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September 16, 2011

A Perfect Storm (Of Irksome)

The end of any given fairytale romance of Sonny's means that two things will invariably happen:

1. Glassware will be thrown in fits of rage, usually accompanied by unintelligible stammer-yelling.

2. The writers will suddenly throw one of his former paramours back into his orbit, since [Insert the name a female character here. No, really, any character; as far as the GH writing staff goes, they are basically interchangeable] is the only one who knows the REAL Sonny.

As you might have assumed, what with Kate being newly recast, Ms. Howard has suddenly become the only one who can help Sonny, just like she was in the past before OLIVIA was the only one who knew Sonny and then BRENDA was the only one who knew Sonny and so on and so forth and this show is maddening in its predictability.

Olivia: You are the one person who can get through to Sonny.

I bet you thought that was going to be the most irritating part of the day; you would be foolish to think so, since that dumbassedness came exactly two minutes into the show and you'd have to imagine that there would be more where it came from. And there was! Watching Olivia tear into Kate for various crimes against humanity (seriously, she blamed her for all of the problems associated with the fashion industry. All of them: Kate's fault, completely and totally) basically made me want to destroy my television with my mind.

Olivia: Congratulations, Katherine Harwick Howard. You won. Connie's gone and all you've got left is an ice cold bitch.
Kate: Well, I'm not thrilled with your choice of words, but I'm glad we agree on something.
Olivia: The sad thing is you lost the best part of you. The real you. You build up these big fat walls, around this nice looking palace.  You can't touch anyone and no one can touch you. 
Kate: Could you wrap up your sermon? I'm still on a deadline.
Olivia: Oh yeah, you love saying that word, don't you? Deadline. It makes you feel powerful. It makes you feel important and that's all you ever wanted was power. I'm sorry that I messed up your deadline, Katherine Harwick Howard. Sorry I wasted your time.

Okay, Olivia, first of all, please get over the fact that Kate changed her name. You live in a town where approximately 90 percent of residents are using an assumed name or identity.

Secondly, it is rich to hear such an impassioned rant against power from the show's most strident and bossy nag.

But not even THAT irritated me the most today! No, that was this nonsensical and maddening moment.

Anthony: The lengths I'll got to to get respect. You just needed an advocate. Somebody committed to bringing you out of this thing. And it's amazing what the system can do if the right wheels are greased. Misery makes strange bedfellows and we're going to make some fine misery together, Dr. Niles.

WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY? Why Lisa? What crazy plan of destruction does Anthony have up his sleeve and is it for a reason, or does he just like stirring the pot? And what does most of that even mean? But mostly WHY LISA? WHYYYYYY?


I just knew we were in for more Dr. Lisa Niles someday since they never removed her from the opening credits, but when I heard Brianna Brown got cast in something else for at least a while, I hoped I was wrong. Curses, how I sometimes hate to be right! And don't even get me started on nuKate. No way in hell does she look old enough to have gone to school with both Sunny and Olivia (Especially Sunny). Olivia looked more like nuKate's aunt than her same-aged cousin. The new actress looks closer in age to the actor playing Dante, Olivia's son. I know it's really early to judge, but since that never stopped me before, I found nuKate rather shrill yesterday and much prefer Megan Ward. I read somewhere they wanted Kate 2.0 to be a combination of Anna Wintour and Carmela Soprano. I saw neither.

hmmm..GH isn't nearly as predictable as your blog is.

^^ Tea: If the blog is so predictable, then why read it and make nasty little comments? The site's intentions are clearly stated and I am happy the blog exists for the witty commentary. I will never understand the people who post negatively on a blog ABOUT the blog's writers. If you don't like how a blog is written, you can go to another one or even_ shocker_ start one of your own.

Now, regarding the content of GH, I totally thought Olivia's imploring Kate to "save" Sonny from himself made no sense. I mean Kate and Sonny haven't interacted in nearly two years. Why does Sonny need a love interest right now? I am one of the seemingly few that enjoys Sonny's current arc.

Why oh why is Lisa Niles coming back? She was already on the canvas WAY past her usefulness. Ugh.

Also, Shawn was incredibly hawt in his towel but even that could not produce chemistry between him and Carly. I wish the writers would not force it.

