know how I feel about this. I think Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John are both highly talented actors (and I might add I have a lot of respect for their non-soap work in particular), but also that they both can have a tendency to telegraph their own boredom or frustration in their acting. This could very well light a fire under both of them, and of course I'm dying to see how they're going to play this. I hate the character Todd right now, of course, but he was once a fascinating character study. Never a great, swell fellow. But fascinating as a fictional individual. We don't even know at this point if he is coming back as The Original Todd Manning, so I shouldn't go too crazy with speculation. But they definitely have my attention.

ToddIf he's really Todd, I sure hope he's had a bird to confide in during his time away.

What's everyone else thinking? Am I the only dope that's shocked here?


I almost fainted when I saw the news. I just never got into TSJ and I stopped watching OLTL. Now I might tune in again.

Holy crap Roger Howarth! I don't even really know why I love him but I do (remember when he was Joey's professor on Dawson's Creek and she had to babysit his kid and he wore Hawaiian shirts? And his daughter was super annoying? Good times) so I may just have to check out his return to OLTL.

What the what?

Well, I love them both, so I'm really intrigued to see where this will go. Just... wow.

I'm not crazy about RH. TSJ is my favorite but I do see elements of boredom in the acting. I can't blame him, I'm bored with the character myself. I am going to be cynical enough to address the elephant in the room: Very suspicious timing of the announcement re: Broderck(AMC) and Howarth's(OLTL) return. They can make these big announcements but they can't confirm or deny rumors of cancellation? I hate being played so I can't get excited over this. TSJ's contract is up in July-do I believe FV that both "Todds" will have big summer stories-no. Hell no. Instead of throwing us these pacifiers, the network and Frons need to address the cancellation.

Personally, I've never understood the hullabaloo over Roger Howarth and for me his time on OLTL was one of the show's lowest points (not because of him personally, but because of head writer Michael Malone who I think did this show no favors during either of his stints).

If TSJ leaves at the end of his contract and Howarth is revealed to be the real Todd, I think the show will have shot itself in the foot and will shed more viewers than it will gain.

It's been so long since Howarth left that if they bring him back as the "real" Todd they'd have to backtrack so much story that I fear it would just be crazypants. OTOH it might be awesome soap, especially if they figure that they're going to get cancelled any way so they might as well go big. They'd have to, because the only way a retcon that huge could work is if they totally commit to it.

The one thing I hope to gawd they're not going to do is bring Howarth on as original recipe Todd's twin or lookalike or something because I can not deal with that At. All.

If RH is brought back as the original "Todd" how are they going to explain away the plastic surgery that you know, I don't know, CHANGED TODD'S FACE?!?!?!?! Remember his whole face was changed and explained away with plastic surgery. Are they just going to ignore it like they did with Max when James DePaiva decided to come back? They should NEVER, EVER use the "plastic surgery" angle when a new actor is brought in to play an established charater because then things like this happen and the show looks stupid. In the case of this show, unless they say that TSJ's "Todd" was not the real "Todd" this will be twice that they have used plastic sugery because of a change in actor only to look ridiculous when the original came back.

The rumor has been circulating for months, so I'm not really surprised.

If he's NOT playing Todd Manning, I want to know now. I'm tired of OLTL's stunts.

I am with the other posters commenting on the lack of ABC's response to the cancellation rumors. It was pretty well publicized at the time RH left OLTL that he was unhappy playing Todd. I think he may return to usher OLTL off the air.

As a longtime viewer, I loved RH but have preferred TSJ's acting. RH had better story (most of the time) but TSJ is a better actor. I will never forget his performance during the 2006 execution s/l. Not sure why the writers have decided to write Todd so poorly since then. C'mon writers, give us a good, meaty, soapy story that highlights both actors (don't be surprised when TSJ outshines RH.)

Louise: couldn't agree with you more on how both actors register boredom in their performances. I happen to think RH is a worst offender. You know what I mean if you saw him phone in nearly a decade of "performances" on ATWT. He ruined Paul Ryan, one of my all-time favorite soap characters with his less than enthusiastic acting.

I'm too new a OLTL viewer to have ever seen Roger Howarth as Todd, and I didn't watch ATWT, so he's completely new to me. I've read a good number of comments about the guy on soap boards, some favorable, some not.
One of the pleasures of OLTL, for me, has been TSJ as Todd. Sometimes he's shown his boredom, and for too long now, he's been written as an utterly unlikeable sociopath. His treatment of Marty, his treatment of children - ALL children including his own - has been despicable. But I have always appreciated TSJ's talent, and I've loved it when he's been a character I could "love to hate". Lately, I just hate him.
But with all these horrid cancellation rumors, I'm happy about anything positive that can happen to OLTL, to raise its profile. IMO, the storytelling lately - all Fudds and porn duds excepted - has been superb. Losing OLTL would be losing the best soap on the air and I don't want to see that. So I'm primarily interested in RH's return if it helps to secure the show for as long as possible.

Now, if they could write a story where Todd goes after Frons.....

I just teared up with happiness at the prospect that the skinny little weasel who's been polluting Llanview for far too many years now might be "Fraud" rather than "Todd."

