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August 21, 2011

A...Weird Surprise

There were an awful lot of satisfying things about Friday's The Bold & the Beautiful. Some great snipes between characters regarding their own histories (Taylor and Steffy both got some appropriate digs in at Brooke, whose pearl-clutching regarding Steffy's pursuit of taken men is pretty hilarious), and we got to see some truly horrible fashion as part of the cutting-edge allegedly-trendy fashion show.

But of course Hope was the main event. Now, I generally find Hope to be pretty milquetoast as characters go. She's fine, I guess, and when she's in scenes with the older characters I generally find her pretty interesting. But all the back-and-forth between guys and the irritating sanctimony with Steffy, well, I can't really say she's someone I'm rooting for. Nor am I rooting against her. (She looked amazing on Friday, though!) And while it's great that she's a virgin and plans to stay that way till she's married, she's laying it on a little thick. I mean...

Hope: Members of the press, family, friends, welcome. Hope for the Future continues to grow. We began as a statement from one generation to another, a statement of change, of heightened awareness, defined not only by the clothes that we wear but by the beliefs that we share. Integrity. Self-respect. Restraint. All principles that helped guide us while we designed this amazing collection. And principles that helped guide the generations who wear it. (What the eff is she on about?! --Ed.) Now we know that we cannot hold true to these beliefs without sacrifice and commitment to our minds and our bodies. Whether it's social or sexual responsibility, or the richness and tradition of the Forrester name, we will not fall prey to the instant gratification of cheap thrills. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are Hope for the Future.

Uh, puke. It's not that I don't think it's actually pretty clever to have Hope as a young woman with aggressive sexual morality, it makes sense that she's resisting what she's grown up around. But seriously? Shut up!

But then I have to admit that this? Was insanely cute.




Aww. And the best thing about it was really the reactions. Hope, upon realizing exactly what this big question was:


Abject terror. Kimberly Matula did a really nice job with this sequence.

And then of course the delicious pinnacle, Steffy's reaction:


"Gross. I can't believe my offer to sex him up didn't make him dump her in a heartbeat. DAMN THE LOOOGGGGAAAANNNNSSSS!"

Good stuff.


I can't believe that this wasn't Hope and Liam's solution all along. People get married (often to inlaws and former siblings/assumed children/stepparents) on this show more often than I get my haircut.

I was wondering how long it would take for Liam to propose, lol. I think Hope never thought about that "solution" because she wouldn't want someone to marry her JUST so that they could have sex. Not only has Hope seen sexual encounters ruin marriages, etc, but she's also seen marriages take place, be called off and/or break up at the drop of a hat. So not only is she wary of having sex quickly, but it follows that she would also be wary of marrying quickly. Still, I would love to see Hope & Liam get married in about a year. Even if all marriages on this show are doomed to fail (if only to be rekindled after a scandal), it would be nice for B&B to again have a character stay true to her/himself for a little while.

steffy face is priceless
Liam and Hope are cute together I thought it was cute the way he proposed.

As usual, the ridiculous breakneck pace of this show is making me a little insane.

That Scott Clifton, so dreamy. I still hate that OLTL threw him, Schuyler, Schuyler/Roxy, and Schulyer/Rachel away.

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