Oh GH, how I do worry about you. GW talked a good game in his first interview about the 'changes' he was going to make when it came to GH. And yes, he's incorporated more characters on the screen. Happy about that, but the storylines. I kind of worry about the storylines. His first true storyline was Jason's accident. And we got bombarded with promo after promo about will Jason be the same when he wakes up only to find out that Jason stayed the same. Now we have this plot point driven Kristina storyline that is supposed to villify Sonny but only makes me root for Sonny more. Why? Oh so many reasons. Let me start with the amnesia that EVERY character that's involved in this storyline is having about the bus crash. I guess bus crash never happened or something since viewers will come to the conclusion that someone falling out of a bus off a cliff would probably cause more damage then a car explosion. That the bus crash is the most likely culprit of the injury considering bus crash happened AFTER car explosion. This also leads me to how EVERY person in this storyline is STUPID. Why? Because they are following the theory of a 13 year old that graduated from the university of google. NO ONE thought that car bomb caused this until Molly opened her mouth. Now pretty much everyone including the doctors, one who was also in the bus crash, is running with this theory.

Which leads me to why this storyline has me more on Sonny's side then anyone else's. It's the holes and the justification. They have justified why Sonny has done things through words and through actions, then tried to villify him with other characters saying he's out of control. To me its similar to Luke's 'alcoholism'. Luke started drinking way more after he killed Jake, but yet characters were saying that Luke has always been a drunk. The way, at least to me, they have justified Sonny's actions.

1. Jax: I don't think Sonny's intention was to kill Jax at first. It escalated into him wanting to kill Jax. If you go back and watch, Sonny was leaving Robin's house. Jax ran his mouth. It escalated to Sonny wanting to kill Jax.
2. Car bomb: Krissy sneaked away from the house to go see Sonny. This is after Sonny made sure everyone was accounted for. She put herself in that situation. So to place all blame on sonny is kind of WTH to me.
3. Morgan: Yes, Sonny should be angry that Carly sent Morgan away. Because like he said, she is doing it to get back at him, not to keep Morgan from danger. Now if Carly cut ties with Shawn and Jason also, yes I would say that its to keep her kids safe, but the fact that she's not and these two men work for Sonny but Sonny is dangerous. Like come on.
4. Sonny going after Johnny. Johnny, Sonny's enemy, was asking Molly to keep it a secret on giving info to him about Krissy. Sonny tells Johnny to once again to stay away from his kids. Johnny runs off at the mouth. He ends up on the balcony. Now we have Johnny talking about how he wants to keep the peace and the truce but goes to visit Krissy the day AFTER Sonny just held him over the balcony telling him to stay away from his kids. And when Sonny tells him to leave the room, Johnny starts running his mouth. There is no way Johnny want to 'keep the peace' when he continues to poke at what he knows will set Sonny off.

I have no problem with GH villifying Sonny if it was more legit. Bring up him hanging AJ on the meat hook. Bring up him working Karen in the strip clubs. But this forced villification, just is not working for me.

As for Olivia and Kate. That entire convo hurt my head too much to truly comment. All that convo pointed out to me is how the Olivia character is really useless and has nothing to do. Not that that wasn't already driven home when she showed up at Johnny's house for no reason to stop Sonny from throwing Johnny off the balcony.

Sorry for being so long in my response.

^Tea, shouldn't you be whining at a Llanview funeral right about now?

Keep up the good work, SD. I might disagree with this post (HATE nuKate so don't care who says what to her), but I still love the snark and the passion here.

But do really know that Lisa is coming back? That scene of her was akin to the Laura's "wig on a stick" from many years ago, while Genie was offscreen. We didn't even see her face, and that bint is still in coma. Unless Anthony has come up with a new drug that will make her come out of it?

I hated that scene with Olivia and Kate. All I got from it was that Olivia was blaming Kate for wanting to leave Bensonhurst and make a new life for herself. How dare she leave and go to college and get an education? The NERVE of Kate! I just plain hate Olivia. She should be hating on Sonny for shooting her Son IN.THE.CHEST. but no, it's now HER fault, because, as Sonny keeps harping, she never told him that Dante was his son. And Olivia? Sonny is no longer a child. He's a psychotic, murderous THUG.

I just recently discovered this blog and love Mallory to bits! Too bad that Irene had to screw with her so I never got to read what she thought about what happened then. And I'm also jonesing, when I realize that we're not getting three blogs a week, but more like one every two weeks.

