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September 12, 2011

Changing Up The Recipe

There's nothing I love more than when a soap changes things up and puts unlikely duos in scenes together or builds new friendships, alliances, and rivalries from existing characters rather than retreading what we've known for years.

Today they broke up some of the usual on One Life to Live with scenes between:


Roxy and Echo! Now, these two have had a few scenes together before because of their relationships with Rex, but they've very rarely had a one-on-one scene. Kim Zimmer and Ilene Kristen have a fun chemistry together and I'm liking that they're having to form an unlikely alliance and even referring to Rex as "their" son. Frankly I wish their concern was over someone more interesting than Rex, but I'll take it. 

We also got...


Aubrey and Kim! Or Aubrey and Aubrey. Or Christine and Aubrey. Aw, hell, I don't know. Is it odd to anyone else that Cutter is so comfortable talking about getting it on with his lady friend "Aubrey," whose fake identity is that of his actual sister? 

And we got...


Todd and Natalie!

With Natalie lookin' crazy-hot in that dress she was wearing.


Whoa. Now... I know Roger Howarth is all good-looking and stylish and all that, but y'all. Can we talk about his hair? The highlights and the wispy razor cut are just a tad too metrosexual for Todd Manning, wouldn't you say? It looks more like runway-model hair, especially for a Todd Manning who just spent eight years in captivity.

While I wish Blair had been the one to tell Todd about what Jack did to Shane and Gigi (and what Victor did to cover it up), it was great that he finally found out. The chickens really came home to roost for Todd and Victor on that one. I'm also hoping this isn't the beginning of legitimate affection between Todd and Natalie but maybe just a continued adversarial relationship with a smidge more respect at its base.

And most excitingly, we got...


Cutter and Morris!

And in news of good character relationships that have gotten short shrift until recently, we got...


Brody and Shane! I love these two, but I'm nervous what the uptick in shared scenes lately might mean story-wise. I have a feeling it's going to result in something bad for one or the other of them. In the meantime, it's nice that Shane has a father figure he can talk to since Rex has mostly been focused on ignoring his son so he can go off half-cocked on revenge schemes and on magical 10-minutes trips to strip clubs in Kentucky.

We got some more typical match-ups like Jack and Starr, Aubrey and Cutter, Shaun and John, and Roxy and John (a scene match-up that rarely fails to make me smile, but when it seems to happen primarily to have Roxy extoll the fabulous pairing that is the almighty coolest-kids-in-town union of Natalie and John, I tend to zone out), but the mix of new and old match-ups made it relatively low-key but character-developing episode absolutely worth watching. Solid stuff. And the more moments of Todd and Starr bonding they can give us as these episodes move forward, the better, please!


I don't really have a Memory Lane point of actual substance to bring up today, but it's mostly because I've spent the last several days being too distracted by my obsession over Blair's 2002 hair.


So pretty, y'all. I covet. This was at Todd and Blair's forty-second thwarted wedding. (Damn you, Sam Rappaport!)


When Roxy ordered John to put out an IUD on Morris, I died.

I like this new Cutter, who was adorbs with Morris. Josh Kelly has been adding this quirky charm to him lately that I'm digging.

I hope that Natalie does NOT join the Todd "is the cool guy" band wagon. These two despised each other with a passion and I would rather see it continue on.

Yes, I too liked the unlikely scene partners today!

Roxie is always a treat and her scenes with Echo were hilarious.

IMO, Brody has alwasy been the better father to Shane. Heck, Brody has been the better father to Shane, Bree and Liam and if Ford or Terd as someone called him over at DC would simply dissappear all the better.

This is the first time I've ever seen Gnat interact with the RH Todd - and I loved it. And frankly, that's sort of new for me, enjoying any Gnat scenes. I don't care if they continue to hate each other or not (though I think that would be more entertaining) but the scenes were really good.

Roxie and Echo? - perfection. How utter fantastic that OLTL has actors of "a certain age" with a ton of talent, and they actually use them. That's probably the main reason I love this show so much.

Aubrey and Kim? - I find Morris far more believable, and I care a lot more about his ultimate fate than I do theirs.

