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July 11, 2011

The Day's Most "Really? REALLY?!" Dialogue

I'm sorry, WHAT?!

Siobhan: Now, I bought into the whole mother grieving over the loss of her child story.

If I were the heroine in a quirky dramedy, my reaction to that line would have included a dropped jaw and the sound of a record needle scratch because seriously, what the hell?! IT'S NOT A STORY! Jake IS dead. Liz IS grieving. You ARE a heinous bitch. Or have been turned into one since the writers have obviously decided that you've outlived any sort of usefulness and are shunting you off to Harridan Lane, living in a glass house next to Carly*.


*I literally cannot even talk about the bullshit that is this custody story. It makes me RAGE.


I can't even handle the show... because the story is now officially what..... Shibhan is just this awful obligation wife who is basically a shrew... when she was nothing but supportive and kind and good with lucky for a year. I hate this show. She could have been pissed at Liz without the attempted murder crap.

A couple of things:
If lucky isn't that into her he should LET HER GO. He is the one who insisted on marriage

Robin can stop being a mean girl any day.... back to ireland my ass, how the hell does she know anything about the marriage

Liz is beautiful... but can her and lucky get back together without hurting another person or destroying lives or having baby daddy drama. IT sucks.

I quit this show. Today pushed me over the edge, people joking like a medical error was simply liz handing out the wrong jello and robin being all go get your married ex-man gurrrrrrl--- when she just had an interloper in her marriage... it was over the top. What is the fricking point they don't even try to tell good stories.

Guza's going out in a blaze of "glory," y'all! Heinous bitches, girls in whorehouses, and a guy who thinks he's Humphrey Bogart!

I dislike Irish and have since her bad accent hit town; honestly she just annoys the crap out of me; she has been insecure about Liz from the start although I do agree that the attempted murder angle is heavy handed and thus typical Guza but after seeing this same bus roll over Liz for months to prop this chick, I have little sympathy. On the other hand I am furious about Jax's exit story/character asassination. He deserves far better than this.

Sibs has never done anything for me since she was always more plot point to justify Lucky's inclusion in storylines that made no sense for him to be in than character and I passionately needed for her to stop with THAT ACCENT but dear Lord the epic amount of headdesk in this entire scenario.

The sad part is that at the basics...there is the essential parts of a good soapy triangle THERE. Which is the most frustating thing about Guza's writing. The components are there pretty much all the time...it's the fact he can't execute. (insert favorite hitman savior joke here)

The truly sad part about the Irish Spitter is GH was going to kick Becky to the curb in order to keep the LuSH pairing. I want Liz free from Lucky and his wife which is why I never wanted another WTD s/l or another baby for Liz to schlep around for the next four years. It looks like GH is going to be really lazy and do another round of LnL2 which is totally revolting at this point.

Ugh, the custody story. Of course Jax is bribing people. How else are they going to make him look like the bad guy in this.

It's not like he was having any trouble making Carly and Sonny look bad.

I'm just hoping they get Elizabeth so far away from Lucky and Irish and just put her in the storyline I dreamed of. You have Patty talking about how he's still looking over Jake's file. Let Elizabeth stumble over the file some kind of way, go WTF and realize that the blood type written down for Jake is not truly Jake's blood type and have her realize that her son might still be alive and let her go find her son. It's many possible suspects that could have taken Jake: AZ, Helena, Franco, even Russian guy that was talking to Sasha over the phone.

I'm sick of Elizabeth apologizing to everyone. I'm sick of them writing Lucky like he's never done anything to Elizabeth and its been all her. I'm tired of them having Elizabeth be his keeper. NO woman that has been called a whore, slut, and bitch by a man should still give a rat's ass about him. He's a grown ass man with a wife now, let him be with her. After all she's overlooking him burning down the house she almost died in the same way he's overlooked the way that she was working for the Balkan to help him kidnap/murder Brenda. So they belong together.

Let Elizabeth have an adventure of bringing her son home, hell she's suspended for 3 months. Let Monica help her. Be like a Cagney & Lacey type thing (and yes, I know I just dated myself).

And LadyBug...I'm with you..I've been wanting that kid to be Pablo every since Lucky returned him without even bothering to look at the adoption papers.

Oh, this custody story. It is KILLING me. I am literally -- and I mean literally -- BOGGLING at the people on other boards who are all like "Jax sucks, Sonny is awesome and HOT!!!!~eleventyone!! and Jerry Jax is dangerous too, so there!" about it. And think that just because Carly pushed Josslyn out of her hooha, this entitles her to some sort of bye on actually putting her child's welfare above her own twisted "friendships." It is twisted and sick and makes me weep for humanity.

A few comments -

Maybe I'm one of the few, but while the idea of Lucky and Liz doesn't make me reach for the scissors, it doesn't get me excited either. I think Liz and Lucky love each other, but they aren't marriage material for each other any longer. I think Liz's true love now is Jason. Not Jason the hit man, because the hit man part makes the relationship impossible (if we were going to be true to Elizabeth's character), but it's still Jason.

And Jax. Jax the white knight, one of the once few good guys on this show - is bribing people to do things that any reasonable person would be doing any way. It makes no sense, and it's a sad commentary on how Guza could never just become bored with a character and write them off - he literally had to destroy them. Guza was the child who would rather break the toy than ever let anyone ever play with the toy again. And Jax is the latest victim.

And Michaela - your second sentence reminds me (sadly) of Soapzone. Back in the day (1996 -2000), I used to go on that board religiously and you would find such a variety of topics - a whole page and half worth per day. These days, it's basically a fan page for Sonny / Maurice with enough topics per day to fill a quarter of a page. As a result, I think that site is a perfect example of what Guza's writing and focus has wrought - the fans that tuned in for a more well rounded show have mostly gone (as indicated by the numbers), with the majority of fans being Sonny (and Jason and Carly) fans. The insistence on focusing on this one piece of GH over all others is reflected in both the viewership numbers and Soapzone post numbers.

