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May 15, 2011

Who Does He Think He Is?

That Liam Spencer. He seems to be under some terribly mistaken impression that he is not a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, but instead that he is some sort of real person living in a world with regular values and logic. I mean what kind of nonsense is this? When he insisted to Hope that the two of them could make it work, we got this:

Hope: How? Tell me how!


Liam: We just... we just do it, we make it happen.

Hope: And the baby?


Liam: Hope, my kid will have everything that he needs from me. You and I love each other. I have plenty of love to go around. I have love for you, and the baby -- it's the twenty-first century. I mean, families come in all different shapes and sizes and just because Amber Moore is the mother of my child does not mean she's my family. You and I belong together, you know that. You know that.

I mean... the nerve! Who goes around saying things like this? This is a soap opera, buddy! In soap opera-land, a woman being pregnant by a certain man means he is required by moral law to commit himself to her romantically. And somebody needs to remind this guy that he's in a show that looks like 1989 so he might not want to be cavalierly tossing phrases about like "twenty-first century." It'll only confuse the fashion designers!

Of course, try as Liam might to not be trapped in a soap opera cliche, the bad news for him is that he's in a classic: the baby isn't even his anyway. It's all just a scam and, frankly, Amber doesn't seem particularly committed to the scam. But mama bear Tawny is as committed as ever, and has kept this whole "twenty-first century" theme going by masquerading as Hope and breaking up with Liam via text message. Apparently when you're in a text conversation with someone, you are bound by laws of nature to keep that conversation going by text and not to, say, actually make a phone call if the messages you're getting don't sound like that person at all, are totally confusing to you, and are about something that's as big a deal as the end of a relationship. Nope! Like Bo Buchanan on One Life to Live, you take it at face value! And in Liam's case, you apparently start making out with the nearest preggers chick. That clever Tawny, figuring out text-speak and putting her own phone number under Hope's name in Liam's phone. It's a heck of a trick, and one we all might like to keep in mind the next time we go to drunk-text an ex! Just saying.

Whipple out!


I'm just happy to see Scott Clifton again :)

I really adore Scott Clifton and Kim Matula (she's such a pleasant surprise as Hope) but Amber really hurts this story for me. I wish it were any one but the character of Amber. She's a fail. This is the exact same storyline that she was in in 1998. Adrienne Frantz is not very good and she was awful on Y&R and has no place on B&B with their oversized cast. The show is only 30 minutes. Oh, back to Scott Clifton. Just write him better story already! He's good but he should not have to "turn shit into sugar"

I just found the this amusing B&B backstory video:

Poor Scott Clifton, always getting fooled into thinkin' a baby is his that really isn't. ;)

Siiigh...I still miss Sky.

i love you so much, louise, for your B&B recaps <3 <3

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