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May 16, 2011

That's Our Guy!

Which guy? Our guy! Whose guy? Ours! I don't mean to embarrass myself here, folks, but you have got to be a pretty cool customer if you're not at least a little curious and excited by Roger Howarth's return to One Life to Live! I, for one, am giddy like a schoolgirl because I have not seen one single spoiler and have not one single clue how this is all going to play out. Sure, I wish I hadn't known at all that he was returning, but aside from that one obviously major factor, so far is this is like old-school soap-viewing when you don't already know most of what's happening because of spoilers and internet rumors. Remember the element of surprise? I don't know if (a) I've just been lucky enough to avoid information or if (b) the folks in charge at OLTL have learned something and are miraculously keeping this thing quiet or if (c) the spoilers simply aren't out there because they're going to drag out this tease in tiny bits and pieces for ages because they haven't even written the actual reveal yet. (Are we all pretty sure it's option C?) (And wait! Dear readers, if it's option A, please keep me in the dark, I beg of you!)

Because seriously, y'all.


I mean, right?


I am just so excited! Straitjackets! Mysterious injections! Ambiguous interrogations! Undisclosed locations!

And they're really laying it on thick with Tomas calling Todd "Todd," as if it's in quotes (if Trevor St. John's Todd gets revealed as a fraud, I will give one hundred crispy fresh dollars to the first character to throw some air quotes in his face, by the way) and with Todd referring to himself in the third person, and the two of them speaking vaguely to each other about secrets and questions.



Todd and Tomas agreeing to keep some sort of mutual secret so that Todd can keep his family; a secret that Tomas would "go down for" as well if it came out. Tea dropping anvils like "Sometimes I feel like I have no idea who he really is." I am having a lot of fun, but I do have one request: as a seasoned soap viewer, I know full well that traditionally they would drag this out by showing Roger Howarth's character for weeks on end in just short, tiny scenes in which he's always isolated from anyone else in the cast until weeks or even months from now. Please please, pretty please, don't do that?!


As much as I love Matthew and don't really have a problem, necessarily, with the fact that he and Destiny just had sex, I can't quite say I'm completely comfortable watching them discuss it. Perhaps it's just because they just look like children to me. And I'm perfectly aware that kids that age are having sex but... oh dear lord I'm turning into my mother right before your very eyes, aren't I? I just don't want to hear children talking about the sex! I can't be the only one, can I?


As for our resident first-class passenger on the Crazy Train, Marty's madness has gone downhill a bit as today's plan was totally derivative of Hannah's big plan to kill Starr and make Cole fall in love with her because she "saved" Hope, just as Marty now thinks she killed Natalie and that John will fall in love with her because she "saved" Liam.


I want to squeeze Liam's little toes! 

And poor Destiny, constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting involved in everyone else's drama and being, you know, held at gunpoint. 

Speaking of her, Destiny out (of sexual innocence)!


I remember reading where RC had RH slated to show up in July and moved it up to May now that the show has been cancelled.

Matt/Destiny had sex. Why? I don't like it since it was more of a "hook up" then the two actually dating for several months like Dani and old man Nate. Dani, Destiny and Matthew are way too young to be having sex. I guess Matthew figured he'd either have sex with a girl or end up with Bubba as a love partner in prison.

Liam and his "chick magnet" and little toes stole the show today.

Marty, Natalie, Kelly and Blair can do way better than McSnooze.

The difference between Marty and Hannah is that SH is like 100x the actress Meghann Fahy was and can pull off crazy as easy and and much more worth watching/entertaining. Pretty much like ES is better at the DID thing than BW.

And RH looks so different now but he has the same Todd scar as before so that's pretty telling in and of itself. This is the first time I've been interested in anything Todd related since TSJ jumped off the roof.

I can do w/o the Deanna/Nate/Dani/Starr/James stuff though. This is not a story I want to watch when there is only 6 months left of this soap when there is so many more worthy stories/actors to focus on.

I'm still having a hard time getting used to the Matthew/Destiny thing because I'm so much more of a fan of Eddie Alderson than of Shenell Edmonds and he is a much better actor. I just think he deserves someone...else.

Since RH has the scar, it seems to me they must intend him to be the real Todd. I'm just sayin'.

I am buggin' that the only Matthew scenes we've had in a month are the two with Des, and that they actually ended up doing it. Those two have as much chemistry as...well, John and Natalie. I like them as friends AND I WANT TO KNOW WHEN MATT IS TURNING HIMSELF IN ALREADY!

