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September 15, 2011

Adorable Funerals and Other Cutenesses!

So the alternate One Life to Live opening credit reel didn't really tell us much. Langston is still in the opening credits. Eh? Otherwise everything looked the same to me (has Shaun always been in the credits? In fact, he got the mid-show bumper today. New? I have no idea.). At least I got my wish and Matthew is still there finger-shooting the camera.

Anyway, business at hand: Funeral Day!


In more important news: Sam! In a suit! 


This is the cutest funeral ever. Sam was confused about why there was a picture of his father in church (a fair question, young sir) and worried that his dad knew he stole candy (he'd probably high-five you) and excited that James was going to take him to a Phillies game without Jack (again, that's fair, young sir -- a child after my own heart, what with the whole preferring-non-Jack-activities thing and all).

I even liked James for a minute because he was being sweet to Sam!


Will wonders never cease?

Jack, of course, was a total dick even to people who were offering up condolences to him.


He might want to stop and think how deep people have got to dig to find something kind to say about Victor -- somehow Jessica managed to pull this off (about the man primarily responsible for the death of her daughter, mind you), and Jack practically bit her head off.

My love for the unlikely friendship between Blair and Téa is well-documented (and lamented), so you can imagine this was a good day for me. Téa was too upset to go to Victor's funeral, so of course Blair was her usual bleeding-heart self and took it upon herself to lift Téa's spirits and give her strength -- very smartly by pretending she needed Téa (ha!).


Téa: What is this, tough love?

Blair: It's not love, I just... I need you. 

Téa: (scoffs) Give me a break, you don't need me.

Blair: I do!

Téa: You're tough as they come, Blair Cramer, you need me like you need another pair of stilettos!

Blair: (kickin' up the Texan drawl for all she's worth) Oh you know, who've you been talkin' to lately? Have you noticed that my world is kinda crumbling? Todd coming back and... Irene. Everything I knew is just... it blew up. 

Téa: (through tears) You don't show it.

Blair: Yeah, well, it's all an act. You know what, Dorian always told me there were two kinds of Cramers: fighters and feelers.

Téa: I guess you're a fighter, huh?

And it went on awesomely like that for a while. I cannot get enough of Kassie dePaiva and Florencia Lozano in scenes together, and I cannot get enough of Blair being effing phenomenal under pressure like this. She went so far as to threaten to get naked and get in the shower with Téa if that's what it took (Dear Ron, Are you saying this actually happening is completely off the table?).


And it worked! (Of course.)

Continued cuteness happened over at Llanfair between Viki and Clint who had a nice, sweet talk. She's worried about his wasting his second chance on Kim, who may very well hurt him again. Or is that it? Viki seemed awfully happy to have Clint around to talk to. She's lost a lot lately and he's a great comfort to her (and unlike most of the assholes she showers with love unconditionally, he actually seems to do better at life when he spends a lot of time with her), and she is just so cute.


And I just love the constant look of adoration Jerry verDorn plays every single time Clint looks at Viki. He truly thinks she is the greatest woman alive, and thinks it a marvel that she gives him the time of day.

Viki then delivered the eulogy at the funeral, and it was the usual soapy "this man wasn't perfect but he sure did love his fams!" spin that they always use at soap opera funerals for rapist abusive assholes, which always cracks me up. I started to feel my eyes rolling when Viki quoted Shakespeare by saying that perhaps Victor "loved not wisely but too well" and I was thinking, "Rage! What? Loved too well? In what solar system?! This is bullshit! An outrage!" and then I remembered that the line is from Othello, who is by the way referring to having just murdered his wife as loving "too well." So hey, it fits! And gave me a hearty laugh.

Oh and Téa walked in on Todd in the church afterwards and thought it was Victor from the back, which apparently was supposed to be some sort of cliffhanger ending. I didn't quite get it, but that's okay because there was so much cuteness (and strong acting) in this episode that I went home happy.


I have to admit liking OLTL using all of its characters over the last two weeks. Roxie! Echo! Morris! Yes, Morris the porcupine! Cutter being cute!

Today's OLTL was all kinds of awesome. Little Spiderman Sam with his question about stealing candy had me LMAO! Sam, you father Victor has done a log worse than steal candy! Sam Lord.

It was really great to see the "Lord" side of the family with Sam, Starr, Dani, Jack, Viki, and Jessica. Where in the heck was Natalie?

Soaps used to be all about families and for the last decade or so are more about "couples" which makes watching OLTL such a treat.

Days like this make me bow down and thank the soap gods.

The A Team was on today, and on in full strength. How glorious to have Vicki, Clint, Blair, Tea, Roxie and Echo, all in one day! And I agree, for one brief nanosecond, I didn't wish James Fudd would be returned to the Howdy Doody storage closet, where he most obviously was taken from. In fact, he would make a good ventriloquist puppet for Sam.... but nontheless, he wasn't bad with Sam. Although, in all fairness, I think Sam carried him. That kid is adorable.

