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May 12, 2011

That. Was. Awesome.

I am, of course, referring to Jess' new alter "Wes," who is based on Jessica's memories of Brody's old Navy SEAL buddy Wes Granger. Bree Williamson clearly did months of research for this, and is essentially channeling Justin Paul Kahn (who won the role of Wes by participating in the former SoapNet reality competition show So You Want To Be A Soap Star). She has absolutely disappeared into this role. Brava!

Okay, I'm an asshole and am obviously joking. In fact, the only part of this whole "Wes" catastrophe that's not pure horror was the look on Cristian's face and the fact that he interrupted Brody's worried call with, "Jessica's a dude." And everyone in the scenes looked half like their characters were laughing at how bad it was and half like the actors were laughing at how bad it was. Otherwise, sweet Jesus, somebody put this storyline out of its misery immediately. If I were to tune in tomorrow and there were just a white screen over several muted scenes and from then on all of the characters pretended that this never happened, I would not question it. FEEL FREE TO DO THIS, SHOW. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF, SHOW. Please stop it. As Kelly would say, "Stop it. Stop it. Stop it! Stop it! You are stopping it!"

What was awesome today on One Life to Live? The lovely scenes between Clint and Viki. I have always loved Clint and Viki, no matter who's playing Clint, and no matter if it's as co-parents or friends or lovers. The words "Sloan Carpenter" make bile rise in my throat to this day. In fact, I'm a little shaken right now that I just typed that name. And damn. They went way back today, back to Clint having adopted Kevin and Joey. We got Clint saying how he'd like to run that bum (Charlie) out of town for breaking her heart. Clint will always see Viki as the best woman he's ever known and Jerry ver Dorn (who, oh yeah, wasn't nominated for an effing Emmy) never forgets to play that for a second whether it's written into the scene or not.

You know what else was awesome? Marty's fast ride on the Crazy Train. It's been awesome for days. And now it's put Kelly in the hospital with a stab wound. 


Kelly's a victim now, she's a damsel in distress! Normally I'd say this cinches it and that John will be madly in love with her now, but then again, Marty just threw Natalie off a roof. Threw her. Didn't push her.


Picked her up and threw her (and then celebrated!). So, that combined with Liam's paternity is pretty much an automatic, lame recipe for a John and Natalie reunion. 

As semi-frustrating as it was that Kelly and Natalie had to be made to behave like complete idiots the last few days to amp up Marty's crazy (Kelly should have picked up that knife and walked out the second she realized things were going in a dark direction, and Natalie... I mean really, Natalie just had to outline her plan and taunt Marty after Marty had already tried to kill her with her infant SON sitting right there), it's been a blast and one hell of a tour de force from Susan Haskell. I admit I was all twisted up for a while there that Marty's crazy is tied up in asshat John McBain, but then I realized -- this breakdown has nothing to do with him. It wasn't caused by him. Her obsession with him is a symptom and not the cause of her madness, and that I can live with. Because really? Why else but insanity would anyone be obsessed with John?


"WTF, Mom? WTF?"


My son (17)
has never watched a single episode of any soap ever. He happened to be home this afternoon when Marty pushed Natalie over the roof and raised her hands in victory. His response? A laugh and "That was awesome."

How great were Jerry Ver Dorn and Erika Slezak. They were just wonderful. I was quite entertained by the Marty and Natalie scenes, but man, there's no coming back for Marty. After what she has done to Kelly and Natalie, there's no way to believe that she will ever be sane again.

Could the Wes stuff be any more cringeworthy? Just awful. And I was gonna let up on Joey after the last few episodes but he has returned to neanderthal. I wish the show had cast Austin Peck as Joey. Besides being more age-appropriate, AP would have had chemistry with Terri Conn, Gina Tognoni and Robin Strasser. Tom Degnan is only good at filling out his very tight shirts.

And Robin Strasser! It is a crime she only has one daytime Emmy and no nomination for her work last year. Seriously, she could read the phonebook and entertain the he'll out of me. I love how she announces her rank and title in every situation ("This is Mayor Dorian Lord." and "I am a medical doctor.") I was most moved today when she sees Wes and wonders out loud if Viki knows and attempts to call her just before getting the news about Kelly. I love fiercely loyal Dorian-mode!

Natalie's tendency to be impulsive almost ended her life the last two days!

Liam "chick magnet" is so adorable and how I wish that he was Brody's son!

Viki/Clint their scenes were great.

Marty has lost her ever loving mind and John is the one that signed for her release from St. Anne's!

I literally clapped my hands like a seal when Marty THREW NATALIE OFF THE FUCKING ROOF!111!!!!11! When she raised her hands with a "Score!" I damn near stood up and cheered. The Marty Saybrooke Crazytrain Xpress is roaring on all cylinders and it's making me giddy.

And, more seriously, I do agree that the John obsession is more a symptom than a cause of Marty's break.

Clint and Viki were absolutely lovely today. So much history played so beautifully, even with one of them being a recast. JvD tearing up made me a bit misty, honestly. If I wasn't already sure that, with the cancellation, those two were going to get back together, today sealed it for me. I think it's the first step.

