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August 28, 2011

Sucks So Good Open Post! True Blood 4.10, "Burning Down The House"

Over the past few years, Sundays have become one of my favorite nights of television and, as such, my mind immediately and selfishly went to Bon Temps when I heard that Hurricane Irene would be walloping my neck of the woods on Sunday.

My first thought was, naturally, "But ASkars is filming in New York City! I hope he is all right! Did they evacuate him?" and my second thought was "If I lose power and I can't watch True Blood, I...DEJECTED!" I mean, I will be dejected for other reasons if I am without power for an extended length of time, since it is horrible and boring and there is, you know, a chance of serious hurricane damage, but the past few episodes of this season have been so exciting and I don't want to have to wait to watch!

But in case I do have to wait, here is an open post for you to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of "Burning Down The House" and to fill me in on what to expect: was there a lot of nudity? Is Antonia becoming even more horrifying and, if so, how is that even possible?! Was the point of the show's detour into Hotshot explained, preferably with no members of the Hotshot clan appearing onscreen and with a statement from Jason saying something like "We'll never see them again, ever"? Did Tommy manage to be sympathetic for an entire episode?



I have to disagree with you as I have found the show incredibly uneven as of late. While there were some good points about tonight's show--it followed that same path for me. The good: Eric's back, the real Eric. The bad: Sookie still love Bill. (That was SO bad, I can't even begin to discuss it.) The good: Tommy's dead and I felt bad it about it. (Win, win in my book) The bad: There is no downside to that one, Tommy is G-O-N-E. The good: Antonia is kick ass and a better person than Marnie, confirming all my hate for Marnie when she whining about practicing her religion in peace and the vampires having no right. The bad: Marnie is still alive.

I had to fast forward through the Jason/Jessica/Hoyt scenes and the Bellefluer family drama--they were just too boring.

Finally...the vamps rolled on the witches wearing all black in an incredibly reckless and stupid plan of Bill's to blow up the Moongoddes Emporium with Tara and others inside. Adding to insult to injury, Alan Ball has his some of my favorite characters act as Greek Chorus (Eric and Pam) to tell us that this is all Nan's fault for not "letting" Bill kill Marnie when he wanted to...Huh? Tell me another one Alan. That's like him trying to tell me that Sookie/Bill are "soulmates" and not irritating.

I love your TB recaps and have to pipe in to say that I've grown kind of disenchanted with this show in the last couple of seasons. HOWEVER, I found last night's episode to be the most entertaining episode in ages.

ande mcbeal: I would definitely recommend that you go back and watch the Jason/Jessica/Hoyt scenes and the Bellefleur family drama -- the Andy & Terry scenes, in particular, were comedy gold and basically the best showcase for these actors that the show has ever had. The "Camp Bellefleur" (ha!) scenes with Andy/Terry seemed kind of tangential to the main plot of the show, sure, but I loved every second of their interaction last night.

Also, I legit boo-hooed during Tommy's death scene. Actual tears. Which have not been shed by me during this show since Godric. It was so good! As was Pam's reunion with Real Eric.

Finally, the last shot of the show made me basically clap my hands in glee. I can't even believe I'm saying all this, because I've kind of hated the show lately. But last night's episode reminded me why I used to love it.

It was a great episode, Mal! And yes, Tommy managed to be sympathetic this episode. :)I'll say no more.

R.I.P Tommy he basically screwed over Sam from the beinning of their relationship as brothers but in the end he redeemed himself by giving his life it was kinda sad. Looks like Debbie has found a replacement for her Cooter with the new wolfpack leader. I loved the scene where all the vamps Eric, Bill, Pam, Nan and Jessica were in lock up & being silvered. Nan was spouting off at the mouth threating everyone with the true death and non of them were paying her any attention. When Jesus was going threw the magical forcefield and his face turned into the demon everyone looked like "wtf" and Lafayette just brushed it off and said "it's a Latin thang" lol! Can't wait until next week can't believe it's only 2 episodes left!!!

The episode was good but I don't understand why Tommy *had* to die and why Sam *allowed* him to die. A little vamp blood and all would have been ok. Seemed silly to me.

Sookie threw the fairy bad ass on Eric as he was about to kill Bill, (ha, Kill Bill!) and it broke Marnie/Antonia's spell. It also made Sookie realize she has a thing for both vamps.

I am intrigued to see how the whole, "I love you Eric, but I love Bill, too" scenario will play out. Eric is mucho unhappy, and I don't blame him. Bill has become a douche of epic proportions, and he and Sookie are beyond boring together. Plus how can she keep loving him when he basically said "fuck Tara" when Sookie pointed out she'd be killed if he carried out his plans for the Moongoddess Emporium?

Nah, more sex on a bed in the snow with Eric's hot Swedish bod, please!

Eric is back, but you can tell he's been changed dramatically by the experience, though his sarcasm has definitely returned. Plenty of awkward turtle in the van between he and Bill as they were on their way over to blow up Moongoddess Emporium. HA! When they all got out at the end in their shiny leather get-ups to the new revamped version of "Burnin' Down the House" I had to clap with glee. That's the kind of True Blood campy goodness I love.

Jason had all kinds of guilt about sleeping with Jessica and wanted to blame it on having her blood. Jessica wasn't having THAT shit and told him so. Then he wanted her to glamour him so he wouldn't want her, and that didn't go over too well either. She left in a huff, "damn humans. I'm going to find someone to eat."

Tommy's death was unbelievably sad, but I'm sorry, I don't understand why when Sam was ready to run for vamp blood to save him, Alcide saying "everyone has the right to choose their own end" was enough for Sam to say, "oh, okay, guess I won't save him then." Geez.

I thought Terry trying to get Andy to admit he is hooked on V at the "Fort Bellfleur" was great. I loved how they fought about their upbringing, both thinking the other had the better time of it. Then Terry made Andy walk back! HA!

Everyone got the big shock over finding out that Marnie is really the one who wants all the big drop on the vamps. Antonia actually left Marnie's body and was ready to call it quits, but Marnie talked her into finishing the plan.

I got the impression from the previews that Sookie will have to go all fairy again, but maybe, this time, it will be against the vamps. She, Lafayette and Jesus were all captured.

While I was definitely hoping for Tommy's redemption, he died because of his own douchebaggery, so I can only be but so sympathetic.

I still don't get what Bill said to Nan while they were silvered, but it was an awesome delivery, so I give Bill props.

I've only read the wiki-synopses of the books, and have only in the last couple of seasons opted to ship any Sookie relationship (which leans toward Alcide because of my own person preferences). However, I was totally feeling for Eric when he reveled that he remembered everything. It was a bold move on Alan Ball's part and AS played it superbly.

The Andy/Terry scenes were great because they put me in a different place. I have a lot of love in my heart for Terry (which is weird enough 'cause he's strange), but I realize that I refused to think of the non-political reasons why his friends and family would forsake him. Andy's revelation of Terry's druggie past explained a lot, and gave me a new appreciation of/respect for survivors.

Bill wasn't actually talking to Nan when they were slivered. While she was giving the true death, he was talking on his phone and arranging for really big guns.

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