Victor Jr.'s funeral was so strange to watch. And not only because it's so easy for everyone to suddenly call him Victor instead of Todd. Although I very much enjoyed TSJ's portrayal of this loathesome human being, he WAS a loathesome human being. That must have been a rent-a-priest doing the service. Andrew would have done an exorcism.

And then there's Jack.....I wish he'd fall in love with Robert Fudd and run away with him. That's the only fit punishment I can think of for both of them.

As for Gnat's absence, if you were to ask Todd, she was probably too busy sleeping with the police force to make the kick off. Most likely, Gnat's too self-righteous to fake grief or do family support unless it's for herself. AND, at least we were spared another scene of Vicki's saddest moments - her daughters - sparring at each other.

And we had another day with Morris! Now what could beat that??

I would so be all about Tea/Blair!!! 4EVA. They could have a double wedding with Viki and Clint!

IDGAF, I love the hilariously hypocritical Jack Manning. It's kind of sad that nobody in his family really likes him because of the way he acts and he doesn't even realize it. Blair and Todd are sure going to have their work cut out for them.

I hate the Blair/Tea "friendship." I can see that Kassie and Florencia adore it but I can't buy it.

And the fact that it's all Blair doing things for Tea, going out of her way for Tea, but if Tea gets her nose out of joint she declares their truce OVER until the next time Blair goes out of her way for her... it's not a friendship.

Not remotely.

OMG, Louise, I was sooooo "JUST KISS!" and "Get in the shower, Blair!" during Tea and Blair's scenes, which is funny for a gay man to do. *LOL* I loved Blair's reverse-psychology, too, and loved that Tea saw right through it, but let it work anyway. "Tomorrow is another day."/"You really are a pain in my ass." = PERFECT!

Also perfection? Clint and Viki. That conversation was wonderful. They were both glowing and adorable with the weight of love and history. JvD and ES really click with each other.

I liked Viki's eulogy, too, especially the appropriate Shakespeare. It'd be far too much to expect for her to say, "Yeah, he was a psycho asshole," but I think she managed to avoid full canonization.

I can't believe you didn't mention the cutest thing with Sam: Shawn picking him up! He looked like a pin on Shawn's lapel!

@ BN - you summed up everything I loved about the episode perfectly! And you were kind enough to omit the rest!

On another note: why didn't Jerry Ver Dorn have this much chemistry with Erika Slezak when he joined OLTL? What ever the reason (maybe JVD has really stepped into the role since) I just love their chemistry now and glad we have it.

It sounds wierd, but that was a great funeral! Seeing a family gathered to support each other is something you never see in daytime TV anymore. Everyone behaved true to their character, especially Tea being a right snotty mess! Does she ever have tissues in her home? lol

Sam in his little suit was killing me. He acted like a real child who is confused about death and loss and that made me tear up. Shawn scooping him up was just the cutest thing!

Has Shawn ever had a real love scene? It might not be everyone's cup o' tea, but I'd give it a look. What can I say; I've got a thing for men who are good w/ kids! lol

I love how excited Kim is about getting to fuck with Rex. "Blackmail Rex! Blackmail Rex! Blackmail Rex at lunch!"

I have to agree with DANDESON in that Tea and Blair don't have a friendhip what they have is a Tea is the most awesome person ever club and if Blair ever forgets Tea kicks her out of it.. In case you forgot Tea's frienship with Blair was nowhere when it came to answering Blair's call or if Blair kissed her husbanmd then she is all about calling Blair out, meanwhile the continued whitewashing of Victor continues. I wish I had faked being a beloved father/ brother/lover, in LLanview, because apparently even while being held hostage by your insane mother everything is still Todd's fault.

Amazing episode.. FloLo knocked it out of the park. Emmy reel I hope! She just looked and acted the part of devastated widow perfectly. Her ravaged zombie face was epic.

Oh Clint and Vicki! So sweet together. I've been asking for this for ages and it's wonderful.

Ugh.. Jack and his lies and his terrible acting. You know McPain is going to show up at the funeral and arrest Todd. What was Shaun thinking discussing evidence in a murder case with the family of the victim? I hope it comes out quickly where Jack found out about the phone call.

They continue to give nuJack the ball...and he continues to fumble. Each and every time.

Give it up, OLTL. Just admit you made a bad call and move on.

FYI Louise: The Shawn bumper has been around for a few months now! I think it debut sometime earlier in the summer.

TV's Tim, I really don't see them recasting Jack before the end of the show. So, as much as you hate him, AT's most likely here to stay until OLTL ends on ABC.

"TV's Tim, I really don't see them recasting Jack before the end of the show. So, as much as you hate him, AT's most likely here to stay until OLTL ends on ABC."

I don't expect him to be fired, but giving him front-burner status is absolutely no buys. Just send him upstairs with Addie and bring him back for holidays or something.

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