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July 07, 2011

A Weird Day Indeed

Well, I sat down to watch today's One Life to Live, thinking it probably wouldn't do enough for me to actually do a write-up because today's bizarre "the shows got saved....kinda" news would overshadow everything, but I already flipped out about three times in the cold open. Jack, Shane, and Rex are face-to-face for the first time since Gigi's death, Viki and Dorian are face-to-face for the first time since Viki found out about Dorian stalling on getting Clint help during his heart attack, and most importantly, RHTodd actually said the words "that son of a bitch stole my life!" and I about jumped off my couch.


So I'm excited. So here we go, gang, it's an old-fashioned recap day, starting from immediately after the credits. 

So, RHTodd is still talking to himself in his motel room trying to figure out how someone stole his life and nobody noticed. It's a fair question! But my favorite was: "And who the hell are Sam and Dani??" He needs someone to help him make sense of it, and notices Viki's name on The Banner website.

Viki and Dorian are awesomely bickering. Dorian mentions that Clint is guilty of every crime he confessed to, and Viki looks nervous since she knows the one exception (which, really, what he confessed to is enough for a healthy prison sentence regardless).

Destiny continues to play with a pregnancy test box.

Matthew's doctor explains that he was just joking about being out of options for Matthew, and just meant he couldn't stay at this hospital anymore. Bo and Nora get upset about sending him away until the doctor (a better one, mind you!) says there's a great facility in Philadelphia and the show remembers it takes place in a Philadelphia suburb, so that's totally not sending him away at all.

Ionia shows up to continue trying to seduce David.

Jack apologizes to Shane. Or sympathizes. Or something. It's hard to tell.

Commercials. Y'all. My dog smells so bad. I hate the idea of kicking her off the couch but it's really nasty. Where did the dog-walker take her today? A pig pen? I think he may have.

Ionia continues to throw herself at David and, I don't know, this was sort of a cute thing the other day but now I'm bored. Echo hides and takes photos of Ionia throwing her bikini top at David.

Viki and Dorian are still arguing. Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak are on fire, plain and simple. Soap opera acting master class, ladies and gents.

Nate and Dani argue about Matthew having killed Eddie. Nate should button his shirt. He's at work. In some Pennsylvania park. Where every car in the parking lot has New York plates. 

Nora worries that Matthew will feel alone in a new facility. Bo points out that Matthew is as stubborn as Nora is, which makes her light up with hope. 

Destiny looks at her pee stick and has no reaction and puts it away.

Capricorn. Blair yells at TSJTodd on the phone, and he hangs up on her. Tomas is there and tells Blair he's heard about Jack's arrest and release, but Blair doesn't want to talk about it and gets a little nasty about the lies Tomas has told her.

TSJTodd shows up at the Jack/Shane/Rex showdown. 

Commercials. Side effects include dry mouth, nausea, and constipation.

Against TSJTodd's wishes, Jack apologizes again to Shane. TSJTodd follows this up by saying, "He's sorry about your loss" with the word "loss" in air quotes, and somebody is going to come to my house and murder me for this, but I think that was an absolutely inspired choice on Trevor St. John's part. I'm dead serious. A lot of us have wondered for years why he seems to go so far in portraying Todd's callousness and hatefulness, but seems to have lost his remorse, his self-hatred, and basically his soul. Well, as of the moment RHTodd returned, Trevor St. John has gone even farther in the direction of sociopathy in his choices, and now it makes perfect sense (at least in the various Two Todds explanations I have in my head; I of course don't know a damn thing about how this'll play out). I've been finding his cruelty just plain fascinating and, look, that actor is no idiot. He knows full well that one of his "reign's" most reviled moments (I mean to the point that it's iconic now) was when his Todd chose to air-quote his (second) rape of Marty. This was a clear call-back to it and an invitation to loathe the man he's playing. I have no doubt many of you will vehemently disagree with me on this one (and that's totally fine!), but I love this balls-to-the-wall kind of stuff. He's playing a monster now, all the way. 


Oh yeah, back to the show! It sort of gets dull at this point.

Blair points out the holes in Tomas' backstory. They argue and kiss, but it's really not the time. Obviously they need to heat up their romance so the RHTodd stakes are higher, but it feels weird.

Back at the hospital, Dorian explains that Viki should thank her for getting the confession from Clint. Viki doesn't thank her, but backs down a bit, and the two women start discussing Echo and whether or not she remains a threat.

