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September 21, 2011

Coming To You Straight From Cloud 9

I was so excited for today's episode of All My Children that I very nearly responded to the Target cashier's innocent "How are you today?" query with "I am FANTASTIC because today's the day that David Canary comes back. And Sarah Michelle Gellar! It's going to be awesome and I'm probably going to cry, but...you know, in the FANTASTIC way". I started to giggle basically as soon as the TV-PG box popped up in the corner of the screen at the show's start (and then immediately teared up when Michael E. Knight paid his respects to Mary Fickett).

And the show did not disappoint. The writing all week has been top-notch, but today's episode was nothing short of stellar. There were so many touching moments, so many light-hearted delights, a welcome revelation that Babe IS actually dead, and performances that were phenomenal.

And the returns, people. The returns! It's always nice to see the lovely Eva LaRue, as random as her guest appearances have been. But Sarah Michelle Gellar? I cheered. DAVID CANARY? I applauded. Justin Bruening? I squealed, and considering how lukewarm I've been on Jamie since always, I started to wonder if the show was actually getting me high.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's cameo return was just freaking fantastic.


I adore the Smidge--it's impossible for me not to, you know? The woman played Kendall Hart AND Buffy Summers, plus she has amazing hair. Win/win/win. And I love, love, LOVE the fact that in all of the interviews she's given during her promotional tour for Ringer (which is all sorts of soapy), she's decried the cancellation of AMC and shouted from the rooftops that The Chew is going to fail (how nauseous-making is it to see commercials for that show airing during the 1-2 PM hour? So distasteful).

Anyway, I was curious to see what the show would come up with for her return, since she wouldn't be playing Kendall. They came up with HILARITY, in the form of a paranoid, delusional psych patient who thinks she knows Maria from somewhere--wink wink, nudge nudge.

Sarah Michelle Crazy: I want her to examine me. We know each other, don't we? Or did we?
Maria (!): Um, I don't know. Maybe? Possibly? I wish I could help you, but I can't examine you. I'm not on staff anymore.
SMC: But you're a doctor, so you can treat me.
Orderly: She was wandering through the town squared. Someone called an ambulance.
SMC: They could be everywhere. They're trying to get me. He could be one of them. You can't let them get me. I'm Erica Kane's daughter! 


SMC: So I see vampires. That doesn't make me crazy.
Maria: ...vampires are very popular.
SMC: I saw them before they were trendy.


So well done and hilariously meta.


SPEAKING OF well done: Tad and Dixie. Tears a-flowing, people. In just a few minutes, all memories of the horrible writing these two have been saddled with over the years (Madden in a box, the time Dixie came back from the dead and just lurked around town while her family crumbled, so on and so forth) vanished without a trace. What can I say? I'm easy! The writing was really great and Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain showcased the chemistry that made them such a supercouple and the end result was just beautiful.


Dixie: You've done this before.
Tad: Yeah, a few times.
Dixie: Well, I'd like to give it a try.
Tad: Okay, be my guest.
Dixie: This is hard...Tad, I remember the day that we met.
Tad: Myrtle's dress shop.
Dixie: Yes. Shh! And you were so handsome and funny. Charming. You showed me a kindness that I didn't--I just never expected.
Tad: I'll tell you a secret--it wasn't that hard.
Dixie: Just from the minute, the minute you met you, you didn't even know me. But you started taking care of me and JR. How could I not fall in love with you?
Tad: As I recall, I was the one who had to tell you you were in love with me.
Dixie: I know. I was so young. Thank God I had our star to guide me back to you. You're my home and you're my heart. You're everything to me. I'm simply lost without you, my dear. You're where I want to be. You're where I belong.
Tad: Not bad.
Dixie: Thank you.
Tad: You know, since you've been home, I've been worried that I would go too fast, that I would screw things up, but I realized this afternoon that I don't want to waste any more time worrying about anything, because I'm with you and that's the only thing that means anything. That's the only thing that counts and I know it won't always be pretty. We've got a track record but it will be us. You and me...as far as I'm concerned, I've spent too many years grieving and daydreaming about what--what might be someday. But as far as I'm concerned, someday is today and everyday from here on. And I think this is where I'm supposed to tell you that I commit my life to yours, that I've committed my heart to yours, but the truth is, I did it 20 years ago at that dress shop.
Dixie: So...together?
Tad: Forever.

I mean, SQUEAL, right? My heart was so warmed and my eyes so teary. And on top of that, the fact that Tad accidentally dialed his house phone and Opal, Ruth, Joe, Jake, Amanda, Jamie and (freaking) Krystal all heard this and cheered at the end? So silly, but soooo cute.


