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June 04, 2011

To Catch A (Sexual) Predator, Soap-Style

You know, at first I was going to say that it was so amusing and confusing to see how they define sexual abuse on The Bold and the Beautiful because I also watch One Life to Live, a show on which sexual predators and rapists walk around town hearing people tell them that they are wonderful, loving men and fathers (but of course I'm not allowed to talk about one of those this week), while over at B&B half the characters are loosely defining "two adult people accidentally take hallucinogenic/aphrodisiac drugs and end up having sex" as WOMAN SAVAGELY SEXUALLY ABUSES STEPSON. But then I realized that in this very same show, we have a situation where a man thinks a woman had sex with him while he was unconscious, resulting in a pregnancy, and instead of charging her with rape (how many times can Scott Clifton play this exact same scenario on different soaps?) he's being civil to her and planning to be there for the baby. 

Now, the irony of course is that neither of these situations actually happened. Brooke and Thomas did not have sex on the island, and Amber did not actually have sex with a passed-out Liam. But as the characters at large don't (yet?) know this, in the case of Brooke and Thomas we've got a whole army of people ready to burn Brooke in the town square for being a sexual predator. One position I'm really baffled by is Steffy's. She is absolutely furious with her brother Thomas for "doing this to" their father. So she thinks Thomas has enough culpability in it to be disgusted with him and to consider him a traitor. But when it comes to Brooke? It wasn't actually Thomas' fault. Or at least not really. Because Steffy thinks Brooke deliberately and diabolically drugged Thomas and seduced him and is an evil woman. So Thomas is plainly Brooke's victim, but Thomas is still in big trouble because he betrayed their father? Please to explain?

By the way, Steffy's presentation of her argument to Brooke was stellar.


I feel like they need to hire a gesture coach for some of the model/actors on this show. But she did, of course, make sure to count on her fingers when she ran down the list of who Brooke has slept with ("my father, my uncle, my grandfather, and now my brother").


That equals FOUR! And four equals whore!

She also offered up some very helpful psychological analysis: Brooke can't handle being happy, and Brooke is addicted to screwing up. Good call, Steffy. Maybe you should ask your mother to refer Brooke to a "Can't Handle Happiness" and "Screwing-up Addiction" specialist, along with the sexual abuse specialist to whom she's sending poor little Thomas, the victim. At least Taylor is clear on her position: Thomas is 100% an innocent victim, and Brooke is an evil predatory sex offender.

But we're getting some movement on this, courtesy of Ian Buchanan! Yay! 


Okay, my understanding is that his character James is pretty hated on this show, but Anna and Duke on General Hospital are definitely one of my Top Five all-time soap opera couples so I have a special affection for the man no matter who he plays. Plus we're dealing with the fact that I find him super-dreamy. 

And now he's finally putting the idea out there in the world that Thomas is lying! I gotta admit, I'm finding the way this is playing out to be pretty fun. I know the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle is tired and has been for ages, but I do like that for once Brooke actually didn't do the inappropriate thing that everyone's freaking out about. Will Ridge re-consummate things with "good girl" Taylor before all is revealed? I'm less interested in that and far more interested in the fallout for Thomas and Stephanie.

Whipple out!


Steffy does baffle me in her logic but of course she's on Team Stephanie so nothing she does is wrong while anyone with the name Logan has to be the bad guy. She shouldn't say anything since she's the one that had a relationship with Rick a guy she at one point thought was her uncle. Damn Brooke was really busy to arrange this whole thing. She had to do some serious homework to pull it off including fixing the weather and getting two suicidal pilots to crash the plane on this specific island where the only food are these magic berries.

James Warwick isn't hated, last I knew, but he's the Bell-A equivalent of Lainey on General Hospital: lovely (if you go for that), but ineffectual. That said, his even faintly suggesting that Thomas might be lying was utterly unexpected--which probably means someone's going to torpedo that idea in short order...

I turned on the TV on Monday and when Taylor barges into Brooke's office and starts her "I better not have heard what I think I heard" nonsense, I had a feeling that we would be subject to Taylor bawling Brooke out while Brooke says nothing, turns the other cheek, cries, and wrings her hands. I hate the way Taylor bashes Brooke and she is never permitted to fight back.

Having said that, I am pleasantly surprised that James mentioned that Thomas may be lying. Halleluja! Usually this character is brought on as Taylor's syncophant.

Louise, I love that you love Duke and Anna. The sight of Ian Buchanan looking suave is almost enough to make me tune into B&B, but I tried to watch a couple of times while Brooke and Thomas were on that island - and I just don't get the camp thing. I'm actually kind of comforted that B&B's characters and stories are so similar to what they were twenty years ago, though; continuity in the soap world is a good thing nowadays!

Super adoring your B&B recaps <3 Screencaps are always a lovely addition. I'm also super looking forward to the fallout for Stephanie (I find it so sad that her peace with Brooke never lasts more than a month :(

I, too, am thrilled that for once Brooke is innocent :))))))))))))

Now if IB would just take that sexy over to GH where it belongs, the world would be a better place. And bring Anna back to get some of that. Duke is missed so much!

It wasn't just Dr. James' revelation of the truth. It was also very much the way Ian portrayed it spot on with conviction, seriousness, and the way he uses his voice to such great effect. I can only imagine what an asset he'd be on GH as Duke.

Steffy is a nasty bit if goods and I am sick of her hypocrisy. She labels Brooke a tramp, but she is panting after Bill like a dog in heat.

And I am sick of Stephanie and her gratuitous digs at Brooke. She knows Thomas is lying, yet she has the nerve to say Brooke needs help? Although I agree that Brooke needs help, she needs to know why she puts up with Ridge and his ugly family.

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