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May 05, 2011

Let Me Get This Straight

I just want to make sure I'm clear on a few points regarding the Tess situation on One Life to Live. Because really, maybe I missed something. Maybe one of my alters (Chemise is the bad-girl while Belize is the gatekeeper, y'all) pops out for a few minutes during each episode and I block out the memory of what said alter experiences, which may very well include vivid and reasonable explanations for all this nonsense. If that's true, do forgive me and fill me in. Because here's what I've got:

  • In the custody case, a judge denied custody of Ryder to Tess because the judge recognized that Tess was not actually Jessica and instead a component of Jessica's mental illness, D.I.D.
  • That same judge deemed Viki's home an inappropriate home for Ryder because Viki, too, is suffering from D.I.D. This included barring Natalie, perfectly sane other than an unfortunate lying habit and feelings for John McBain, from caring for Ryder because she lives under the same roof as Viki.
  • Though the judge found Viki's home to be unsatisfactory as a home for baby Ryder even under Natalie's care, the judge was unconcerned about Natalie's child Liam, who apparently is safe living under the exact same circumstances.
  • Though the judge found Viki's home to be unsatisfactory as a home for baby Ryder even under Natalie's care, the judge was unconcerned about BREE, THE FUCKING SISTER OF BABY RYDER, who is apparently safe being raised by Viki and Natalie and Brody and the Llanfair staff, despite the fact that the judge deemed that a dangerous environment for a child. For Bree's brother. But not Bree. (Did she become an emancipated minor during one of my blackouts?)
  • Tess has avoided being committed to St. Anne's because she married Ford and claimed to have been in her right mind when doing so, thus making Ford the only one able to "force" her into treatment.
  • The judge determined in the custody case that Tess is not Jessica and not in her right mind, and that Ford was exploiting this situation for his own gain, and that neither could be considered fit parents. HOWEVER, this had no impact at all whatsoever on the little "I'm totally Jessica and was totally Jessica when I married Ford" loophole that has kept Tess out of treatment. Even though everyone in town knows that Tess is out and is Jessica's alter, finally including a judge, this loophole still stands because...once something is determined once it can never be revisited even though new information is available that completely negates the original determination?
  • And incidentally Tess, who was very much in love with Nash, has not made one peep even in interest of Bree, the daughter of Jess/Tess and Nash.
  • Ford is now "falling for" Tess, who he knows is not a human being but a symptom of the mental illness of Jessica, a woman he violated sexually and has exploited, used, and damaged ever since her world most recently fell apart. He is "falling for" Tess, an alter who appeared while Ford was sexually violating Jessica because the situation was too traumatic for Jessica to handle. He is denying his own son a mother because (a) he's only interested in full custody and (b) he feels bad for a symptom-and-not-a-person and does not want her to be integrated into a healthy individual. Even though the person was the one who the bad things happened to that created the symptom, he only cares about the symptom.
  • Ford considered having Tess committed to St. Anne's so that the mother of his child could get the help she so desperately needs, but opted out because he might not get a fucking prize for doing so. Even though he already doesn't have custody, so he stands to lose nothing personally for doing it, he's not willing to do it if he is not guaranteed a special payoff. Even though she's already knocked him unconscious.

Does that about sum it up? So, I missed scenes or episodes that rationalized and explained all this, right? Right?!


Man, it's even more rage-inducing and depressing when it's laid out in a bullet point list. I have no idea what TIIC think they're doing with this, but whatever it is it's not good.

Oh, Louise, we are brain twins on this ridiculous story.

I can't even with Ford yesterday lecturing Brody about Jess/Tess' problems (like the Hep C.). Brody knows all that, you asshole, he actually loves and cares about her!!!

But Louise, I think Belize should be your Tess-like alter. She can have big hair and wear tropical prints and throw mojitos on people.

You left out that Brody's name is on the birth certificate so he is Ryder's legal father and none of this custody crap should ever have happened in the first place. He should have marched over to Ford's, with Officer Fish as backup, and taken that baby right out of there.

annabel, I hate to say it but that one detail actually does make sense to me. A man (Vimal) is serving a prison sentence for having altered the paternity tests, so the "true" results are now a matter of record and I can buy that they have been legally corrected and that Ford is very much the legal father. (That said, I hope somehow soon we learn this isn't the case and Vimal was mistaken!)

I'm sad OLTL is being canceled, but when I see these things in bullet points I find myself completely understanding why.

Stupid show.

