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July 25, 2011

How Utterly Non-Soapy

Well done, The Bold and the Beautiful! I know it's hard when presented with psychotic-narcissist Steffy's very valid arguments of, basically, "Why are you telling me to feel compassion for someone who isn't me?! How does that even make sense? What is compassion for if not me?" but they managed to actually have a character spout some rational suggestions of empathy on today's episode.

Taylor: Steffy. Try to have some compassion for Katie, okay? This is going to be very hard for her, she's going to be blindsided, she's going to suffer loss when Bill tells her he's leaving her.


Steffy: (with a disgusted snarl) It shouldn't be that big of a surprise after the way she's treated him, Mom.

Taylor: Well, I can tell you as the woman who's been left, it's always a surprise and it hurts. A lot. Steffy, don't try to trick yourself into believing that Katie deserves to be hurt like this. Nobody deserves that.

They don't? I don't get it.

Steffy: (looks at her mother like she's a crazy person for misunderstanding that everything is always about her)

Taylor: Steffy, I... I'm not trying to deny you being happy. It's just that everything that we've just gone through? And it isn't healthy to, to be happy about seeing Katie being hurt.


Steffy: (legitimately stumped by this whole "giving a crap about other humans" nonsense) But, but I'm happy. I'm happy because I'm in love!

Taylor: And that's what scares me. I know you're in love and everything seems wonderful, but I don't want you throwing your trust around. Steffy, you really have to be careful when it comes to a man like Bill. You have to keep your eyes open. Because I sure plan to.

And from that point on, basically Steffy made some truly cogent points about Bill totally loves her because he's leaving a Logan woman for her, which is totally the best thing in the history of ever and the most important thing in the world. It was gross, but it was also surprisingly refreshing to hear Taylor encourage human decency and also, you know, not doing a happy dance for having successfully broken up a marriage you set out to bust up. Ultimately, though, it just devolved into some business about how Bill is more trustworthy than Ridge, while across town Bill told Liam he's in love with Steffy (Why? WHY? She's hot and worships him, okay, but he honestly seems taken with her for something more than that and it seriously makes him look like a damn fool.) and then proceeded to take part in a vow-renewing ceremony with Katie in front of their families. He interrupted it toward the end, so we'll see how it plays out, but hey -- we got a few moments of sanity in today's episode and I'm not one to lack appreciation for little gifts.


YESSSSSSS!! Another Louise B&B recap!!! YESSSSSSSS! I've been checking this site like a psycho-stalker for the past week waiting for more B&B! Your recaps are currently my drugs of choice and please don't ever stop!!

I too am glad to see Taylor promote human decency. She's been on a roll the past few weeks (if you ignore the whole 'no other man will compare to you, ridge'), and I love seeing her get pissed off for a reason.

And Steffy being so delusional as to not even see the irony of her being the other woman.....

Looking forward to more recaps from you forever <3 <3 <3

What bugs me about Steffy, is that her behavior completely mimics all the crap that Brooke has been spouting off for years about how she and Ridge were destined. I really wanted Taylor to bring that up in the conversation yesterday, but I'm glad that she's trying to talk some sense into her annoying daughter. I'd like to believe that Steffy's behavior the past 2 years is some sort of belated reaction to Phoebe's death. I would love it if Hope and Taylor started to get close and Steffy hated it!

Oooh, Hope and Taylor getting closer......Steffy would have a mental breakdown! I love it! :D

I would love to feel for Steffy, but she makes it SO hard.

Steffy would be more sympathetic if she hadn't been chasing every unavailable man on the show, starting with Jackie Marone's husband,Owen.She then moved on to Oliver, who was with Hope Logan at the time. Then, my chronology gets hazy. I don't know if she moved on to Bill before pursuing his son, Liam, who was also unavailable because of his relationship with Hope at the time. Now she's back to Bill. Steffy is not exactly a poster child for mental health, is she?

Awesome! I LOVE the way you described Steffy,"psychotic-narcissist." Soooo fitting.

However, unlike you, I do not find her attractive. She is too masculine-looking and she has a nasty personality. She isn't a character I love to hate, she is a character I detest.

I just don't get why the hell Bill would ever want her over Katie.

Does. Not. Compute.

Very true. I don't find Steffy sympathetic at all. She can whine all day long about how "The Logans have no class," meanwhile she is panting after a married man. And the fact that if he cheats on his wife he will cheat on her is lost on her, as she is too special to be the wronged wife.

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