When Marty threw her arms up at the end all I could think of was her yelling "SUPERSTAR!" lol

Love your critique. I will have to take a minority view about Clint and Viki. While I see them as "endgame," Clint has committed so many reprehensible acts that it seems in order to facilitate this reunion or just for lazy convenience, the show is going to ignore or sweep under the rug all of his crimes. Even his silence as to Echo's knowledge about Rex's parentage is suppose to be some selfless act. His heart attack is now all Dorian's fault, conveniently forgetting her appearance on the scene is what in fact saved him being found dead on the floor by Rama. I just feel no sorrow over his condition.

LaTanya, ITA!!!! "Marty Saybrooke, superstar!" was the best part of yesterday's episode.

I like what Wes represents: a way for Jess to get close to Brody and understand him again without having to get intimate because she's still hurt and angry at what he did. But, that's about it.

Also, Natalie looked really good for falling off of a roof. No blood or anything.

And Roger today!!!!!!!!!!!

As stupid as the story is, Susan Haskell is clearly relishing playing Cray-Cray Marty and it's made for some soapy fun.

I hope these bitches fighting over John all over the Angel Square Hotel didn't wake up Fish, Kyle, and Sierra Rose.

That screen cap of Liam = adorable!

It looks like there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can shut Gnat up for very long. I can understand her surviving the fall if she landed on her head - that empty space must act like an air bag.

Vicki and Clint.....it does not get any better than this. I cannot believe that there are morons at ABC Disney who can even contemplate taking quality like this away. Stupidity of that nature is harder to contemplate than Gnat thinking before she acts.

As far a I'm concerned, Susan Haskell won at life yesterday. When she celebrated I came undone! That.Was.AMA(H)ZING!

I've been waiting for years for someone to throw Natalie off a building. Even though I'm sure she'll be fine (after all, it's not like she fell through a skylight on her way down; yep, still pissed), I'm so thankful for that nugget of happiness.

Also, thanks to a crafty poster on SOC, I can now refer to Natalie as "Splatalie!"

Thanks, OLTL!

Totally loved Marty's "GOAL!" pose at the end of the show!

And Andrea, thanks for giving me an explanation for Wes that makes sense! I was scratching my head over this alter.

I want to know why the hell there aren't police swarming all over the Angel Square Hotel, which is a CRIME SCENE!! Hel-LO?? Can't you guys write a story that allows Marty to slip through their fingers instead of making them look like Keystone Kops?

I need Natalie to not remember due to the whole blunt force trauma to the head. I need Brody and Natalie together because a: they are scorching hot and b: they and Liam are the most adorable little family to hit Llanview and most of daytime in ages. I honestly don't think Jess even deserves to get Brody back after all this, or her kids, especially since it's been Brody and Natalie who've actually done the raising of Liam and poor Bree. As for John? NO. Just no. Though I do love how everyone was like, 'If you weren't around Kelly and Natalie wouldn't be in the hospital right now'

Totally agree with you all! Susan Haskall has been tearing up as crazy Marty. I even liked Kelly today! Natalie should wake up and kick John to the curb, she & Brody are so hot together. I loved the Clint & Vicki scenes, JVD & ES are just in a different league than most of the other actors - except of course Robin Strasser. God she is awesome and I loved her outfit too! Saw some old pics of her when she was Rachel on AW, and she was (and still is) gorgeous.

As for the 'Wes'character, could there be any actress with less masculine qualities than BW? It is awful, but at least good for a laugh.

Why or why ABC would you cancel this show? Ugh.

What are the chances Marty can sign into General Hospital for treatment? I'd pay money to see Marty throw Carly off a building.

@CHH: I now desperately want Marty to tour all the remaining soaps throwing annoying characters off buildings, bridges, whatever's handy. That would be awesome.

Louise, after reading that first paragraph, I was worried for a second. I almost though you'd gone as crazy as Marty. Whew.

The Wes story is awful, but like other posters have said, at least it gets her close to Brody again instead of constant Tess/Ford scenes.

Viki/Clint scenes were awesome. When he teared up talking about Joey & Kevin. "It's what anyone would do." Then, "Charlie's a jackass." I heart Clint. I'm not sure how I feel about a Viki/Clint romance again though. I guess I'll be a die-hard Kim/Clint shipper til the end. :)

loved it! can't stop watching it. gotta know:

is marty on pcp? look at the way natalie flew off that roof?

Oh, yeah, and as lame as Wes is, it's better than having Tess fall for Ford, who is NOT (writers, take note!) and never will be Nash 2.0!

Maybe it's because my senses are somewhat dulled by the insipid YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, but other than the teen goings-on I am immensely entertained by all the goings-on in Llanview these days. Say what you will about Ron Carlivati, but the man is a master of pacing and the veteran actors are utilized brilliantly. If you think I'm kidding, tune into Y&R for an episode and you'll come back with a whole new appreciation for this man.

As for Jess, Tess, Bess, and Wes -- the more the merrier! I loves me some Bree Williamson.

(And I'm with Josie -- Team Clint/Kim all the way! Those those two were an inspired pairing.)

Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

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