NOTHING will ever make me feel sorry for Sonny. NOTHING.

kermitklein, I get that you don't feel that the writers are leading you to hate Sonny but feel for him instead, BUT, the previous writers always made Sonny a god who could do or say nothing wrong. He would always interject HIS opinions and never listened to anyone else's because he was always right in everything he did. Oh those days were sooooo irritating to me. I have developed a hate for the character over the years and am enjoying the hell out of everyone pissing on him right now. I enjoy the Sonny hate though I know that this will be short lived. Can't get rid of the 'star' of the show (gag!!) now can we. I even enjoyed the show when Sonny was no where to be seen for a bit there. It was so refreshing for a change. I so want this new writer to downgrade Sonny and give the other characters that exist an upgrade. Preferably just down grade the whole mob stuff.

I end with: I HATE SONNY!! and there will never be a way for me to ever like (or tolerate) him.

What do you think of the nuKate, Mallory? I think she's kind of monotonous and bland IMHO!

As I Tweeted this a.m. -
Dear NuKate:
Please do not contort your face and start wagging your finger in response to a line your fellow actor has not yet delivered. It is called "bad acting."
The GH Viewers

Personally, NuKate also is, so far, incredibly, incredibly unlikable. I know Kate is supposed to be a bitch to some extent, but Megan Ward was always expert at delivering her bitchy lines with a hint of "I'm covering up for pain and a bit of self-esteem issues with my bitchy rants" whereas NuKate just comes off as - a bitch, period. She needs to learn how to put some softness behind the shrillness or I can see a "Carly #3" recast in her very near future.

I FF through Sonny. He's so whiny and ridiculous and just...no. He's like a toddler who doesn't get his way. "I don't like you, and I don't want that, and you do what I say or else." Bleh. He and Lulu should get together. You'd have to buy stock in Velveeta to have enough cheese to go with that level of whine.

I...am torn on NuKate. My initial reaction was "Kill it with fire!" when I heard about the recast and then I realized how unfair that was to the new actress--so I am going to give her a few more episodes to see how she does and if the writing is any better for her (I know, I know. I sprained something laughing at the very thought, too).

And ScorpiosRule, real life has been TOTALLY swamped the past few weeks (what is it about this time of year?!) but I hope to be back to blogging about GH a few times a week in the coming days.

NuKate is way too young for the role and is not a bad actress.

By the way, why in the heck does Sonny need another pairing when Brenda just left town two months ago? How refreshing would it have been to have Sonny single for several months before bringing on his next sex victim?

For a "predictable" blog, I'm always entertained.

I love this blog. Mallory is a fabulous writer, and always a treat for me to read.

And I don't even WATCH GH on any sort of regular basis. But I NEVER miss this blog!

TeKBunE, I'm not quite sure if you get what I'm saying. While I disagree about the previous writers making Sonny God because he's lost his kids numerous times, he's been labeled the bad guy numerous times in the past. The fact that claustrophobic Sonny even went to trial for Michael on a crime that he didn't commit and could have went to prison is way overshadowed by everything Jason has done. Sorry if they did that for anyone it was Jason, and they still do that for Jason. Let's face it, they are deeming Sonny selfish and bad for kids acccusing him of placing mob business over his kids but Jason is still looked at as a hero and good for kids when he basically chose mob business over his kid.

But I digress. The point I'm trying to say is that I don't mind them villifying Sonny. But make that villification legit. If you're going to throw out there that Sonny's car bomb is the reason that Krissy has the bone fragment, explain to me why the bus crash isn't. Don't just ignore the bus crash like it never happened especially when the majority of people involved in this storyline was involved in the bus storyline. Don't make the adults look stupid by following a 13 year old theory just so Sonny can be villified.

I guess it's different for me, butI don't get how viewers can overlook the bus crash just so they can enjoy the villification of Sonny. To me, that's bad storytelling and I don't get how bad storytelling can be enjoyed because the character you don't really like is being villified.

I'm taking Olivia's "You lost the best part of you," to be a shout-out to Megan Ward's awesome hair.

I wish Sonny would hurry the eff up out of Port Charles already and back to Bensonhurst. Preferably, without a set of cameras following.

Megan Ward is the only Kate Howard I will watch.

@ kermitklein - I agree with you 100%.

New Kate is Trying Very Hard. And Boring Me To Tears.

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