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June 16, 2011

We Are Grading On One Hell Of A Curve Here

Sam--known in some circles, specifically "my head" as Lady Props-A-Lot--offered an assessment of Michael and Kristina that I can only describe as remarkable.

Sam: You've all done a really good job raising these kids. They're great kids!

Well, she's right in that...they are both someone's kids? How anybody can, with a straight face, offer Sonny and Carly parenting kudos is just beyond me.

Although, to be fair to Sam, this was largely an awkward way for her to defuse a spectacularly tense situation. Moments earlier, Alexis went on a hate-filled rampage, filled with threats of violence and wild accusations. Or at least that's what I gathered based on Sonny and Carly's reactions to her.

Alexis: I appreciate that Michael tried to defend his sister, and I care very much about Michael, but there are better ways to handle this than with his fist.
Carly: Carlylaugh

Sonny: But sometime's a fist is the only way to get your point across.
Alexis: You know, that's very interesting coming from you, considering what happened to your daughter. Your son is on parole. It might have been wiser to let him accept the consequence that if you punch someone at graduation, you may not get your diploma. There is no reason to strong-arm the mayor. He would have gotten his diploma eventually.
Carly: Sonnydumbstruck

 "Ohmigod, Sonny, do you hear her? Do you hear how out of touch she is? 'Consequences'? It's not 1890 anymore, Alexis. It is modern day and this day is ruled by the Corinthos...Corinthoses? Corinthi? It's ruled by Sonny and by extension, ME, so if my son wants a diploma, he gets it. If this other one--the little guy over there, if he wants a diploma? HE GETS IT. NOW.

Sonny: You think so? Well, know what? I wanted my son's diploma and I used my power to get it.
Alexis: Of course you did.
Sonny: And you know what? I don't regret it for one second.
Alexis: You...and that bothers me a lot. Because you bully and intimidate and then you want to know why your son goes around hitting people.
Carly: Okay, enough! I'm proud of my son and my son's father!
"So he punched someone! It's not like he's ever SHOT ANYONE! Okay, so he's shot someone, but it's not like he's AXED ANYONE. Okay, whatever, you know what? He's a good boy. And I'm not going to sit here and let you SLANDER him. How dare you sit here and say, 'Michael punched someone, I think he deserves to be EXECUTED?' How, Alexis? HOW? You're dead to me, bitch."

There was also a lot of Michael whining to Jason about how hard his life is, and Abby whining to Dante about how hard Michael's life is, and the entire hour was just...hard to take. Plus, it ended with Michael and Abby agreeing to move in together, which serves as a reminder for all of us to, um, immediately delete tomorrow's episode from our DVR sight unseen, because watching those two moon at each other is nauseous-making.


I swear that was the world's shortest probation period I've ever seen...WOW 5 years went past quick!!! SMH

Did he even do community service? Did he meet with a probabtion officer? Has he been seeing that therapist past the first meeting when he afterwards threw the garbage can?? I guess I can't be totally surprised considering Michael and Kristina spend a total of 3 days in senior year. They were able to visit family, go to Kelly's, etc. during the hours of a normal school day. Great stab at reality, Guza.

"If this other one--the little guy over there, if he wants a diploma? HE GETS IT. NOW."

iDied. That whole scene made me remember why I really don't like either Carly or Sonny. I pray Jax gets his baby girl and Carly never gets to see her again.

That whole scene was disgusting. The way Molly and Morgan and Carly and Sonny were glowing with pride at Michael beating someone (who was, admittedly, an ass) and looking at Alexis like she had dared to drown a puppy when she suggested that violence is not always the answer. I detest the Corinthos extended family of Carly, Sonny, and their spawns. They're mostly tolerable apart but when they're together I just want the room to blow up.

Looking to get drunk? Take a shot everytime you hear Michael's name or how he's earned his diploma/for his parole to be lifted. Ever since he got out of prison, he's violated his parole left and right. Dante just chose not to report him. Not being reported and earning are not the same thing.

If anyone deserved that boy's diploma or possible future degree (I know) it's Kristina. She kept him in school (for her benefit, but she kept him in nonetheless) and got him into college (which I don't expect him to attend b/c clearly college and any non-mob career is worse than prison).

Alexis, of course, is right. Far be it from anyone to actually call Michael out on what he's done wrong. He wasn't the only one to face consequences. Bryce was dismissed from the ceremony and refused his diploma as well. Michael did not have to hit that turd*, and it's sickening to see people fawning over Michael like a god. I love how Alexis refuses to treat him as such.

When you think about it, Alexis has never seemed that fond of Michael and I appreciate that. Never change, Natasha.

Carly just grates. Michael is a horrible person. Sonny and Carly did not do a good job and Morgan needs to go back to camp...esp. now that we have ventured into that time of year when camp actually happens.

Sam should just not speak...ever.

*Michal was supposed to wait until after graduation when there would be no witnesses. And this is the same person who claims to be ready for the business? *sarcasm*--Mallory, I've caught your footnote bug!

the carly screencaps are amazing! + LW looks mighty fine ;) I loved the Corinthoses/Corinthi bit :)

Sam is officially the most pathetic, waste of airspace ever.

