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September 19, 2011

Someone Needs A Time Out

And that someone would be Jack Manning. Now before I launch into this, I need to throw out a disclaimer: I am perfectly aware that how infuriating this character is is quite deliberate. I do wish that we were dealing with a stronger actor here, but it's still a story that makes perfect sense -- of course Todd Manning's son hates him (I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'd probably hate anyone who gave me away at birth and told my mother I was dead) (though as far as I know this did not happen to me, but it might be worth looking into). And of course he plays dirty; he's Todd Manning's son! But no matter how much it makes sense, it is endlessly rewarding to me whenever anyone treats him like the annoying little beast that he is. I always cheered when Victor came down hard on him and I do the same whenever Starr or Blair look like it's taking all their strength not to throttle him on the spot. Since his return, though, Todd's been so concerned with building some sort of relationship with his son that he lets Jack get away with an awful lot. Today was refreshing, then, when Todd finally stood a little ground with his youngest brat. His "Wow, you really are a jackass" looks were a gift.




Of course we all know that Todd Manning is capable of looks that cut much deeper than that, but no worries, there's still time! He got a little too gentle later on in the episode, but he's still fighting for his life.

Tea had the "only on soap operas" line of the day when Dani was outlining the major developments in her life the past couple of years (with a kind shout-out to Ross having been a great dad!) and said that finding out Victodd was really her father was really kind of tame. Her mother responded with (in a terrific tongue-in-cheek deadpan from Florencia Lozano), "You mean compared to finding out that he was really your uncle who'd been brainwashed by his evil mother to impersonate your father?" (And again: man, I love the shit out of soaps!)


Now I have a bone to pick. I am so sick of this one character who is eating the show. Seriously, it's like everything they put on the screen these days is just written specifically to prop this glorified day-player. Enough already! They are just totally shoving this completely wooden, shallow character in our faces day after day in what is possibly the most transparent case of Emmy bait I've ever seen.



Come on, does he have to have a scene with everyone?!


Look, I appreciate giving major roles to actors with unconventional looks.


And I guess we know he earned the role, this was not a casting couch situation.

And okay, it does gives us lines like, "I saw you and you were fooling around with that porcupine!" 

And true, Roxy does love him and I have a soft spot for Roxy.

And it does create more diversity on the show. Inclusive casting!

All right, I think I'm sold on Morris (aka Needles) the Porcupine.


Oh yeah, and Brody proposed to Natalie. I'm sure we're all on the edge of our seats to see if they live happily ever after.


Poor, poor Brody. That closing shot of Natalie was SO the look of a woman in love! Heh.

I'm on the Morris train, too, Louise. I think he's going to meet his Emmy match later in the week, though. I shall say no more, though.

I've heard it said that Brody is going to self-destruct. Well, nothing says self-destruction like LIVING with Gnat willingly, and then proposing to her....unless he has a brain tumor....Brain tumor, anyone???

That poor guy has been destroyed by the Buchanan twins. I swear Vicki must wish sometimes that they'd both been kidnapped, and that she could have refused Gnat when she returned on the grounds that her warranty had expired.

Morris is a doll. Poor guy, it has to be tough to carrying all those scenes all on his little lonesome.

Every word that comes out of Jack's mouth is bad enough, and every expression on his Pinocchio face is tough to watch, but when did he decide to model his hair on the way Gina Tognoni looked in the 80's? Or is it how his hair reminds me so much of his aunt Tina from her glory days?? The blow drying, the teasing, that perfect "80"s look. Yeah, Jack, you got it goin on.

Louise, you are too funny! I look forward to your blog and thank you for your expert analysis......and Morris seriously needs some Crest White Strips.

I can't believe this post has been up for 4 hours and no one has made a "Morris is still a better scene partner than any of the Ford brothers' So there you are. You're welcome.

OK AT as Jack wavers from bad to average in scenes with either Rh or KDP but I kind of like Jack's attitude with Todd. Let's face it Todd is not the easiest person to love, a lot of forgiving is involved, and now their is finally someone in Todd's life who he loves who won't love him unconditionally. Not only is the new for Todd but it is Larma considering all the crap he has put people like Blair and Viki through who tend to forgive him rather easily. Plus you also added fact that Todd gave Jack away but he has always treated STarr like she hung the stars , moon, and the sun. If AT was better this story would be phenominal.

The role of Jack manning would be great for a capable young actor. Clearly, acting is not Mr. Trishcitta's forte. Hair model? Perhaps. It would be one thing if the character did not drive story, but he does. Oy vey.

Can you imagine how good this storyline would be if someone like Eddie Aldrerson was in the role of Jack? It would be amazing! But, no, we are stuck with AT, who I am sure is a nice kid, but just is so far out of his league here.

Does anyone else think that maybe it was Brad's dad(the kid that took the rap for GiGi's murder - I think that was his name) who killed Victor? I am hoping it is some dayplayer like that so Brody can be saved. Or, I'd be okay if it was one of the Ford bro's (or all 3!) so they could get off my screen immediately!

I have a theory that it was actually Jack who killed Victor. He came back to Victor's to protect him and when he saw him from behind, he thought Victor was Todd (like the opposite of what happened with Tea in the church the other day), so he shot him. When Jack realized he had shot the wrong man, he freaked and ran out to go get help, but he tripped and hit his head. Then Todd (or someone else) came by to talk to Victor, but saw Jack and took him to the hospital. If the killer was else, Jack might not be working so hard to prove it was Todd because that means letting the real killer go free. Also, I could just be overestimating AT's acting, but he looks pretty damn guilty. It's not like he hasn't killed someone else's parent... why not his own?

I would watch the heck out of a show focused on Morris and Kitty (from Y&R).

Yep, that idea sounded better in my head.

Oh poor, sweet KITTY! How I miss thee! Morris and Cutter are the new Kitty and Adam.

Oh Kitty! I watched Y&R when 'Patty' was dragging that cat everywhere...wonder what happened to Kitty? Hope they found her a good home!

And isn't Morris really a beaver, not a porcupine? Everytime they say "porcupine", in my mind I say "beaver" - makes the lines much funnier!

Poor Kitty!! I think Victors dog ate her!! I keep hoping shell pop up on a new soap!! Cutter/Roxy/Morris triangle please!!

My Alltime Favorite Soap Line! Patty(talking to Kitty) "Where are my pills Kitty?!?!?"

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