I can't stand Ford and only want him dead. Then I can watch OLTL again in peace and with enjoyment for the time that is left.

I actually like Ford. I know, I'll put myself in the corner.

You raise a lot of valid points. What makes this farce of a storyline even more sad is the fact that RC used to be a lawyer.

I absolutely loathe that disgusting creature Ford and resent the person who decided to write for that dummy. They have issues if they think this is Nash 2.0. I can't take it anymore, honestly. I just want to see the pig die a painful death. Maybe that'll make me feel better.

I can't argue with this particular story being a mess and they have dragged out the Tess/Ford story long enough for sure. That said, I take issue with anyone saying they can understand why this show is being canceled. One weak story with weak characters does not make this show deserving of cancellation. There are still plenty of good things about this show in stories and characters particularly in this episode (Bo/Nora/Matthew, Clint/Echo/Vicki/Dorian) that were not discussed. Everyone was all excited when it was confirmed Roger Howarth was returning and we still have that story which also looks pretty damn good to flesh out yet. This show is not perfect by any means but it's often better than not and it's had some really great stuff on in the past couple months worthy of high praise. True fans of this show can acknowledge its weakness without clamoring for an end to the show altogether.

This whole storyline needs to end and be forgotten, imo.

As for Ford.. I think someone should lure him into climbing inside a cannon, because he's that stupid, (maybe they could tell him Ryder's trust fund is in there) and then shoot him off into oblivion; never to be heard from again.

RJ, I love your idea. What should happen though right before the person shoots him is that person telling Ford that Ryder actually isn't his biological son.

Don't you think it is time to "wind down" the talk about this show? OLTL is a "lame duck" show without a future. I, for one, have lost any zeal for Llanview now that I know that the show is coming to an abrupt end.

I hate to say it, but why waste words on One Life to Live? Sad conclusion, but a pragmatic one.

dimitra v, I definitely cannot agree with that. They have about 150 episodes left, which is more than most prime time shows get for their entire run!

Believe me, I'll be covering OLTL right here till its final sign-off...and lovin' it.

Louise, did you catch today's episode when Tess announced to both Ford and Brody that Tess got a quickie annullment and eloped with Cutter off-screen!!! What's your take on that?

Thank you Louise for continuing to cover OLTL. I am savoring every moment (lame and great) before my show is cancelled. You're awesome!

OLTL's cancelation has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the CONTENT of the show; its all about interoffice politics at ABCD & mistaking stockholders for the audience.

What's pragmatic about stopping coverage of the show, especially coverage like Louise and Serial Drama provides? It doesn't GET any better than this. And, as has been said, there are 150 episodes left. And, those of us with some fight in us are still working to see if the cancellation can be reversed, or the show find a home somewhere else. Thank God that most people don't give up so easily.

The show is far from over, and Serial Drama?? It's going to be around even longer. Thank God.

I'm hoping RC realizes that making Ryder's bio-Daddy the rapist Ford was a HUGE mistake! Ford needs to die and take McBore with him.

"Don't you think it is time to "wind down" the talk about this show? OLTL is a "lame duck" show without a future. I, for one, have lost any zeal for Llanview now that I know that the show is coming to an abrupt end."

But isn't that like saying there's no point in getting involved in a movie or a book because you know it will be over in 2 hours/200 pages?

I'll agree that Tess not caring about Bree, makes zero sense. It bothered me the last time Tess was out. That alter loved her kid. But, I'm pretty sure judges can't decide to take kids out of homes on their own. Someone has to present the case to a judge. Like Child protective services. The judge can't rule on things not brought before them. Like, the legality of Tess/Ford marriage, or custody/placement of Bree.

"The judge can't rule on things not brought before them. Like, the legality of Tess/Ford marriage, or custody/placement of Bree."

No, but the judge could (and should have) ordered home visits at both the Ford flophouse and Llanfair. Bree & Liam's situation would have been investigated as part of that. If there was a problem Child Services would have recommended that they be removed from the home. If there wasn't a problem it would have counted strongly in favor of allowing Ryder to live there too. Nat shouldn't have been denied custody just because she lives in the same (huge) house as Viki.

Oh, Louise, I've been thinking the same things all week - especially about Bree, HELLO! Anyone HOME over there??? Stupid writers - or maybe it's stupid Frons, forcing them to write stupidly on purpose.

I have yelled all of these things at my television--using my law school skills to enhance my yelling with legalese--so thank you for saying what we've all been thinking.

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