And, oh, Opal!

Opal: You're as much my own as my own sweet Jenny was.
Dixie: That's a lot to live up to!
Opal: Well, you already have, honey!

Heart = warmed. I loved watching Jenny and Greg's wedding during this weekend's SOAPNet marathon (I also loved watching Cliff and Nina's, because I love watching Peter Bergman. 80s DREAMINESS!) and I wish...well, I wish a lot of thing about the past few years of AMC and, especially, the past few months since the cancellation news had been handled differently, but one of my biggest wishes is that SOAPNet had done a few more AMC marathons over the past few weeks. I mean, I know, taking away some of the hours devoted to One Tree Hill would have surely been controversial for Chad Michael Murray's fan, but come on! A few more marathons for some more AMC eras would have been fantastic. I'd have loved to have seen more of Greg and Jenny, and Jenny and Jesse's friendship, and some Ray Gardner (fun fact: my parents are not soap watchers, but did get caught up in the ABC Daytime lineup during the early 80s, because whenever I talk about AMC, my father does a bizarre Ray Gardner impression: "I'm gonna blow up them Martins!") and the legendary Billy Clyde Tuggle. But alas.

Then there was the Martin montage, with a lot of sweet Tad and Dixe, and Jake and Amanda, and Joe and Ruth, and then a few seconds that made my blood run cold.

Krystal: What's our motto? We deserve the best--
Babe: And together we can always get it.

Fuck you both!

What the hell, AMC?! Way to ruin something delightful with those two bags of trash at their absolute worst. Ugh!


At least Babe is really and truly dead, though. If Leo doesn't get brought back from the day (although fingers crossed, they still have two days to make that happen and if they do, I will probably explode from happiness), she should have to stay a hallucination, too.


Babe who, it has to be said, was pretty freaking condescending in her ghostliness: It's never too late to change. Please! I am trying to help you.
JR: You can't!
Babe: Why not?
JR: Because you're dead!

And the crowd cheered!

It must be said, though, that Alexa Havins did look very pretty and turned in quite a nice performance. It is just that...Babe is the worst. And I hate that JR continues to go on the steepest of downward spirals, because I know that what happens on Friday's show--especially with the word "cliffhanger" being thrown around--will be him doing something terrible. And that bothers me. Well, it bothers me the most that there is a cliffhanger at all. Why can't there just be closure? Yes, the show will be going online and that is fantastic for the people who will follow it to the internet. But I'm thinking of less savvy viewers, like my grandmother. She's pretty good with computers for a woman in her seventies, but she's not going to watch it online; she's just not. And she's put 41 years of her life into this show. Doesn't she deserve some closure and a few happy endings?

Plus, if JR does something terrible--which, I mean, he will, because they've been doing so many spectacularly unsubtle closeups of that gun that if your mind doesn't immediately leap to "violent shootout", you...well, you probably don't watch General Hospital--it will get blamed wholly on Adam and I don't want the entire basis of the online AMC to be "People are still in Pine Valley and were epically burned by the horrible Adam Chandler".


Oh, that's right! ADAM CHANDLER was also back today, and it was everything I could have hoped--and then some.


Seeing him and Brooke so solid as a couple was fantastic (loved Brooke telling JR to stop being so disrespectful to his father) and his remembering Stuart made me cry and his scenes with JR were just so, so good. I'm sorry, but it needs to be said: David Canary is better than the rest of us. Please don't take that as an insult; I also consider him to be better than me. He is just SO good at everything he does and is probably the best actor that daytime has ever seen and the show without him has just not been the same without his flawless acting and amazing facial expressions.

Adam: Stuart could always get through to JR, just as he could always get through to me. But he's not here, is he? Because of me. (Is suddenly jolted)
Brooke: What? What?
Adam: Stuart. I could swear I just heard his voice.
Brooke: What did he say.
Adam: Uh, "I'm right here, Adam". Just like when we were kids, and we'd play hide and go seek. And if I got really close to where he was hiding, he'd pop right out and say "Here I am, Adam". Here I am...


But that jolt he got? Was TWINTUITION because Stuart is ALIVE.

Although he might be dying at the moment, unless David gets to him in time and saves him again, which he will, because if Stuart was a member of the bunch saved by Project Orpheus but then dies again, I will PICKET. I will picket something and I will do it loudly.