David and Ionia talk about workout routines and boobs and it's boring. Echo takes more pictures.

Seriously, Nate, button your shirt. I'm uncomfortable. Nate thinks that Dani might know he's the one who hit Matthew, but she doesn't.

Destiny asks Bo and Nora "Matthew's going away? To Philadelphia?" Destiny, SEPTA. Get to know it. Sheesh. She goes in to say goodbye to Matthew and tells him she's pregnant. (And I cross my fingers for a fictional miscarriage lickety-split.) You can't really tell if Matthew understands, and Destiny pulls out her pee stick (as one does). Nora walks in.

Nate's about to tell Dani something, but she gets a phone message from Destiny and leaves for the hospital without Nate saying anything. He looks frustrated. Maybe because he's ten years older than his teen girlfriend.

RHTodd remembers that he can trust his sister Viki above all others.

David realizes that Ionia is setting him up. He can't figure out who's responsible.

Viki and Dorian get pissy at each other and kind of break up as friends. I don't like it. Make up, ladies! Dorian throws away the plant she'd brought for Clint.

Tomas and Blair talk about... their relationship. These two have chemistry, but this has been such a slow burn and this is such bad timing that it's hard to feel invested.

Rex pretends to apologize to TSJTodd and Jack for overreacting and fakes that he accepts the whole thing was Brad's fault and he's totes at peace with this, which makes Shane feel worse and appalled. 

Destiny, of course, covers for the pee stick thing. Dani shows up and asks her what the results were of the pregnancy test.

David bumbles around a bit as Ionia leaves and Dorian returns home. David lies about who was there. Oh come on, now. Put Dorian back in Viki's story. I don't want to see Robin Strasser go out on a stupid misunderstandings-and-shenanigans story with David.

Rex tells Shane he was faking making peace with Todd, because Rex is a super papa. Extortion, organ-selling, and revenge schemes. Clearly the top three pursuits to help an adolescent boy heal after the tragic death of his mother. 

Echo and Ionia compare notes. I'm confused about what Ionia stands to gain from this; I think I missed a detail. Echo couldn't be paying her, right? Isn't she broke?

Dorian sees the photos of David and Ionia on David's Blackberry. Viki sees the same photos on her laptop a moment later, which is hilarious. Admit it!

RHTodd decides to talk to Viki and says he wants his life back, and he knows how he's going to get it.

Nate tells the air that he'll tell Dani all about Matthew someday. I'm sure we all care about this a great deal.

Nora and Bo say goodbye to Matthew before he gets transferred to the Philly facility, as Destiny lies to Dani that she's not pregnant. 

Capricorn. TSJTodd scolds Jack for almost having confessed to Shane and Rex. 

Rex further explains his dastardly plan to Shane, which ends with the sentence "so now Jack and Todd will never see us coming." Oh good! Now he's making his adolescent son complicit in his revenge scheme. Constructive parenting. Sort of the way Todd parents. Well done.

The end! Time to give the dog a bath.

So... what do you guys think of the crazy news that OLTL and AMC will live on (somehow... I'm still confused and need answers!) online? I'm guessing a couple of you might have an opinion or two...


You made a typo when you said that Matthew should button up his hirt. I think you were reffering to Nate! I guess the news today about both AMC and OLTL being renewed to continue airing online was probably responsible for the typo! LOL!!!!

OOPS!!! Made a typo myself misspelling shirt! I'm shocked y the news myself too!!! LOL!!!

Misspelled by! OOPS AGAIN!!! Still shocked by the news!!! LOL!!!

Fixed, thanks! Yeah, my head is spinning just a bit!

I agree with you about Trevor St. John. I don't know if at this point he and Roger were aware of how the story was going to play out but he's just been having fun being a straight out monster.

As for THE NEWS. It deserves all capitals, I am confused as to how it's all going to work out exactly (I suspect fewer episodes produced for one...or subsription based views like Veince Beach does) but it's actually a legitimate attempt to keep the genre alive that's not cosmetic. (Filming in HD) i'm willing to give it a try at least.

Louise - I laughed out loud several times over this recap but the hardest at: "Destiny pulls out her pee stick (as one does)." ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Actually, everything with Destiny has been hilarious. She has gone from a fun, smart and spunky young woman to a mopey, sad, silly and willfully ignorant person. And I am a fan but man, she's gotten the "Starr treatment" something serious!