I loved the Todd and Nat scenes. My two all time fav OLTL characters sharing the snark but also actually listening too each other.Plus we got Todd and Starr on the Laboule stairs. I wonder how many scenes RH and KA have filmed there plus another hug between them. I can't remember the last genuine hug between TSJ and KA.
OK Does anyone else think it's strange how much talk KDP and RH's hair generates? I can't think of any other soap characters whose hair is talked about like theirs is? Are they the opposite of Samson and when the hair is cut they acquire special powers.

Love Roxyt! She makes every scene worth watching. I love Kim Zimmer but Ilene Kirsten owned the Roxy/Echo scenes. I watch old reruns of Ryan's Hope on SoapNet and she was a scene stealer then too.

Also, kinda loving John McBain these days.

I, too, felt grossed out at the realization that Cutter was sexing up a woman using his sister's ENTIRE name. I know it's a soap but EWWW. I like Josh Kelly and Terri Conn but I have no use for Cutter and Aubrey and Kim if it means reintroduction of Stacey, Ghost-Gigi, Real Gigi, Gicey or Stagi, or whomever. OLTL has too many useless characters taking up space. Rex should go too, although I loved all things "Morris The Porcupine."

My big issue with OLTL is that while it boasts some of the stronger actors on daytime, it also boasts some of the worst actors in daytime as well.

I think Natalie and Todd was pretty much a plot point for Natalie to believe he's innocent and get involved in the Victor death investigation along with John, hence making them get closer and jointly suspecting Brody of some shadiness...Whew (say that three times fast!). But I liked the scenes nonetheless. It was good to remember what an actual long, important coversation felt like.

Today was brilliant! I, too, really enjoyed all the unusual pairings. Cutter and Morris are adorable! Why couldn't we have gotten THIS Cutter an Christine/Aubrey instead of that dreadfulness for months and months and months?

Flove Brody and Shane. I know what you're saying about being worried about the uptick in scenes between them, Louise, but they're trying to make us totally paranoid about everyone and everything with the Victor death.

Louise, how could you possibly have missed THE most awesome part of the show, though? John making Jack go back outside and knock!

I'm not grossed out by Cutter sexing up a girl using his sister's name. Why? Tina and David, yo... David was pretending to be her brother, she totally bought that he was her brother when she was fantasizing about him. They got married and had sex while he was still masquerading as her brother (although he had confessed to her that he wasn't by then so he could get into her pants.)

Todd's hair... well, after eight years maybe he really wanted to get some highlights. Besides, I don't find anything he does with his hair too metro when this is the same man who's luxurious locks rivaled Blair's back in the nineties. Todd's always been a bit vain with his hair.

As for how often their hair is talked about, well, they have ridiculously pretty hair and they usually match... it's just something one notices.

Isn't it unbelievable that newbie characters like Aubrey and Cutter outlasted legacy characters Joey and Kelly on the show before its final episodes?!?!?

---My big issue with OLTL is that while it boasts some of the stronger actors on daytime, it also boasts some of the worst actors in daytime as well.---

Soapbaby, no argument from me there! When you put in the Fords, and most of the teen set, and Rex, it's pretty awful. And if Gigi or that horror of a sister came back....but the show has what AMC jettisoned, a crew of seasoned actors that more than make up for the rot of the rest.

---how could you possibly have missed THE most awesome part of the show, though? John making Jack go back outside and knock!---

BN, that was fantastic! I was only hoping that McBain would let Jack knock, and knock, and keep knocking....and never let the twit into his office.

Bourgeois Nerd, oh yeah! I loved John schooling Jack on basic manners.

And I do agree OLTL has a handful of bad actors, more so than some of the other soaps. Thankfully we also have more great ones to offset that, and the great ones don't just get trotted out twice a year for holidays and funerals.

And Tina and David... gross! That was so hard to watch.

On one hand, it is a shame the writers couldn't come up with better stories for legacy characters like Joey and Kelly.

On the other hand, I don't miss them at all. Particularly Kelly, the return of whom was a mess from start to finish.

How could you not mention this

TODD: Hi Llanview PD, Can I speak to someone who hasn't slept with Natalie.

Lmao....That was hilarious , I love ROGER HOWARTH!!!

TODD: Hi Llanview PD, Can I speak to someone who hasn't slept with Natalie.
Yeah, just wait until all of Jess/Tess/Mess ONS all show up at Llanfair with some STD.

Personally, I am loving Cutter, Kim & Aubrey, I hope they all go to the on line version, or better yet recast Jessica with Terri Conn ( I heard Bree W is not sticking around)

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