I'm surprised they didn't make Jax responsible for the timely shooting at Brenda/Alec. Yay for character assassination! :-/

Also, why are SCJ being so flippant about the shooting? No, the shooter wasn't trying to harm B & A, but Michael did take a bullet in the head from a RICOCHET. Ugh, this show.

@Kermitklein - I could not disagree with you more about Lucky and Liz. First of all, I don't see it being implied that Lucky never did anything wrong and it was all Liz. What Lucky said was that their relationship became dysfunctional, which pretty clearly implies fault on both sides (and is absolutely true). And he's said over and over that they've BOTH made a lot of mistakes over the years (they bring up his affair with Maxie all the time). If more blame is being put on Elizabeth (which I don't really see), then its because she was the cause of their last break-up, and hers is the most recent offense, which is pretty legitimate in my opinion.

Secondly, Liz is Lucky's "keeper"? Since when? Sure, she's the one who helped him when he was falling apart at the HS, but it's just as often HER breaking down in HIS arms. They support each other. Because that's what people who love each other do. And, yes, they do still love each other, even with the bad things they've done to each other. I mean, come on. It's a soap. If no one on a soap could go back to someone who had called them names, there would be no couples left on any soap opera. Alan and Monica got back together after HE FREAKING TRIED TO DROP A HOUSE ON HER. Jason and Sam got back together after he threatened to kill her (I guess he's more like his Daddy than he thought, haha). Lucky calling Elizabeth a bunch of names when he was (deservedly) really furious with her is nothing by soap standards, IMO. He's right, their relationship DID become dysfunctional, and they have BOTH made horrible mistakes, but they have an amazing history together, they always have each other's backs, and if they can sort through their past and figure out how to fix where they went wrong, I see no reason why they shouldn't get back together.

Last Friday's custody battle scenes were hilariously awesome, though!

Mediator: From what I've been able to observe, Carly Jax is quite volatile.

Carly: What? That's not true! No I'm not!

That was awesome. Also, Brenda hilariously spilling the details of the previous night's shooting while Carly and Jax just stared at her like "Have you LOST your MIND?" Awesome.

Sorry Luanna, it's a soap doesn't cut it for me when a man is calling a woman bitch, slut, and whore. That's so not okay with me especially when she is the ONLY one he calls those names. He found out Sam said nothing in Jake's kidnapping and she hired those men in the park, no bitch, slut, whore. He found about Irish working for the Balkan and actually you can say she was having sex with him for information, no bitch, slut, whore. Both of these women, actions were forgiveable with maybe a day or two of anger if that. But Elizabeth gets called this on numerous times by him and I'm supposed to be alright with it because its a soap. Negative. And yes, Elizabeth has been Lucky's keeper. She's been there for him way more then he's been there for her. That was her that put her dreams aside when HE wanted to become a photographer, that was her working two jobs trying to support them because HE had too much pride to ask his brother for help, that was her that sat up late at night when HE was going through withdrawals, that was HER that they had Luke and Cruze go to after the MC hostage crisis saying how his weak behind was asking Jerry to kill him because he thought Elizabeth/baby was dead. And its her now that had to tell him about Aiden to stop him from diving back into the bottle because his daddy hurt his feelings so to me, Yes Keeper fits.

And I will never root for this couple. This couple is toxic to each other. He's emotionally and verbally abusive and they rarely have her calling him out on all the wrong that he's done, just taking the name calling, and not correcting him on calling that. I've seen Elizabeth apologize to him way more then I've ever seen him apologize to her. I don't want to see that on my television. Why you see no reason why they shouldn't get back together. I see huge, gigantic reasons.

And Jax. Jax the white knight, one of the once few good guys on this show - is bribing people to do things that any reasonable person would be doing any way. It makes no sense, and it's a sad commentary on how Guza could never just become bored with a character and write them off - he literally had to destroy them. Guza was the child who would rather break the toy than ever let anyone ever play with the toy again. And Jax is the latest victim.

Thank you Mike! I agree with you 100% on the custody battle. Just makes no sense. The mediator reported THE TRUTH!!! There's no reason for Jax to bribe her and according to the promos, it gets even more ridiculous. Guza is an asshole. The better story would be better if Carly lost custody of Josslyn and Jax took the child far away. That's drama. Jax's character assassination does not provide good drama because you know Carly is going to win. Ugh.

I cannot even begin to discuss Liz/Lucky/Siobhan because it's so appalling. Um, Lucky burned down a muthafuckin' house. Again, ugh.

RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!! I am literally counting the days until July 25. I cannot believe ANY of what I'm seeing. A custody hearing that makes me want to break my tv, some gross story about a fucking brothel with characters that are simultaneously sleazy (I seriously want to shower after watching what's-his-name that has joined the long line of men who have decided that Lulu is THE Golden Cooter)and completely boring and one dimensional and Sam and Jason HAVING THE SAME CONVERSATION OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER, JUST GET MARRIED AND SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Oh, and, of course the slow torture that is Spinelli doing that fakaka accent that MAKES ME WANT TO HURT SOMEONE. If I want to see someone acting like a bad immitation of a gumshoe I'll sit down and watch my boyfriend play LA Noire, at least that's more entertaining than the shit pile that used to be GH.

There, I feel so much better. Thank you for letting me get that out.

Seems like i am the only one but İ HATE Elizabeth. The woman is pathetic! Lucky deserves so much better.

Its called character asassination. Gorgeous Red was smart, fierce, strong. Now she is a mere shell of her old self... Why? Because damn Liz has to propped. Again! Gıırrrrrrr...

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