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May 04, 2011

For The Good Of Us All

Thank you, Tess. And I mean that.

Yesterday, Tess did what we must all want to do. I doubt we're to get much Ford-related joy like this in the future, so to preserve it, I present to you: The Day Ford Met Vase.



After the jump, re-live more of the joy!

Glorious. Purely glorious. 

Obviously there's no need to explain why it's so wonderful, nor is there any need to explain what a shame it is that Tess' later assumption that she killed her "husband" is certainly erroneous. It's just an opportunity to take a moment to bask in it. This is a time for reflection, people!

I don't want to ruin the moment by complaining about all the cello music meant to make us see how sad poor Ford was or the mere fact that Todd is conscious again, or asking about Kelly's ever-changing hair color. So instead I will just thank Tess, with a special mention to Joey, who pointed out to Ford that the only reason he has a son is that he took advantage of a mentally ill woman.

So, just... once again:


God that's good.


It didn't do anything for me. I hate Tess as much as I hate Ford, so I was mostly doing what I always do during Tess/Ford scenes: yawning. I would have preferred if Jessica or Brody had knocked him out!

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. If there was any real it would have been Jess who knocked Ford out, but I was just so happy to see someone, anyone hurt him that I was willing to settle for Tess.

There was only one thing that would have made it better. Earlier in the scene when Ford was holding the baby it looked like Ryder was going to whack him in the face. I was more than a little disappointed when that didn't happen. It would have gone so beautifully with Ryder's baby face palm.

Ford's undeserved and overlong snivelling over MYSON being taken away from him was so nauseating, but Tess finally bashing him over the head was worth the wait.

Go away, Inez.

That was a beautiful moment indeed!

My only wish is that Tess had hung around until Inez got back and whacked her too, then a whallop for Gnate. And a short trip across town for a meeting of head/vase with Howdy Doody Dudd, aka James, and Deanna.

Go Vase!!!

The vase deserves an Emmy.

Job well done, vase. But I'm sad to see this creep still alive and breathing in Llanview. Go away.

the only reason he has a son is that he took advantage of a mentally ill woman , for that reason alone, his insistence on having sole custody is alarming...he has continued to take advantage of the same woman, even badgered her into resurfacing, what a dirtbag

Nice. I wanted to sing, ding, dong, the wiener is dead. Dear oltl, spare us the cello music and off him already.

HA Ron you are so funny! I am loving OLTL lately, so much soapy drama! I even like Ford and Tess! I am just not feeling Starr, James, and Whatshername....I could watch this show for years.....oh yeah...:(

And Ford is back to being a douchebag today. Him preaching to Brody about having Tess be around people who love her and can keep her safe was priceless. He is such an idiot and I can't wait until he leaves/dies. Too bad Tess didn't make sure she finished the job.

Vase needs it's own place in the Soap Object Hall of Fame next to Branch and Purple Leotard.

Ahhh good times.

Let's give the vase a standing ovation!

I have to say it Ford is not that bad. We watch soaps guys! We watch Luke Spencer rape a woman and then become super couple of all time with the same woman. Ford took advantage of a woman something within his established character. And, a woman that nobody thought was ill enough to institutionalize. Instead they let her attend High School and subject teenagers to her crazy. As for Fords turn around, I like it. Clearly they haven't turned him into a saint, he's still just as selfish as always. But, you can't see someone becoming attached once they found out they have a kid, and having that change their behavior. Soaps would be boring if everyone behaved appropriately. I love my Brody but he needs to be the hero to someone's villain.

Peanut, I hear you. I don't think anyone on soaps is unredeemable (case in point, the excellent example you provided). And I've always maintained that I don't think the Ford/Jess encounter was a rape (though most certainly an offensive sexual violation). I just don't think anything they've done actually accomplished anything in even the direction of redemption in Ford's case. I also think the character is written as a bore and played as one, too, so when you don't have the charisma of a Luke or a Sonny or a Todd or any of the others who we've been drawn to despite their past (and sometimes current) acts, it just falls flat. That's what it is for me.

If Ford were an interesting villain or a compelling gray-area anti-hero that's one thing, but I feel like they're treating him as if they're really onto something with a fascinating character/actor, and for me, it's quite the opposite. But again, that's just me! I certainly hope some people love to hate him or actually enjoy him in some way. And I'm jealous!

Some people have said that McBain is the Ryass Lavery of Llanview, and I think that, on the whole, he is.

(Ryass Lavery is the ultimate utterly lame, inexcusablely moronic "hero" to the TIIC, no matter what the show, who is foisted upon the audience no matter the level of viewer revulsion.)

But Fudd has all the elements of a Ryass also, and has been showcased just as incomprehensibly by TPTB. Fudd was an emotional user the first time he appeared in Llanview, and he continued to be little else. As bad as he was with Langston, his reptile ways reached new lows with Jess. And as often as he's been confronted with it, he always dodges the issue, refuses to respond or own up to what he's done. That now extends to his using Jess' fragemented psyche in the form of Tess for his own ends, watching - and laughing as Vicki was broken by the tool he uses for his needs, and now uses Jess as a bargaining chip so he can fulfill his own desires.

The fact that he can make google eyes at the baby, and feel immensely sorry for himself is no sign of growth or change of any kind. All that's changed is the object of his desire. Before it was sex at any cost, now it's "hisson" at any cost.

Dudd Fudd is not only loathesome, he's a bore. Why he's still around is beyond me. Villians, and gray characters are important in storytelling. And every now and then, you need a hypocrite or two, or an immensely stupid self-satisfied jerk, who is too dumb to even know he needs to change. We've got Ryass on AMC, and Fudd on OLTL.

Why they are front-burner characters is a mystery to me.

@Lisa: O. M. G. Is that STEVE BURTON in the purple leotard??? Also, loved the branch!

Yes, that is our GH hero Jason, aka Steve Burton. I think of that pic when I see Jason being all stoic and tough. Tee hee.

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