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August 02, 2011

The More Things Change...

I had been feeling disconcerted about how much I've been enjoying General Hospital: Garin Wolf Shift this week; I hadn't wished for amnesia at all, and I found myself laughing at lines that were funny on purpose. It was, frankly, bizarre. So it was nice to be reminded that some things in this world are just a constant and Sonny's toddler temperament happens to be one of those things.

Ladies and gentlemen, your leading man.

Sonny: I'll throw that letter in the garbage if you give it to me!

Sonny: If you're going to be friends with him, you can't be friends with me.
Robin: You're not serious.
Sonny: Yes I am!

Robin: You need to take your meds.
Sonny: I don't need to take nothing!

Robin: Don't you think it would be really easy for me to leave now?
Sonny, dramatically shrugging like a teen actor in a low-budget PSA about the dangers of falling in with the wrong crowd: I don't know.

I was actually going to frame this post as a quiz. Like, "Guess who said it: CAM or SONNY?"! But...well, for one, Cameron wasn't on today, so that sort of gave it away. And also, as IF Cam could ever be so inarticulately petulant!

Another constant that we were unfortunately reacquainted with today? The fact that CONFUSION is one of the stars of the show, probably getting third or fourth billing. Skye is working with Anthony because...? Abby and Michael are still a thing for what reason...? We sat through a montage accompanied by a John Mayer song that prominently featured Lulu cleaning up the remains of a rotten chicken why...?


Lulu cleaned the refrigerator of her life with intense emotions, and John Mayer music, so now that scene has deep, deep layers!! Drugged Lucky really hates his shoes. I did a lot of laughing at today's ep.

Oh...but the shoe thing killed me yesterday...When Liz first found him and he was worried about his shoe it was a complete parallel to when he found her in the park after she'd been raped. Remember she was worried about her shoe? And then he said he could fix that.....God bless Garin Wolf for remembering the past.

Here is the scene with the shoe. http://youtu.be/jO0CoOi-YP4

I forgot about the original shoe scene. Now I feel bad for laughing. I'm not accustomed to this show honoring the past. Does not compute.

Well, Skye was involved with mob figure Alcazar back in the day....

BTW, where is that kid of hers?

I sort of like seeing mundane things like cleaning a fridge. It's better than seeing another mob shoot-out.

I wouldn't have caught the thing with the shoe if I'd seen it -- but as a callback, it does seem like a show I wouldn't recognize.

Speaking of brain damage, I saw a promo where Carly and Jason get into an accident. If Garin Wolf has Jason Morgan waking up thinking he's Jason Quartermaine, I'm gonna be tempted to start watching this show again -- but only if just drives Carly CRAZY!

I doubt Steve Burton would be thrilled with a long term return to Jason Quartermaine, but short term - 6 month or 1 year - revisit could be really interesting. How would Jason Q. feel about Sonny and the life he's been living for him, how would he feel about a woman like Carly - or even Sam, who is a-ok with murder so long as she loves the guy doing it? How does he live with himself after everything he's done all these years as a hit man? Jason Q rejecting Sonny and Carly would be worth it's weight in gold.

I'm glad you're enjoying things, Mallory, because about all Garin Wolf has managed to do for me is get me from, "I'm not watching this show because I'm viscerally revolted by it" to "I can watch the show, but it's nothing but tedious boredom." Progress? And watching JJ do drug-induced mania... I just can't even. Watch him get another Emmy for that shit. I also think I heard Frank Valentini have a heart attack at the thought of all the money necessary to license a John Mayer song for a montage of fridge cleaning and bag packing.

if jason comes out of the comas as jason Q and not Morgan...i will start watching again. He should be a doctor NOT a mobster!

Sonny made me laugh so hard. Is he three??

Lulu came home shouting that she was ready to embrace the simple life, and she found out that the simple life consists of her boyfriend dumping her with the chore of cleaning out his fridge full of rotten food.

It was a rude awakening moment for Lulu. Also, an awkward scene, because they didn't show her face close-up so we could see some actual angst on her face.

I always look forward to a good musical montage at the end of the episode. And while I really do like that John Mayer song, it was such an odd choice. Lulu in the fridge was so weird, I was seriously searching for a reason to show it at all let alone for so long! I thought "Am I missing something?"

I think it would be a great storyline if Jason Q came back BUT still had the memories of Jason Morgans life AND added bonus, if he HATED Carly! now that would be interesting and worth watching. specially if he still just randomly got into hitman mode. Right now I'm enjoying scrubs and loving Kimberly's COS Clothes!

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