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September 20, 2011

Some Damn Good Montage (Alternate Title: Tears. So Many Tears!)

Words I thought I'd never--never--never, because EW--type: Thank goodness for Krystal.

Hear me out before you start making arrangements to have me involuntarily committed: thank goodness for Krystal and her Southern-fried hypocrisy, because if it weren't for her holier-than-thou, delusional display of smug today, I'd have spent the entire episode in a puddle of messy tears. But instead I had a brief respite and was able to just feel pure hatred. And it felt good, you know? It felt right, snarling things like "

Krystal: That room's taken, but I'm sure we can find an empty cell for you around here.
JR: I'm busy.
Krystal: Yeah, so I heard. From AJ. Taking a little adventure. I think the legal term for it is kidnapping.

You know, there are certain things that this twit should never say. Actually, she shouldn't say most things because she should have been written out of Pine Valley YEARS ago (no offense to Bobbie Eakes, who is a delight, but seriously, Krystal is the fucking worst), but really, things that she ABSOLUTELY shouldn't say are things like "kidnapping" and "how dare you kidnap?" because seriously, we can all recite the litany of felonies and child endangerment charges this hiefer has committed but let me just recap in a word: MIRANDA. I mean, yes, JR is acting seriously unbalanced, but this is one of those times that Krystal should have just said, "You know what? I'm going to sit this one out, which I know is surprising because I offer my opinion on EVERYTHING in that same condescending drawl, but I don't really want to run the risk of spontaneously combusting on account of the hypocrisy, so if you need me, I'll be over there".

But again, if it weren't for Krystal, all I'd have done for this hour was cry because damn it, Angie and Jesse are magical. Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are just--I am gutted, you guys. Gutted that we're not going to have them in our lives anymore, transfixing us with their brilliance and making us completely jealous with their utter lack of aging.

And this montage killed me. Killed me dead. I type this from beyond the grave, still sniffling at the Hubbard-y goodness.

Thank you so much for the years of genius performances, epic romance, and those amazing 80s fashions. We'll miss you, Debbi and Darnell.


I've been through this before- sitting in front of my TV weeping because I know this is the last week of seeing these amazing actors. I did it with GL and ATWT, and I'm doing it again. You'd think I'd have gotten used to the cancellation blues by now. I had thought I'd toughened up with age. What sort of senility is softening up my frontal lobes, causing me to weep profusely at scenes like yesterday's, at the Hubbards? I suspect my reaction is similar to some who clearly had not remembered to take their thorazine that morning. It's overwhelming.

I doubt Debbi Morgan will get material as good as this from the HW on Y & R. If only AMC had kept Lorraine Broderick on as Head Writer when they let Charles Pratt Jr. go. ABC/Disney may still have canceled the show, but at least we'd have gotten excellent story for a longer period of time. I hate Sweeney and Brian Frons and hope against hope that some semblance of this AMC transfers the online version.

We will SO miss you Debbi and Darnell. Yesterday's performances captured so much of what I have loved about Angie and Jesse_ the heart and humanity. As much as I have loved Erica, Brooke and Adam, Angie has always been the emotional heart center of AMC for me. She and Jesse will be so missed.

I'm sobbing too much to type.... These characters have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. We've had enough events that negatively impact on our lives without the loss of these old friends. God Bless us all.

Between yesterday's AMC and the dance that JR Martinez did with Karina Smirnoff did last night, I was a teary mess.

I lost it before the montage when the Hubbards stood around toasting. You could see Debbie Morgan saying a real goodbye. And it killed me.

I will be forever thankful to Lorraine Broderick for bringing Angie and Jesse back from the precipice, where Pratt and those fools who followed him had placed them. Jesse had become a class A hypocrite, and Angie had become a judgemental bitch. But over these past few months, they quickly regained the ground that had been lost. I always thought that I "liked them fine", but didn't love these characters. I was wrong. What steller actors they both are, and what fabulous characters. We won't see their likes again.

As for Kwak, why can't they just have someone run over that Hooterville Trashcan with a big ol' possum truck and be done with her? She and Babe - and Ryan - are the three worst characters to ever grace daytime tv. And the introduction, and promotion of these outrages were the beginning of the end.

I'd be fine with Frons was locked up with all three for the rest of his life. (I know they're not real people, but then again, I'm not quite sure Frons is a real person either. More like a bad smell.....)

I just wish Greg Nelson would've dropped by so we could've been treated to some awesome flashbacks of the greatest friendship in daytime, Jesse and Jenny.

That was the friggin' golden age of daytime for me...

Can someone tell me whatever happened to Angie's daughter that was played by next top model YaYa? I stopped watching for awhile and when I came back she was gone!

I wasn't a regular watcher of AMC, but this week I caught what I could and those Angie/Jesse scenes had me bawling. Those two are so good - they're right up there with Erika Slezak for sheer talent. Jesse and his fourteen expressions in ten seconds - my God, that face is amazing! I was very sad to see this week's goodbye episodes on youtube. The subtext was so heartbreaking. Unbelievable that so much history could be taken off the air for money. I SO look forward to the cancellation of the spew for bombing in the ratings.

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