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August 24, 2011

Is It Wrong To Wish a Coma on a Fictional Person?

Oh...my god.

Port Charles has been a hotbed of activity lately, and I have wanted to write so much about it. Siobhan's death and, with her, the death of a lot of potentially good stories (assuming that the writers ever decided to go back to the era when Siobhan was a new character full of promise, not just a harridan with the sole purpose of spouting off cruel and offensive things to and about Elizabeth. Which, considering the writing staff I'm talking about, is probably not a safe assumption to make)? I HAVE  THOUGHTS. Spinelli/Jackal PI and his vendetta against speaking the English language? Lots to say. The last appearance of JAX? I have a veritable WALL OF TEXT about that. A wall of ANGRY text. Plus, Anthony Zacchara lectured Johnny today using his FISTS as PUPPETS and it was sort of delightful.

But I am not writing about those things. Because I have lost the ability to--

I am overcome by--

I am paralyzed by--

I fucking hate Michael Corinthos, you guys.

Michael: Stuff happens. I'm not going to turn against Dad just because everybody else has.
Carly: "Stuff happens"? Michael, your father messed with Jax's plane and he's gone.
Michael: He's gone! Not dead. We haven't even found a body yet. We don't know where the body is.
Carly: Is that OKAY with you?

Michael: I am not going to let you stand here and accuse Dad of something when we don't even know what happened.
Carly: You know what? You don't want them to find a body because then they won't prosecute your father.
Michael: No, how about I want both. I don't want Dad to be prosecuted and I want Jax alive.
Carly: Okay well, what if he's not? Let's play that card for one minute, Michael.
Sonny, concerned that he is, for once, not the dickiest person in the room and focused on regaining his title: (ROLLS EYES)
Carly: Think about it. What if, god forbid, Jax is dead? What if he didn't survive that plane crash.
Michael: He had it coming. Dad was going to protect you. Jax had to know that.

Did the episode end after that? Because I don't remember anything else. Although that could be due to the fact that my brain matter was seeping out of my eardrums at that point. He is the WORST.


Michael needs to be put into another coma again.

I NEVER liked that SOB brat but seriously? how the fuck wtf, how the hell could he say that???? He had it coming??? At this point I hope Anthony puts a bullet in that brats head. And don't even get me started on sonny. I'm DONE defending anything his ass does. Hell I even feel SORRY for Abby and I don't even like her and I think she's not only sad for dating a MOBSTER KID/KILLER IN TRAINING but because she's really not that bright but NO ONE deserves a relationship with Sonny the sequel. NO ONE.

I really like how Garin has turned Michael into a self-entitled jackass. I view Michael as Garin's meta smackdown of Guza's warped morality. Growing up in Guza's "backdrop of violence, despair, and death" (Branco's interview) doesn't create heroes, it creates total jackasses.

Well, with parents like Carly and Sonny (and Jason) how was Michael supposed to turn out? Carly has justified Sonny's violence Michael's entire life and now that she is fed up doesn't mean Michael will be to. He was too well-trained. Of course, I think Michael should be concerned about Jax but Carly and Sonny turned Jax into a villain the likes of Claudia (and we all know how Michael dealt with her...with his parental units leading a cover-up.) Carly and Sonny have also taught Michael that "by any means necessary" is always justifiable. I think Carly, Sonny and Jason are to blame for this.

I do like the drift between Michael and Abby. I enjoyed Maurice Benard's portrayal of Sonny as desperate for an ally, enough so that he would manipulate Michael to side with him over Abby. I like how Abby was appropriately disgusted by Sonny and Michael. Good stuff.

On another note: I am enjoying Skye this time around. Skye/Tracy scenes are delicious!

I've taken it a step further since I have a death list for a fictional person.

You know, the new HW has me perplexed about a lot of things. I thought Michael was supposed to be moving in the Q's direction, and yet we have him out-douching Sonny and once again making a play to be in the mob. He has Abby having negative feelings about the mob, and yet doing one of those pairing tests with Johnny - ANOTHER mobster. He is seemingly trying to redeem Elizabeth for Lucky, and yet has her brother uncharacteristically being the first to accuse of her of some really dark stuff. We see Dante spouting truths about Sonny, while his mother is saying "give the murdering mobster who shot you in the chest another chest because he had a really hard childhood".

It's like there is different materials being used on the couch, but when you look under the fabric, it's the same couch.

The only three real differences I've seen - there's more variety in those actually getting speaking lines; scenes seem longer with more talking; and Sonny is looking and being written as more horrible than ever - which makes it even harder to twist characters around like Olivia in order to defend him. And in Michael's case, it makes him pretty damn detestable.

GW should have left Irish Chick alone and kept her with Lucky. I don't ever want to see another round of Liz/Lucky ever again!

Sonny should have been the one shot in the head and left in a coma.

Michael was better off as the redheaded brat in a coma.