I loved the end where we saw life come into RH's eyes. He's so expressive with his eyes it's awesome. Hopefully, we get to hear him actually speak tomorrow.

The TSJ Todd/Tomas stuff was really interesting. Tomas knows that Todd is an imposter and it looks like Todd knows he's an imposter as well. But, we don't know if he knew it from the beginning or found out along the way.

I knew the Matthew/Destiny sex was going to happen, but it still made me a bit uncomfortable especially with how Destiny was talking about it. It was still more about Matthew than it was about her, which is totally wrong. Shaun coming up and hearing Matthew though was priceless. I kind of wish Destiny didn't lie because his reaction would have been awesome.

I've heard that Real?Todd shows up in Llanview sooner rather than later, but otherwise I haven't seen any spoilers about how the story plays out. I have a slight hope for b, just because I think after the Tina fiasco RC might have learned something about big returns.

It is kind of squicky that Matthew and Destiny had sex. Not that teens are having sex (THE HORROR! Let me go get my pearls to clutch!), and I think at this point they're like 17 or 18, but they're still our babies! But THEY seem kind of squicked out, so that makes me feel better. Does that make any sense? I have to say, though, when he said, "I didn't need someone; I need you." I kind of swooned. *sigh* Why couldn't I have had a Matthew when I was that age? Heck, why can't I have a Matthew NOW?!?

Though Shennell Edmonds is still not a powerhouse thespian, I think she's greatly improved and is mostly quite serviceable.

Are we REALLY going to have to do a "Oh no, now Natalie can't remember the secret!"? Really? Well, I guess we do still have a week of sweeps...

Liam is almost stealing the show from the wonder that is Crazy Marty. He's just so cute, and also so amusingly nonchalant about this whole situation. Why, oh why, can't he be Brody's?

What the heck? Why do the writers offer so little Matthew? I just don't get it. Eddie Alderson has been on the show for a decade and is the clear best young actor on the show. Matthew has killed a man for God's sake and we never see him. Now, we learn he and Destiny had sex offscreen! The audience has been subjected to 100 conversations about Dani and Nate having sex and scenes of their near-sex. Now, we get one conversation weeks later about Matthew and Destiny having offscreen sex. I am not advocating that we see teen-sex on OLTL (I OD'ed on Starr/Cole sex) but the it seems to me that the show has decided which couples are desirable to see and Matthew and Destiny aren't whereas Dani and Nate are. Today, we got lots of shirtless Nate with scantily clad Deanna (and even a water gun fight inside Inez's apartment.) Ugh.

I am trying to get excited about Roger Howarth's return but given Andrea Evans' and Vanessa Marcil's bungled return on GH, I am a little cautious.

Also, I agree with BN about wishing Liam is stealing his scenes with Marty and that he should be Brody's son.

I hate teen storylines. And I usually dislike teen actors. BUT Eddie Alderson is really, really good. He's really the first young actor to draw me in to be consistently interested in his scenes since Richard Hatch as Phil Brent on AMC back in 1970. He's very good, and we've watched him get better. I don't want Matthew going anywhere. I'm less enamored of Destiny, but in small doses, she's okay. I dislike it when they write her as some sort of all-knowing Oracle, but when she's an unsure kid, like today, I like her better.

I have never seen RH as Todd, since I started watching OLTL after he left. And I've enjoyed TSJ as Todd when he's had decent storylines. And I've really enjoyed hating the character. But I'm thrilled to get the chance to see RH in the role, after all that I've read, and what I've watched on YouTube. This storyline seems to starting out well. I avoid spoilers for OLTL so I haven't a clue what's going to happen. But any storyline that gives me more Tea and Blair to watch can only be good!

I'd love for it to come out that Clint paid Vimal to change Liam's DNA results to show that John was the father, instead of Brody, then crazy Marty changed it back to his real father, Brody.

Also, anyone that wants to really have a wild ride, go to One Life to Live - Trading Places on YouTube...trust me, it's worth it. Only 2 pieces of advice: 1) do NOT drink anything while watching the show; 2) go to the bathroom FIRST.

