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August 27, 2011

SOAPNet Caught in "Doing Something Awesome" Shocker!

My lack of All My Children posting despite a number of amazing (ZACH! ZACH IS BACK! ZACH ATTACK!) and not so amazing (...uh, that was seriously Gillian's return? I cannot call foul loudly and shrilly enough!) is not for a lack of trying!

As I confessed on Facebook recently, I am having such a hard time writing about it without, well, crying or getting lost in waves of nostalgia Do you know how many times I've been writing something about Angie and Jesse and then find myself losing huge chunks of time watching classic YouTube clips?! Its a sickness. But a post is coming, I promise!

First, though, shocking news! SOAPNet is doing something nostalgic, something that soap fans actually want. I KNOW! I was confused when I heard the news, too. "SOAPNet is doing some classic All My Children marathons? Are you sure you don't mean adding eight MORE hours of One Tree Hill to their lineup?"

But it's true, so you better set your DVR's, folks, for the "I Love Lucci" and "Last Chance [Sniff! --Ed.] For Romance" marathons.

The “I Love Lucci” marathon airs on Saturday, September 17.

7:00 PM, from 1979: Tom furiously ends his marriage to Erica when he discovers she’s secretly been taking birth control pill. Langley tries to convince Myrtle they’ve never met before.

8:00 PM, from 1996: Erica gives a shocking speech when she accepts the “Media Woman of the Year” award while high on pills. Kelsey thinks she’s going into labor after Lamaze class with Edmund. Janet panics when she learns Amanda has pneumonia.

9:00 PM, from 2000: Erica’s in denial when Bianca announces she’s gay. Ryan and Gillian spend a special Christmas together. Mateo is upset when Hayley wants to turn herself into the police for killing her mother. Tad and Dixie celebrate the holiday together despite Leslie’s efforts.

10:00 PM, from 2004: It’s a Christmas miracle when, after Erica implores her to come out of her coma, Bianca opens her eyes and Erica reunites her with baby Miranda. Plus, JR is furious with Adam for the loss of Bess and tells him he’s no longer his father.

11:00 PM, from 2005: Surrounded by their families, Erica and Jackson are married in Boca Raton.

The “All My Children: Last Chance for Romance” marathon airs Sunday, September 18.

5:00 PM, from 1980: Cliff and Nina are married in a fairy tale wedding [Cliff and Nina, OMG! PETER BERGMAN, I LOVE YOU! --Ed]. Plus, pregnant with Cliff’s baby, Sybil is not happy about his marriage to Nina. Tom and Erica fight when she has to attend a business dinner on their anniversary.

6:00 PM, from 1984: Jenny and Greg are married in front of family and friends, Palmer discovers the truth of why the Chandlers have come to Pine Valley, and Adam sets his sights on Erica.

7:00 PM, from 1993: Tad and Dixie are joyfully reunited when Tad finally convinces Dixie he’s alive and on the other side of the door. Hayley and Charlie find Brian and Junior on the run. Opal and Palmer are reunited with Junior.

8:00 PM, from 2001: Ryan and Gillian share a romantic wedding filled with surprises. Leo and Greenlee have a last minute change in plans when he remembers he has the wedding rings. On the witness stand, David admits his guilt about the drugs to Dixie.

9:00 PM, from 2002: Leo and Greenlee are married in an intimate wedding in the boathouse. Anna and David debate whether to tell Greenlee that her father’s been shot. Tad and Brooke try to find Maria.

10:00 PM, from 2005: Romance is in the air as Zach and Kendall prepare to divorce in the Caribbean. Plus, JR tries to warn Jamie about Amanda. Babe visits Josh at work and Erica kicks her out of her studio.

11:00 PM, from 2008: A stunned Angie and Jesse share an emotional reunion at the train station. Erica is arrested at the fashion show she’s hosting. Greenlee tells Aidan that Kendall may be pregnant.

BRB, stocking up on tissues!


Those 2005 and 2008 choices for the "Last Chance at Romance" seem questionable at best in my opinion. I've always associated strong writing with classic episodes and well...

As for the Erica episodes, the Tom Cudahey one is classic, but the rest are kind of "meh." I would've loved to have seen something from the a-MAZ-ing model years with Kent Bogard and Silver Kane/Connie Wilkes (maybe that location party on the yacht?); the episode where Erica remarried Adam dressed all in black; and Bianca coming out to Erica. At least we aren't being tortured with anything Mike Roy related, so that's something...

OMG DVR. Greenlee and Leo will be recorded and saved forever. I want to cry just looking at all the episodes they're going to show.

I have to say that Soapnet is at least showing better "classic" episodes than the usual ones dictated by Frons and Co., which always seem to be from these last 10 years and exclusively focus on trying to make us like Ryan and Greenlee. So I'm thankful for that!

And although they might not all be my favorite episodes, they are giving us Tom Cudahy, Cliff and Nina's wedding, and Jenny and Greg. THAT's quality in my book.

Soapnet without the agenda should have been "classic" soaps from all of daytime and prime time! Heck, they could have done a spin off of Soapnet with daytime soaps on one network and primetime soaps on the other! Peyton Place, Dallas, Dynasty, etc.. all on one network!

Damn! First time in a long time I'm jealous of my American friends having soapnet. I want to re-watch weddings too!

Hmmm. SoapNet II with the old Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Peyton Place, etc.. with their own Super Soap Weekend at Disney while grandparents and parents introduced the younger generation to the older prime time soaps would have brought in a lot of cash that could have been funneled back over to the ABC soaps or new programming on SoapNet and SoapNet II!

OMG! I can't WAIT to watch these, esp. Erica's acceptance speech ("St. Maria of
the Push-up Bra..." LOL Forever!!!)!

Soapnet has truly shocked me with them planning to show soaps and all.

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