Please, oh please, tell me this is not Dorian's exit storyline. If so, I would be infuriated. Skilled writers would be inspired to write story for talent like Robin Strasser (and Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer for that matter.)

Trevor St. John is a brilliant actor and has proven it time and time again over the years. A shame that he was let go and we, the audience, miss out on his greatness.

Regarding the show's being "saved", it feels all too reminiscent of moving to Peapack, NJ or Digital TV (Guiding Light and Passions, respectively) to extend their ultimate demise. I hope that AMC and OLTL will still produce strong, satisfying television finales as many fans will not migrate to online viewing. I for one have accepted the conclusion of AMC and OLTL and looked forward to seeing how everything wrapped up. Please do not confuse this with wishing for the cancellations, only since the cancellation announcements I had come to terms with the end of this era. I do not wish to reinvest into an internet version that may disappoint.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I had to rant.

I would rather the shows go out in a dignified blaze of glory than weakly hobble off like GL & PASSIONS.
This would be a non-RC version of OLTL, correct?

Viki's "Oh David, how could you?" had me chuckling. And David's ringtone? So David.

Anyway, Viki and Dorian was definitely a masterclass, as you said, Louise. Don't worry, they're not done with each other yet, from what I've read.

I noticed the "air quote," too, Louise, and I also think it was an inspired choice. Now that we know he might not be Todd, it's easier to watch him be a sociopathic monster.

As for the news, I'm intrigued. I think there a LOT of questions, but it's sort of exciting just from an experimental point of view. I will say, though, that people better not get their hopes up that it will be all vets; in fact, I fear it'll be a lot more Fords than Buchs.

As long as Frons is not part of the deal and is kept away from everything I'm in with the changes. This will give RS/Dorian something to return to after her surgery. Agnes Nixon has already announced that she will be involved with the future shows, and that's great by me, too. Maybe the new administration will stop having people stand slack-jawed to let us know they don't understand something and instead have them act appropriately for the situation? Maybe the will have the Fudds drive each other out of town and forget to where Llanview is (brain damage from too much bare skin?) and we still will get a reprieve from them? And maybe Santa Claus will put me on his early route this year? Anyway, I'm not complaining about the new delivery system until they give me a reason. Please, no expensive subscriptions. With the depression, er, um, uh, I mean recession who could afford it?

NOW I can get excited about some of the returns/stories I couldn't deal to invest in before. I just hope they get rid of some of the duds, on both shows. Questions, though...I know a lot of the actors/writers/producers, etc had made other job plans after being so crudely dumped...what happens now? Do they come back or go on to the shows/projects they already signed on to? I know the company said the want to keep everyone, but what about contracts and all? So confused, but so happy! I'd gladly pay whatever fee they want to keep these show running online per "season" or whatever. The news made my day.

I hate to be a downer, but we have to be realistic in our euphoria. The shows are going to have to majorly downsize to get them to a budgetary level where Prospect can even conceivably make money. That means, for instance, a lot more outdoor shooting like we've gotten during the summers the past few years. It also means a smaller cast, heavily skewed towards the younger, cheaper actors. They're not going to pay for Bo, Nora, Clint, Viki, Blair, Todd, Rex (not that I'd particularly care about him), etc. MAYBE one or two will be kept, and possibly the others pop up as "special guest stars" from time to time. And the actors might not be willing or able to take the kind of pay cuts that will be inevitable. As it is, the vets make less money than ever, and there comes a point where "taking one for the team" just isn't an option.

It also comes down to the plans people have already made and if they're willing or able to change them. This is probably more true of AMC, where people like Debbie Morgan are getting jobs elsewhere, but it applies to OLTL, too. It might come down to just how confident people are about getting other work, and how they feel about staying in NYC. The Ford boys might decide that their abs would do better in LA. (Ironically, I bet you the vets are the ones least inclined to move, and also the ones who know/fear they won't really get another job, what with the continued looking-down-upon of soap actors and the difficulties of being an older actor in general. But, again, will they be willing to work for what will probably be quite low wages? Will they be able to afford to?)