I can't stand Michael or Kristina. He's a punk. And an inept one at that. Every single thing he has ever tried to do involving "the business" has failed miserably with Dante, Jason or both having to come behing him and clean it up.

When Abby said that she couldn't be with him if he was in the mob, he blows up about her trying to control him. No, Michael. She gets to have a say in the the kind of life she wants for HERSELF.

Kristina .. is just a little brat. She is self centered an intolerable. I can't stand her scenes with Ethan - just creepy. But then everytime I see Ethan, I feel like I need a shower. When is the last time he washed his hair?

God is it July 25th yet??? Is it?????

Beth, is that when the new writer takes over?

When Guza goes, I hope the myth of Sonny and Carly as great parents goes with him. These people are intolerable--and the fact that Christina talks to her father is unbelievable.

I haven't seen any scenes involving the Elizabeth character that couldn't have waited for Becky's recovery. This replacement's portrayal is wooden.

And exactly how many times has General Hospital been "taken hostage." I hope this is Lisa's last stand. Forever.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY grated on my nerves more than MOLLY. Can we please, please, PRETTY PLEASE send that girl to live with her father. Her whole just BEING is getting, no HAS GOTTEN on my freakin last nerve. Somebody, ANYBODY, SHUT HER UP. All of these romantic notions she has are just disturbing on so many different levels. It doesn't matter that Ethan is what 15 or so years OLDER than Kristina. It doesn't matter that EVERY MALE IN HER FAMILY (EXCEPT NIKOLAS)is mob affiliated and that is not romantic, or safe for a baby, or true love's first kiss (oh wait, that was Shrek or Enchanted, or something else). Just AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH make her go away.

Dante telling Michael that his parole is up and in the same breath telling him the kid he punched won't be pressing charges? So disgusting.

I can not stand any of Sonny's kids YUCK!As for Carly please just send her away! Can't stand most of the cast any more ! Where is the G.H.that i used to love so sad :(

Oh man, someone please tell me Garin Wolf hasn't started writing yet. Because last week and this week were unbearable.

Someone get the paddles! This show is dying...

The show keeps trying to convince us that Carly and Sonny are great parents when there is so much evidence otherwise. Saying they love their kids, therefore they are good parents, is stupid. Love alone doesn't make someone a good parent if they don't back that love up with actions. All we hear is Sonny is a great father, Carly is a great mother, Jason would be an AWESOME father, Sam would be a great mother. When Dante said Michael has turned his life around, has he been hiding under a rock? Michael is so messed up! He wants to join the mob, he's constantly getting into dangerous situations, he has a huge chip on his shoulder...Alexis is the voice of reason and she gets slapped down. Everything is so one-sided. No one grows or changes or learns from their mistakes. Guza clearly was just writing total crap at this point because the show has been intolerable lately.

I had to laugh when Abby told Dante that Michael "punched one of the other kids..." Abby, listen to yourself. "Other kids" includes Michael. You are dating a kid. Who just graduated high school. I don't think an age difference is wrong, but this just strikes me as funny. If they had started dating when Michael was in college, that may have seemed more plausible. I know Michael is a year behind, but he's been acting like he's 12, which doesn't help.

What if the kids went to a Catholic school, can you imagine Sonny trying to strong-arm a nun principal into giving Michael is diploma?!

I think it is a catching story.

I can't watch this, but I am confused... Didn't Michael and Kristina attend a Prep School? Forget that the town's mayor should not have any say in whether a student gets his diploma, but wouldn't that matter even less at a private school? Don't head masters make those kinds of decisions?

Thank you Dawn. I'm so happy I'm not the only one that Molly is not cute, precocious, or insightful but just a obnoxious know-it-all that really knows nothing. And really no child should be able to run off at the mouth like that. Telling adults what they should and should not do, trying to educate anyone on anything that is romantic. And then have the adults do a 'oh Molly' to her. The only one I have seen remotely get close to having a look, 'I can bitchslap this kid' is Jason. But truly someone really needs to tell Molly to either STFU or the writers of the show need to tone her the hell down.

who IS Molly's father?

Rick Lansing is Molly's father. She needs to be shppied off to him PRONTO.

realbrenda4ever, I'm with you on the drinking games. How else do I get through it? I have additional ones:

1) Every time Kristina mentions Ethan or says, "I'm 18 and an adult."

2) Every time Molly is in the room. Mostly because it's the only way I can stand her.

3) Whenever Abby looks vapid (okay, that one is too easy, I know, but I hold out hope I won't be in an alcohol-induced coma after one of her "heavy appearance days" sometime in the future.

4) Sam says the word "baby" in a sentence, even though there's no pressure and they are still undecided.

5) Lulu says "when my dad comes back."

6) And the most ironic of the drinking games - every time Lucky says "alcoholic."

I keep waiting for someone to point out to Sonny that both Brenda and Emily were EXCELLENT examples for him to set for Kristina to show his views on younger women seeing older men.

LOVE the screencaps of Carly!!! (Laura Wright looks amazing, but the usual Carly facial expressions are classic here).

Every time I think of Sonny and Emily, my skin crawls.

Hate Sam, hate Carly, hate Sonny, hate Molly, hate Kristina, barely tolerate Alexis since she became the mother of Sam, Molly and Kristina, totally hate Michael...'nough said!

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