I'm confused about the direction Wolf is going with Michael. I really had a soft spot for him when revealed the rape back in January. I even thought the romance with Abby was cute....when it started. But WTF has happened in these last 7 months? Guza painted him as a robot, always agreeing with Sonny and begging to be in the mob. Then the ELQ thing started (which I think is a snoozer) and now, again, Michael is blindly supporting Sonny. Ugh. I feel like Sonny's fall into a black hole (BTW...yet again??) would be so much more powerful if Michael took Carly's side and actually gave a damn about Jax.
My head hurts.

I love how Sonny conveniently forgot to mention to Michael that he SHOT ROBIN!!!!

I'm sure she had it coming too though . . . .

But Robin did have it coming! She was there in her house minding her own business! Robin should have known she was supposed to be minding Sonny's business.

I've always wanted a soap character to bring up the point that as long as there wasn't a body there was still hope the "deceased" was alive . . . but I did not think it'd ever be in the context of "IF HE ISN'T DEAD HE DESERVES TO BE!!!! But I do want him to be alive, really, I do."


I hate this Michael, I really do. But it can lead to some pretty good stuff as long as Carly really leaves Sonny forever and will be trying to save Michael from the mob. What I think will happen is Carly going back to Sonny's world and supporting him once they find out Jax is alive, no harm no faul. Then I'll be more annoyed than ever. This is a great opportunity to get Carly out of the mob.

As for Robin, I'm happy she's still angry with Sonny but I want it to stick, I really want her to ban him from her life. I don't want any reunion when he decides to take the pills again.

Also, I know that Michael siding with Sonny can bring us soem good storytelling, but when I think about it. Can't they just kill him? With an axe, quite symbolically. Mob related. What a great moral example for everyone :)

Ans Abby, I don't liek you very much, but run, just run! Be with Anthony or any other lunatic in town, just leave the mob wannabe moron, please. No one deserves him.

I despise Michael as much as I despise Sonny which is saying a lot. Abby bores me but I find myself cheering her on when she questions Michael's decisions.

I for one am overjoyed that Siobhan bit the dust and NOT because I want Liz and Lucky back together. She just annoyed the hell out of me.

I want them to bring Ric back for Liz. Anyone else with me?

And all I can say about Jax's exit is...at least he left PC alive! Under Guza's reign that never would have happened.

I hate Michael so much. It's bad enough that he's an entitled douchebag with pretensions of mobsterdom, but THIS??? I want him back in prison on the bottom fucking bunk for the rest of his life.

I was very hesitant about watching the last couple of episodes but when everyone was throwing punches at Sonny, it was alright! Finally reason has landed in PC!

And then Michael came along

Liz and Ric? Ummm. No way in heck! The man tried to kill her twice and I cringed when the writers had Liz take him back. No. It was bad enough that Lucky spewed all of that vile garbage at Liz when he found out about the nasty Niz affair. Liz needs a hot and sexy man with a little danger added to the mix who will sweep her off her feet in nice romance. No more WTD s/l or carrying ankle biters around all day for my girl Liz! Nope! Liz needs to be romanced and not back with a mopey and weepy Lucky or Ric the pregnant woman kidnapper who tried to kill Liz!

Liz and Ric would be just as repugnant as Sam going back to Jason after he threatened to kill her twice and would have fallen through on his actions!

Just a question, when Carly the serpent slithered onto the scene and was this ubertramp/vengeful harpy from hell and the writing treated her acordingly, who was in charge? Was it Robert Guza?

I detest Sonny-that goes without saying. But I am furious with Carly. She is faced with the possibility of losing custody of her daughter and instead of putting her adult panties on and dealing with it, she runs to Sonny, knowing a. He detests Jax and b. is nothing more than a murdering thug. And the hypocritical jerk acted predictably and set Jax up. And voila! Carly gains custody. She set this chain of events in motion with her carrying on, so it takes real nerve for her to cry foul.

Giovanna, a smuch as I agree with you as long as Carly keeps loathing Sonny and disapproving of him, I am willing to overlook it.

But yes, Jax was right, she knew what he would do when she went to him for help. maybe she didn't know exactly what he'd do, but she knos Sonny, she knew he would truly destroy Jax.

i really hope everyone turns his back on Sonny now, especially Robin. I just worry they will blame it on him not taking his meds and it will all be forgotten.

1. Michael Corinthos is a self important jerk who needs to be brought down a notch. How long can this kid ride on the wave of having been in a coma and is in need of understanding?

2. Thank heaven Siobhan is dead. Thank you Anthony!

3. Carly can die too. She's been on the screen whining long enough. Even her Sonny bashing is not good enough for me to like her now.

4. Robin needs to tell Sonny goodbye, and that in turn will be the beginning of Sonny's reformation. I don't like Guza's Sonny. Can we have Claire Labine's Sonny back?

5. Michael Corinthos needs to do the following; ditch the maternal Abby and get a young hot girlfriend and have some fun. Go to college, and explore diff college SL's that appeal to a young audience too. Michael and Abby are so boring.... and she's too motherly and blah.

6. More Q's has been great. Thank you Garin.

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