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September 18, 2011

A Permanent State of Goosebumps

Having had the misfortune of glimpsing myself in a mirror after watching Friday's episode of All My Children, I am seriously worried for my future self and see a week filled with puffy eyes and smeared mascara and plaintive wails of things like "But I don't WANT it to be the end of Zach and Kendall!" and "I want MORE of Brooke and Erica sparring" and then just grief-filled hiccups.

Because really, so much of the show has just gutted me, to the point where I've had to pause the episode and regain my composure (or become as composed as I can be when I'm watching TV, since that often includes me making ridiculous faces and shouting things at fictional people) and then wind up gutted all over again. There is so much I want to say about All My Children as a whole--about my history with it and my favorite stories and weird, random memories that I have of it, but please; I try to write about a ten second scene with Zach and Kendall and I wind up too depressed for words.

But OMG, how sweet, right?

Kendall: My husband, the romantic.
Zach: You happy?
Kendall: Very. You are really back.
Zach: We're back.

And OMG, how amazing, right?


A SNUGGIE. Zach Slater in a SNUGGIE. I have seen everything now. Part of me thinks that not just AMC, but all of television should be canceled because what could possibly live up to that?!

Then there was Angie and Jesse, and I know that I say this all the time and that I gush and lots of repetitive gushing is the very definition of not fun, but...really, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams own me.

Angie: Stop lying, Jesse Hubbard. You were crying. I can see it.

Fourteen different emotions flew over Darnell Williams's face in that moment when he realized that kind of seeing Angie meant, and all of those different emotions made me tear up. Amazing.

Although...there are some things that I find, uh, worrisome about the show's ending. For starters, I'm not sure why Brooke (!!!! I love Julia Barr so freaking much) was being so cagey about Adam, but I don't like it.

Erica: You two have not even been back to visit Pine Valley, not even once. You must be having quite the time.
Brooke: Things have been different for Adam since he left Pine Valley.
Erica: Unlike me, Brooke, you've never been good at the old duck-and-weave. What aren't you telling me about Adam?

I swear, if the show ruins Adam's previous happy ending, I am going to...well, the show is ending so any grand statement on my part would only last a few days and therefore not be grand at all but STILL.

And then there is Babe. Again with the endless discussion of this loathsome creature! It's totally tainting my enjoyment of the show right now! And can I just say that if Dixie's theory is right and that David FAKED BABE'S DEATH in order to get her away from JR, he will have officially crossed the line into mega-villain territory. Because that's creepy and psychotic and controlling and wrong and worse, it brings Babe back into our lives! How can we ever forgive him for that?!


I love this blog almost as much and Zach-in-a-Snuggie. That made my soap life.

Well, that episode was just superb. Seeing Brooke back in town, that alone would have made it a good day. But then, they gave us a little classic Erica/Brooke, and even better, they then gave us the grown-up, adult version - I'm out of words for how good that was.
For me, Erica is always at her best in relationships like these, ones where she can't pull the "Erica charm", but instead has to reveal the adult beneath the fluff. And nobody forces her to do that better than Brooke. Erica has suffered not having a woman of equal stature.
And Brooke, well, for me, she can carry storylines just fine on her own, and could carry the show as well.

David and Cara - this a very good pairing, IMO. I didn't care much for Cara before - I wasn't a fan of her and Tad - but now, I like her. And the actress. It's been so long since David has exhibited the qualities, the potential that he has lately, with Cara and Angie. If they were to carry this forward online, I'd be interested.

Angie and Jesse - pretty much another golden day for both actors. It might be hokey, but I caught my breath and held it during that last scene, when Angie's sight came back. It sure felt like the old days.

JR looks, and acts, like a guy who is only a short distance from the gutter. You can almost smell the desperation. And Dixie acted like a mother who doesn't know what more to do. All very good as well.

And what is going on with Adam??? (Whatever it is, I hope that seeing a resurrected Stuart turns out to be the cure).

It's not fair for the show to be this good at this time, but I sure do appreciate it.

I had to laugh out loud at the fact that my husband has the same Detroit Red Wings snuggie. We're Detroiters so he has every team snuggie Pistons, Wings, Lions and Tigers!!! So I completely understand where Kendall was coming from....lol

From mysterious, quiet, moody casino owner, to dedicated father of two who lives for his wife and kids while wearing a snuggie, Zach Slater sure has evolved in his years on AMC. And so has Kendall Hart Slater, from teenage wrecking ball to committed mom, wife and businesswoman. Friday's show confirmed that two iconic characters on AMC have grown, and grown nicely, with their fans, and I'm very grateful for that. I'm far less interested in David and his 900th "second chance" on life, and JR and his plummet into the sewer. But Zendall, and Brooke and Erica, were gems. Pity it took AMC's cancellation for AMC to get Thorsten Kaye and Julia Barr back.

Ewwwwwww Zachass! My eyes!

the good news about Babe returning from the not so dead is that she and JR can go off into the sunset together .. back to that pier in San Diego where she was a hooker .. and you know since David gave Angie back her sight (of course had he not been running the hospital on the cheap she wouldnt ever have been blind) and brought back Dixie .. and before end of week Babe, I am sure he will be given a mere slap on the hand for his nefarious doings .. he might even get a pass if the second not so dead PVite is Stuart Chandler .. I am just sayin'

Zach in a snuggie, people. He and Kendall were beyond adorbs and their scenes Friday are what I've been waiting to see. This is what I wanted!

I, too, have to repeatedly pause this show to get myself together. I have watched this show since I was four. Once again my heart breaks after losing AW, GL, and ATWT (still can't think about AW w/out crying).

I need for Adam to be okay.

Lastly, if David saved Babe...we are done. DONE!

Yeah, I'm hoping that Adam is not doing well because he's been feeling super guilty that Stuart was murdered when it should have been him, and then it will turn out that David saved Stuart and then Adam will be all better and get his happy ending with Brooke after all.

(This would, of course, be ridiculous if the show was ending, but since it is, bam, happy ending. The ending of shows -- both AMC and OLTL have really made me think a lot about the genre in general and how 'endings' work when you have a story that doesn't usually end -- and then it does. It's sort of fascinating, even if it doesn't make losing 80+ years of combined history worth it.)

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