We all guessed that Stuart was one of David's patients--and he ought to be, since his death is entirely David's fault!!!!--but it was still chilling and exciting to see that the patient David was so worried about and Jesse allowed David to treat and was rushed into the hospital on a gurney was Mr. Chandler himself. GOOSEBUMPS ALREADY AT THE VERY IDEA OF AN ADAM/STUART REUNION!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow's show.


Man I wish Havins had been playing Babe when they killed her off. The recast chick wasn't bad but she didn't have the chemistry to make that crap work right.

Mallory - I adore you. What a complete and lovely recap of a complete and lovely episode. You really nailed it. I have watched the episode twice already. This and Monday's "Hubbard-focused" episode really impressed me (with the exception of Maya, she's irksome) whereas yesterday's "Kane-Montgomery-Slater-Lavery-random Marissa" episode failed on so hard. Well, yesterday was yesterday and today will reside in DVR until I get tired of re-watching.

Soapbaby - had to come out of "lurkerdom" to agree with you. I missed Angie and Jesse's hey day in the 80s, but I cried through the last 10 minutes of Monday's ep... Same with today's. It was the montages that got me both times. I understand the the producers were hampered a bit by the recasts of both Erica's daughters (since both of the "pivotal moments" were shot with the originals) but I would have so much preferred flashbacks over the goofy "confessionals". Though I must say, Zach and Kendall were wonderful. Oh I'm going to miss them!

Thanks, Mallory. Thanks for your pure unadulterated, unapologetic love for this show! And for your equally devine hatred of the Hooterville Trollops aka Carey hags. Both are glorious!

So, anybody out there who didn't mist up at that episode? I did a little more than mist up through that one....The show opens with MEK dedicating it to Mary Fickett, and it was all over with me, and then that's immediately followed by a picture of Grandma Kate.

What a great episode it was! Kwak and that misbegotten mess were just a blip among the glory, they didn't ruin it one bit for me. Oh, I can say I wanted more, and who doesn't? I wanted to see Phil and Tara, Jeff and Mary, Paul and Anne, Greg and Jenny. And Palmer. And just like I wanted to see Mark and Ellen yesterday, and I want to see Julie and Daisy and Myra and Sloan and Nina and Petey, Phoebe and Langley, Charles and Mona, Alfred Vanderpool, Nancy Grant, Linc and Kitty, and Kelly, and Myrtle and Edna and Dottie and Cynthia Preston and Natalie and Tim and Trevor and on and on and on.

This episode captured the heart of the Martins and I think that family was always the heart of the show. For them to encapsulate that with Grandma Kate - a character and actress who has been gone for 26 years at this point - and for it still to feel so right, well that just proves to me how much HAS been done right over the years. Until these last 10.....

I appreciate Lee Meriweather for keeping "Ruth" alive, after Mary couldnt do it anymore. I appreciate how understated, but how powerful, Ray McDonnell has always been. And Jill Larson. And lately, RPG and CS too.

And especially MEK and Cady.

What a bonus to see DC again! And what a gift to know that Stuart is back. I knew that not having Adam and Brooke on canvas has left a gaping hole, but seeing them just drives the point home.

I'm going to watch this one again.

So the last of the core families is the Chandlers. Will they get a family picture and montage tomorrow? Today was the first da that I started wondering if JR might make some turn towards being a decent guy before it ends, because damn it, I want the Chandlers to have their perfect montage and picture too. Why else would you bring back Adam and Brooke?

And what a sight for sore eyes they were. Really, the anticipation of seeing them again was what made me watch all week. I was really impressed Monday, which was amazing because I've never watched when Angie and Jesse were on, so the fact that they sucked me in so quickly is really a testament to DM and DW. Can't say I was that interested in the exteded Kanes, but I never have been. Today was cute, and awesome, and David Canary filled. The last of those I think needs to become it's own phrase that means "MOre awesome than you will ever be able to wrap your head around".

I hate that AMC is ending. My first AMC couple was Trevor and Natalie. I remember playing "If Ever Your In My Arms Again" for hours on a cassette tape because they used that song when T/N were on the island. I've always kept up, even if I wasnt' a faithful viewer. I will miss the show a lot.

SMG <3 <3 <3

Justin Bruening? I squealed, and considering how lukewarm I've been on Jamie since always, I started to wonder if the show was actually getting me high.

I had the exact same reaction! "GASP! Jamie!! *hand flappy* Uh, wait, why am I so excited?" But it was worth it just for Tad's reaction. Love me some Tad Martin.

Here's hoping Junior doesn't shoot up the town. I was really hoping they were going for attempted suicide (stoppped by GhostBabe or Adam or Stuart) rather than homicidal rampage, but his last comment yesterday was much more vengeful than I would've liked.