I would not be surprised if this was part of a wrap-up story prior to cancellation, but whether it is or isn't I'd be shocked beyond belief if it didn't provide a ratings boost.

I don't see any reason they can't keep RH and TSJ on canvas and give them both meaty material. I just hope RH isn't playing some new character who just happens to be a doppelganger for no good reason. Nor do I want an alterna-universe where Todd never got plastic surgery, and we're stuck with two parallel Llanviews on our screens or something. I actually think it's pretty easy to explain TSJ's Todd as an impostor, by soap conventions anyway!

This has the potential to be all kinds of awesome.

I just know the show will find some way to make John McBain a huge part of Roger's return. Watch McBain be more important to RH's return than Viki, Jessica, or even his own kids.

I wish I could get excited by this, but I've grown to hate Todd and the way he dominates the show along with McBain. Now they'll be two "Todds"? Oy vey.

The rumor has been circulating but I've been around long enough to know that when Roger Howarth is involved RUMORS ALWAYS ABOUND.

That being said, I'm surprised that it's been confirmed.

If he still has that same old magic with KDP, I might be in serious trouble.

Very interesting, though. I hope he returns ready to play... otherwise, yikes.

Watch TSJ's Todd really will be a brainwashed or amnesiac Walker Lawrence (the person his face was copied from) and the "real" Walker Lawrence was a fake all along. I can just see it now. :(

Dawn, that works for me!

Hmm..well I am from old school OLTL and it took me a while to get used to TSJ as Todd when he returned and I thought he did well enough for a while but in recent years the writing for him has been extremely lackluster. Then they played the repeat of RH's Todd and Blair's wedding and I wished for the days of that Todd so in all honesty if they pulled a DOOL and made RH the real Todd and TSJ an impostor I would probably be happy.

Also no one addressed the other coincidence, the timing of this and Susan Haskell's departure.

Any way they do this, it will require some suspension of disbelief for the viewers...but soap fans are used to that! Hopefully they will do this one right because both TSJ & RH are both good actors.

This is great for the show, if anyone can bring the ratings up, its surely him. If he however is unable to, well thats another story...

What I do not understand is how they hire RH this week and fire SH last week. It makes no sense. Surely, they have been working on bringing him back for a long time, so why fire her now? SH has chemistry with both RH and TSJ, if either one of them is not Todd, you got an amazing story right there.

The truth is that llanview is overpopulated with useless characters (John, Kelly, Charlie) and newbies that FAIL (all fords, all porn-related characters, Aubrey/Joey/Cutter, NOTJack), they need to trim the fat and they didn't do that by firing SH.

Hopefully they reconsider and keep her, atleast in a recurring capacity during this storyline.

E. O. those are great observations. I'm kind of liking Cutter though & Nu-Jack did a lot better in today's episode. He's a kid so I'm willing to give him a little more time!

I'm reserving my reaction the RH thing. I love both Todds but I cannot imagine this development being handled with a capable story. I just can't.

Can we talk about how Viki slapped the taste out of Echo's mouth? How great were those scenes? This is how I want Jessica to handle her issues instead of bringing her alters out (although Tess is a hoot).

Oh snap! This is gonna be awesome! (As long as RH isn't escorting the show off the air. That would totes suck.)

I'm happy to hear this news! While I absolutely love TSJ's Todd (and I think I'm probably one of the few viewers who thinks he isn't bored and relishes playing Todd as a sociopath, because seriously Todd has always been one), it's actually Todd's more tender moments that have always made me see his Todd as different. RH's Todd seemed more sexually and emotionally disfunctional, but TSJ's was more sensual and touchy. The simplest explanation is that he is Walker and didn't have surgery.The only challenge would be how "Walker" would know so much about Todd's history. I'm curious about how this possible revelation will affect the Blair/Tea relationship and how it will impact Todd's kids. Nonetheless, I hope both actors stay on for the duration because that's just great soap.

I'm so happy I could cry!!!!!! Roger Howarth is 100% AMAZING as Todd Manning. <3

I have to admit OLTL is the best soap on the air right now. Since I heard Roger is returning I YouTubed for a refresher course on how he played Todd and I'm back to speed and I think the best way to do this is have him be OG Todd. Trevor can act his ass off so whatever explanation is given he can sell it and having two super actors is bonus. Seeing both actors with Kassie and Kristin is going to be a wonderful treat.
I'll admit to not buying Roger as Paul Ryan he seemed quite bored whenever I caught him on screen. Roger had better writing but TSJ I do believe is the best recast in soap history just about. I was thinking Roger's Todd would have killed Cole when he caught them having sex for sure because his Todd was wildly out of control, not that TSJ'd Todd isn't. Remember meat hooking Markko? Slapping around Langston, Starr falling down the stairs ec...
Ah good times! I think if they keep Tea with TSJ and put Roger with Blair then there is a winning formula and can drive tons of story. Oh heck they could switch it to the other side and it would still work it just depends on the writing. Both Trevor and Roger should be at odds with one another~EXPLOSIVE!!!!

they had people flying to london, to seattle, to wherever jarad died....

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