There are personal issues, as well. Let's assume, for instance, that Brody isn't killed/thrown off to the loony bin/whatever: Mark Lawson's wife lives in LA. He's said he wants to be in LA and stop having to do those commutes every week. He also likes LA more than NYC, and only lives there because he got a job. Will he be willing to stay with a reduced salary? Probably not. So Brody's going regardless. Robin Strasser sounds like she really, really wants to move to LA to be with her sons and enjoy the weather and have more room for her dogs. So people getting their hopes up that she'll come back now are most likely going to be in a for a rude surprise. I'm sure a lot of other actors, especially the young ones, have LA plans, too. It's all going to be very, very interesting.

"They're not going to pay for Bo, Nora, Clint, Viki, Blair, Todd, Rex (not that I'd particularly care about him), etc. MAYBE one or two will be kept, and possibly the others pop up as "special guest stars" from time to time."

At this point I would be fine with saying goodbye to Todd (any Todd, ever), Bo (he's just there to enable Rex), Clint (a lunatic), and Blair (love KDP but Blair is so marginalized she wasn't even around when Jack caused Gigi's death, and the scenes where she got him to confess to what he did were cut).

I would like to keep Nora in some capacity, and I think Viki is essential. Erika has said she was thinking of moving to LA for her career, and her husband was happy to go with her.

You're right about the pay cuts, but I think if this has a shorter filming schedule, fewer episodes, and much more flexible options allowing actors to do other projects, then a lot of people would probably consider staying on even at a much reduced salary.

As for TSJ's performances I think he's been this way for years and now the show is just playing this up instead of writing around it. The way he was with Tea for most of 2009 is pretty much how he is now.

I think you're right, Carl, about the show not trying to write around TSJ's performances anymore. His acting choices are easier to take when it's no longer a given that he's going to end up being a "hero."

I also think you make a good point about flexibility. If the new production model and such makes outside projects more feasible, that might keep more people around. As it is, OLTL seems to be fairly good about letting their actors do outside stuff. Several people have been on Broadway while on the show, Bree Williamson has done Gossip Girl, etc.

I only watch when I know that there are characters on that I want to see. All I got out of yesterday's episode was, 1. What is that dead animal on Nate's head? I didn't even notice the shirt because I was trying to figure out the hair and why anyone cared. Seriously, it sounds like nate and Dani were pissed at each other for the same thing. And what was with that slomo hug with Deanna? It looked like the actor was thinking, "Okay, I gotta make sure this looks really obvious so the other girl has something to play off of." Which shows he's a generous actor or something, but when I'm putting thought bubbles in people's head's like that, it's not a good thing.

I forgot what number 2 was. I was just completely taken out of the scene by Nate's hair. And Destiny's pee stick, which wasn't as disconcerting because I expect it to be used like that on TV. Though I'm not sure why she was carrying around the super jumbo size.

So what the hell happened to the bullying storyline? Or was the moral SUPPOSED to be "you're not alone and you'll get through this, but if you make the bully mad when you stick up for yourself, he might kill one of your parents and get away with it"?!? That's not very inspiring.

Am I the only one that thinks this whole "the shows got saved....kinda" thing is actually ABC's version of a safety net? If THE CHEW and THE REVOLUTION tank like we all think they will, the network will simply bring the shows back (and have a stockpile of episodes to begin airing) and look like a big hero.

Dirk...I agree. If the Chew, Revolution and Katie are all that then why not send them over to online viewing?

ABC/Disney is going to hold onto the rights of their soaps and then bring them back years from now.

Dirk, I agree with you too. I know Prospect Park was given exclusive rights, but from what I've heard ABC retained the TV rights. That would mean PP could potentially sell the shows back to ABC to air.

I forgot about Echo being broke, and yes, she IS paying Ionia! Really hating the "Dorian's jealous" s/l for the 89,000th time. Like they have nothing better to do with RS. Jeez! I want her to go out after patching things up with Viki. On the plus side, David did throw in a mention of his alter ego (TW) which was amusing :)

Oh, and Louise, I can't WAIT to hear your take on what was found today in the exact spot where Echo stood to take her pictures of David and Ionia.

Nate's shirt was gross and totally unacceptable ranger attire.

Bourgeois Nerd, from what I've heard - and admittedly it could be a bogus post - Jerry verDorn is down with continuing online! So if he's staying...if ES goes, though, I may be gone too. She's the reason I watch and the reason I want the show to survive.

Is anyone going to the OLTL 43rd Anniversary love-in? It's this Friday 10-4 at the studio for any NYers who are free that day.

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