Still can't wait for today's ep, though! Damn, I'm going to miss this show.

I just can't believe that Cady McClain and Michael E. Knight aren't married in real life. A few weeks ago, I went to a wedding involving one of my best friends, someone I know better than anyone else in the whole world, and he was marrying a man to whom he is so obviously and completely in love that it becomes apparent as soon as he is in the room or his name is mentioned, because he has a special glow.

And I felt the same way when Tad and Dixie had their adorable pained knees fake proposals. I know its called acting, but chemistry like that is so impressive.

I can't believe how much I'm caring again about these characters before they disappear.

Also, LOVE Cady McClain's hair. I'm a dude and I've never been able to wear short hair that well. It's almost infuriating.

Also, because Babe and Krystal were in the montage today, does that mean they are going to get shoe-horned into the Chandler one tomorrow as well (where arguably, they belong more); because, even though I'm not as much of a Krystal/Babe hater as others here (not physically possible), but that would be irksome.

So who is the second patient .. I know we okay I thought it was Babe (Stuart was a given at least to me) but now that we know the biach is really truly most assuredly dead ding dong dead .. who is the other person David has on ice.

I dont want David to get shot by JR but I suspect thats what will happen ... and we'll end with Griff trying to save him .. and everyone will be at the hospital because they'll hear Stuart is alive .. so maybe it wont be David who gets shot ... two shows to go ... and a 4 month wait

Word to your blog! I have loved it all, but yest topped everything! I'm not even into Jamie, but for some reason, when he was at the door, I lost it! Loved Adam finally being back where he belongs - IA, DC is the consummate actor. Waiting for the final two with tears in my eyes. Why oh why does this magnificent show have to end??

I loved it! LOVED!!!!

SMG was just....I flove her. I was so excited all day yesterday during work. I was even going on and on about how SMG was going to be in this epi to my sister. I can't get over this and Maria. I loved their interaction. Even when Maria was with the Martins and her phone rang and she said had to take it b/c "it's kind of an important call from Miami." I was all, "Oh I see what you did there!" Then I giggled.

I was high, too, b/c when I saw Jamie I grinned and was happy. I've always thought Jamie was the lamest to ever lame, but I was excited.

Tad and Dixie! When Dixie said she couldn't believe how old they are I laughed and cried. They and Opal and everyone else was sooooo sweet.

Adam's back! Stuart's alive! I love this! OMG! Thank goodness they are righting this wrong and slapping Pratt in the face.

Lastly, I am happy to report that my love for David remains fully intact b/c: Babe is dead, dead, dead! *twirls* I will say that it was good to see Alexa and I think she looks just gorgeous and she did do a good job, but I can't with Babe.

I fear the tragedy that will produce the cliffhanger. I can't believe JR is this far gone and is still blaming Adam for everything wrong.

Granted, All David's Dead Bodies have been (rightfully) mocked to hell and back on the internets, but I'll forever be grateful to this regime for righting two HUGE wrongs (poison pancakes and Adam kills Stuart).

And, really, I can't 100% blame them for the upcoming "JR's Got a Gun" cliffhanger b/c allegedly PP was pushing hard for this type of cliffhanger (which already makes me weary for the online show. Well, that and CamMat already signing on)

And yeah, Krystal damn near wrecked the Martin montage. Stupid hobillies.

WORD to almost everything, Mallory (Tad and Dixie still leave me cold - I spent their entire proposal scene yelling "get on with it already!" at the TV) but most especially to this:
it bothers me the most that there is a cliffhanger at all. Why can't there just be closure?
Exactly. Though Guiding Light and As the World Turns' endings were far from perfect, at the very least both gave closure to their worlds. Actors, characters and audiences all got their chance to say goodbye. But AMC is getting this weird not-goodbye, and it makes me sad. Seriously, a (much-hinted-at) shooting spree? That's a reprehensible way to end 42 years, and leaves me worried for the future. Hasn't Prospect Park heard of Loving and The City?

I'm trying not to think about any of that, though, and just enjoying the good whenever I can the next two days. *sniff*

I'm so glad I have this blog because no one in real life appreciates my love/hate relationship with this show. The horrible writing pushed me away (even with the return of my childhood dream team Jessie and Angie) but word of the show leaving brought me back to enjoy the final goodbye. Thank you Mallory for keeping me up to date on the show when I couldn't bear to watch it and for memorializing this last week in a way that only true fans will understand. Your work IS appreciated.

Nice to know I'm not the only one happy to know that Babe is good and dead!

Is there any chance David can end up in Port Charles and bring Alan Q back??

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