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September 14, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care (or Stray Thoughts for the Day)

I truly hope they continue to get mileage out of the missing porcupine Morris, who Nate thought might be a woodchuck or a honey badger. I wish it were the latter, obviously.

Morris is missing

But Morris don't care, Morris don't care at all. Morris has a murder weapon up his bum, so why would he care?

New opening credits, y'all! I didn't have the old ones memorized, but from what I can gather we've added: Todd, Jack, Tomas, and Cutter.


We've lost: Kelly, Charlie, and Joey (though I could be wrong, as they do tend to alternate days for some characters). Interestingly, we've kept Dorian. Is it because we'll see her again, or is it just out of (proper) reverence for her position on canvas? Inquiring minds want to know! We should get the alternate version tomorrow, so I'm excited about more possible changes! (I know, I know, it'd be foolish of me to have my fingers crossed for a turning, wind-blown shot of Andrea Evans and John Loprieno. I dream big!) If Eddie Alderson isn't in there giving attitude and finger-guns to the camera, I am siccing a honey badger on someone's ass, I can tell you that much.

I'm all for Roxy getting scenes anywhere, anytime, with anyone. But with Nate? Have they even met before?

Gigi's ghost is back.


They make you go platinum blonde in heaven these days. It's all the rage.

Clint did a very advanced search on his Llannet search engine.

Llannet search

I'm always pleased when Clint utilizes all the tools the local Llanview internet has to offer. He keeps a presence there, you know.

So, Blair apologized to Tomas. Again. When he should have been apologizing to her. She apparently can't find any other reasons to stay away from him. Uh, I enjoy the chemistry between Kassie dePaiva and Ted King, but really? Blair. He's totally shady. Y'all know I love her, but bless her heart for she is reeeal dumb when it comes to men.

I can't even address the Baz and Starr's "recording contract issues" storyline because I'm simply too embarrassed by it.

Sorry to cheat by being so brief, but I still have more soaps to catch up on from the last few days! Something tells me I can open these comments and you awesome and lovely readers will have plenty to say. (But no spoilers, please, or I'll cry! And sic the honey badger on you!)


Nothing like a little Baz to make me appreciate the kid who plays Jack. No, not true, I will probably never appreciate Jack, but Baz is right up there with the Ford brothers. He has now made the talentless hacks into a quartet.
And Nate is looking even older. For a second, when he stopped by to see Dani, I thought that perhaps Tea and Tomas' father was back from the dead.

Any day that has Dlfina and Roxy in it is a good day. And Clint. And, even Kim - at least right now. Rex, on the other hand.....he walked into the cemetery like the woman with the bad walk on Seinfeld.

As for Gig and her "Don't give up" message - we gave up on you a LOOONG time ago!

The editing for the show is really annoying. One of the last scenes yesterday was Jack being a major hypocrite and mad at Todd and Blair. Today, there's Blair going to see Tea. Really??? Where was Todd throwing Gigi's death in Jack's face?? Where was Jack's hilarious attempt at trying to rationalize why what he did to Gigi and what he thinks Todd did to Victor are different??

Blair apologizing to Tomas and saying she had no reason to not be around Tomas anymore was a major WTF moment to me. What about the fact that Tomas lied to you and was going to continue to lie to you about being responsible for taking your children's father away from you??? I don't care that he worked for the government, but he was clearly never going to tell you the truth if he wasn't forced to. And I totally bet he wasn't taking a call from Langley today.

I really wish the Gigi sightings would stop because I cannot take more stupid facial expressions from Rex than I have to. Today, when he saw Gigi again, it looked like he was smelling something rancid than seeing the dead love of his life again.

The Blair/Tomas stuff was a huge facepalm moment for me. I actually liked this pairing very much but a) they squandered it and b) they killed it!

It's not believable in any way. I have to ignore everything about it except how pretty they are and just hope that KDP, TK and RH bring it whenever they have scenes together.

Robin Strasser said on her twitter account that Prospect Park hasn't contacted her to join the online version of OLTL, but I think that the reason Dorian is still in the opening credits is because they purged some of the contract cast memebers, and some of the other characters other than the ones still on contract are Kim, Nigel, Vimal, Rama, Echo, and Roxy and they are all recurring characters. Only contract cast memebers are only allowed in the opening credits. I think that Morris is a beaver and looks like a beaver, but they consider him a porcupine on the show!

Man, I FFWDed 90% of the episode. Snooze. So many characters I am not interested in, having ridiculous conversations about other characters I am not interested in. Why can't Viki be shown more or mentioned versus Baz, Starr, Jack, Rex, Gigi, or The Ford Bros.? I promise Viki is more interesting. Can't we trade Viki for scenes with Roxy versus Nate? How much fun would that have been? Any way, Ilene Kirsten is INCREDIBLY watchable. And that was it. I FFWDed the rest.

I couldn't watch Blair degrade herself for Tomas. I have liked Ted King since The City but I have never liked him on OLTL. The character and his son are COMPLETE wastes.

@ Ron - although I do not like the character of Baz, the actor is not bad. Same goes for the actors that play James and Nate although I hate those characters too. Now, the actors that play Jack and Ford...are so awful. And worse, they play characters constantly featured and referred to when offscreen. Ford should exit as the character serves no purpose and Jack is needed, needing to be recast yesterday.

Louise what did you think of the Todd/Blair scenes yesterday?

@soapbaby - I don't see any more skills in Baz playing a spoiled brat than I see in Jack playing a psychotic spoiled brat. It could, I guess, be their acting skills that makes me loathe them, but I don't think so. And I guess I could see the two younger Fudds as better actors than the elder Robert, but only in that comparision. Any more wooden and they should have "fire danger" signs on them.

But, as you say, Jack and Robert Fudd are indeed awful.

Hopefully, yesterday was the day devoted to the OLTL B Team, characters, actors and storylines. Although, in that case, we should have been treated to Robert Fudd as well.....shudder.

LB, I absolutely loved Tuesday's scenes between Todd and Blair. So much caution and pain and history -- and they were actually co-parenting. I wish the scenes could have been longer, but sadly that seems to be the state of daytime today. Short, short, shorter scenes. But I will take what I can get because those scenes seemed to be a good indicator of the handle the current writers have on that dynamic. (Obviously I want more, but there's time!)

I rather enjoyed Wednesday's low-stakes episode. Nothing amazing, but it was fun and simple. Plus, Clint and Kim!

I liked that James pointed out that Rick was not Starr and Baz's ONLY option, just the only offer so far. I so wanted Starr to point this out to Baz last(?) week when he was all going on about how they had to go with Rick because they had NO OTHER OPTIONS. Dude, you just sent out the damn demo. Give folks a chance.

@ Ron - I cannot believe I defended the acting skills of the "under-talented." LOL.

Is it me or does JPL look as if he has lost some weight?

Honey Badger don't care lol. I loved that video. I can't believe someone else out here has seen it hahaha!!

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