I dont think there are any spoilers about RH's return--b/c i have a bad habit of looking for them as well, even though after I regret it and miss the element of surprise! I love that it's a surprise intentional or not...however, as you said, they are dropping "anvils" about this storyline b/w "todd" *i stopped typing to do air quotes*, tomas, tea...and obviously the agents and the "stranger" in the "undisclosed location"

I dont think the question is whether or not this "stranger" is Todd, it's how they are going to explain it and when! I hope they don't drag it out as they normally would with very little time left for OLTL *tear*...I'm dying to see scenes between RH and...Viki, Starr, and of course, Blair! I hope they bring RH's todd back with blair and leave it off that way if the show has to end :(

I will see how this all plays out, but I am a little diappointed that TSJ is not the REAL Todd and seems to know he isn't. Tomas and him in "cahoots" ?! I dont know...seems alot like DAYS tale of 2 Romans. I still love LOVE the show, but I dont know if I can get over TSJ Todd knowing all these years that he is not Todd. I cant imagine what Tomas needs him "to finish". Why couldnt have Todd done "it" during the last 5 years?! Oh soaps, how I love thee.

Based on what I've heard there are no real spoilers for the two Todds storyline because they've rewritten it so many times and rewrites are ongoing. I'm trying not to think that's a very bad sign.

I don't think that was a straitjacket, I think it was just a really ugly T-shirt. RH seems to be in a more ominous version of that room at Shady Brook where Laura Spencer spent all that time as a wig on a stick.

Word to the people who said that Brody should be Liam's dad. I thought the same thing as MelP---I think it would hilerious if Vimal changed the results and then crazy Marty changed them back. Liam is way too cute to be stuck with Mopey McBain as a father.

i think brody should be liams dad as well, esp if he isnt ryders! i almost like natalie and brody as a couple esp since jess is always sent to the point of no return and is apparently now a "man" LoL McPain is def not a worthy dad or love interest but thats the direction theyre heading as it looks

I'd be way more excited if they hadn't cancelled the show. I love this show, it is one of the very best daytime soaps. I refuse to get invested now, in anything. It is heartbreaking enough. I did the same thing with ATWT. Tried to with GL but at the end I couldn't watch more than five minutes without cringing.

KatT, I can definitely empathize with you over losing beloved shows. It can be hard to muster up the strength to stick with it until the bitter end. I was an avid, long-time fan of GL and tuned out for its last two years on air. The show's quality deteriorated to the degree that I found it unwatchable. I still have the final episode on DVR and cannot bring myself to watch. All of this to say that I understand you and with episodes like yesterday's OLTL, I question sticking with it to the end but unlike GL, OLTL is in much better creative shape in its last few months than GL.

Unfortunately, OLTL is more akin to ATWT in its final months with the highlighting of new characters (The Fords, Deanna, Aubrey and Cutter) and characters no one cares about (Tess/Bess/Wes). This needs to be fixed to make for a more satisfying viewing experience.

ITA with Soapbaby. I'm not particularly excited to see teens make mistakes, but the fact is that it happens. More importantly, EA has been on this show forevah and is as (more, imo) important than Starr. This is the first teen romance I've ever seen that didn't treat two characters (one of which is a Buch) losing their virginity with more... dignity. Jess, Star, Cole, Christian, Langston, Marco, etc. All of these people's first times were treated as big deals.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it, it's because Destiny isn't mainstream beautiful. Then again, neither was Marcy and she got sex scenes. I don't know the whole reasons behind this ridiculousness, but I don't like it one bit.

Oh yeah, I would give up the left ovary of every one of my sisters if Brody turns out to be Liam's dad.

I have to admit, I'm excited about RH!Todd.

I do hope he's Real Todd, and I greatly anticipate the squirming the show will have to do to retcon TSJ Todd. Still, given how he's been written the last few years, I'm all for retconning him.

Destiny and Matthew seem more line a ONS then anything else. Yes, Destiny had a crush on Matthew who wanted Girl #1 who didn't want Matthew who ended up with Dani who wanted Nate while Destiny moved on to Darren. Matthew and Destiny should have dated just like the other teens instead of the BS that I saw last week.

Thank you, soapbaby. I think what I am trying to say (more or less, since my heart is breaking) is that this show is in fantastic shape and has been for ages. I might be the only person on earth who liked some of the panned storylines. I just have a hard time watching more and more talent come on a show that is going to go for some stupid sublevel cooking show or whatever. It makes it suck that much more. I cannot believe there is NO ONE willing to pony up for these shows. There are some billionaires out there who could use some good will....one a side note, I don't know if anyone else saw this commercial, but it was all about the Special Olympics, highlighting this one gal who has gone very far in her life. The tagline was something along the lines of " Proctor and Gamble. Supporting Moms." I literally laughed myself into a coma. Then I cried. There are not words for how stupid that is.

I have hated TSJ's take on Todd for so long. I hope that not only is he not Todd, he knows good and well he's not Todd. That would fit with the smug, sociopathic, abusive asshole we've seen on-screen for the past several years.

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