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September 01, 2011

The Catch Up Blues

If you'll pardon the caps for just a moment: OH MY GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO TYPE! AND HAVE LIGHTS, TEMPORARILY! DAMN YOU, IRENE!

As much as I wish my extended blogging hiatus were for a fun reason, it...is not: Hurricane Irene didn't do as much damage as anticipated; bitch just robbed me of power. For days. It has been--well, let me put it this way: yesterday afternoon at 3, I thought to myself wistfully, "I should be watching General Hospital right nwo!" and almost burst into a stream of legitimately sad tears. Terrifying, right?

There is still no word yet on when I'll actually have television, but ABC.com should get me caught up enough eventually. Until then: what have I missed, folks?! If you tell me that I missed an epically great week of soapdom, I will...well, I will not believe you. But after I accuse you of lying, I will cry in jealousy.


Two words: Alan Quartermaine.

And Debbi Morgan KILLING it the last two days on AMC.

I'm glad you okay, Mallory and that it wasn't as bad as expected in your area.

Let's see, about what you missed:

-Jason Q dreams (Alan! Monica! Tracy! Edward! Jason not in a black t-shirt and jeans! Elizabeth in her studio, focusing on her art!)
-Angie effectively breaking my heart (OMG, Debbie Morgan!)
-Alexis EPICALLY -- EPICALLY -- (echoes EPICALLY) dropping truth and knowledge on Carly and making her cry!(!!!!!!Hee!!!!!!)
-Alexis confronting Sonny
-Alexis protecting Jax's best interests, whether he's dead or not

In case you can't tell, I was a full-on Natasha fangirl yesterday. I haven't seen truly seen her go off like that since Kristina's funeral.

Mallory, I did not want GH to end yesterday. For serious! I know! It was....DELIGHTFUL. You have to believe me!

Having experienced that Post-Hurricane No Power for Days and Days and Days blues after Hugo, you have my full sympathy.

I'm glad that you're otherwise safe and hope you have TV again soon.

I'm with realbrenda4evr. NLG was pitching and then knocking it out of the park. She did it high and did it low.

Even Kristina got some good hits in during a scene with Michael.

There's.. .something going on with Matt and Liz.

And Lulu's in ShrewLu mode. But watching Dante respond to it has been hilarious.

And Lucky is in desperate need of a haircut. It's actually nauseating.

I feel your pain; we were without electricity for five days and may lose it again as repairs continue around us. The best scenes--for me, the ones with Alexis-- will be on YouTube if abc.com rotates them out. I have certainly not missed Michael or Spinelli.

@C, You mean Jason the COS for GH? Dressed up in his shirt and tie. And the cost of the stress is his dabbling in cocaine. As Monica said, be careful what you wish for.

Sorry bout the loss of power. I have family in CT with small children. Just got their electricity back on.

i started watching GH again this and last week - just to see what GW has done to GH (u know - did he fix it enough that i an stomach it again?).

only good thing that i have seen were the flashbacks and NG going off on Carly...though i don't get why she hasn't done the same to sonny.

if GW would just kill the mob - then i would be much happier...he should pull a Bobby from Dallas...have jason wake up and it be a dream. NO mob - sonny was run out of town years ago, AJ still alive, etc, etc.

I agree, NLG hit it out of the park. And it was great to see Alan Q again. Skye & Johnny hit the sheets. Kristina has a medical problem. Lulu is out of control--someone needs to hose her down. (Lucky could use a hosing as well, the man looks, well dirty.)

There's an obvious Matt & Liz chem test going on--which on one hand is nice (something for them both to do, and not so great, since I cannot stomach Maxie and Spinelli.)

The low point for me were the Jason "dreams" where it conveniently turns out Jason is better off being a hit man. And of course Sam is his one true love, even though in the scenes he has FAR MORE chemistry and connection with Elizabeth.

I agree with Lucy. Those dreams had such potential but they basically sucked. Ok, not totally since we got to see Alan again. But I don't understand why they wouldn't have had a scenario with Liz where Jason leaves the mob to raise Jake with her, and then they are threatened or a hit man finds them. Wouldn't that make more sense? Did Liz dream of Jason leaving the mob for her and Jake? Jason falling off a staircase was dumb (why is everyone falling off stairs??).

Leanne - I love me some JJ but his hair (and facial hair for that matter) is bordering on ridiculous. Every time my husband sees JJ he makes a comment about his patchy facial hair. Is he trying to look older?

And I agree with everyone, NLG kicked some major ass this week. I LOVED her giving it to Carly. Seriously the best stuff in a very long time. Garin needs to keep giving her awesome stuff to do!

You know what Port Charles needs? Lucy Coe.

There is still no word yet on when I'll actually have television, but ABC.com should get me caught up enough eventually. Until then: what have I missed, folks?! If you tell me that I missed an epically great week of soapdom, I will...well, I will not believe you. But after I accuse you of lying, I will cry in jealousy.

I know there isn't a lot of Spinelli love here, but I'm saying it anyway. I thought Bradford Anderson ROCKED IT in his scenes at Jason's bedside. Seeing him struggle to try to figure out who he really is. He knows he isn't the ridonculous Jackal P.I., but it's clear he's realizing he isn't the complete geek he was before either. I'm holding out hope from those scenes that he's going to end up a normal guy! Give it to Bradford, GW - he can handle it, I promise you.

What can I say about NLG that hasn't already been said? I've never seen Carly looked so completely STUNNED - actually hurt. Her feeble attempts at trying to take stabs at Alexis for still being in love with Jax AND Sonny were pointless. It was a thing of beauty.

Lulu is just annoying in the extreme. Just want her to go away, please! Her bitch face is NOT entertaining the way Cam's is - it's just BITCHY. In her usual "I can never forgive you for anything, up to and including leaving your dirty socks on the bathroom floor" way that she has, she's leaving Dante. I appreciated the fact that he didn't try to beg her not to this time. Like Dante or not, I say good riddens to bad shrews.

I'm a long-time lurker poking my head out to wish you well in the aftermath of that b@tch Irene. We lost our house that night and I'm still reeling...I love this site and come here all the time to catch up on GH and OLTL and I'm really sorry to hear you've been affected...I guess I just wanted to thank you for being here and wish you well,I'm catching up on last week's shows same as you, thanks to all who are leaving comments, it makes me happy knowing Alexis kicked a$$!!!

So Franck, which part of "Kurkov believes Ukrainian writing is more vibrant than the current Russian literature scene" sounded dismissive to you?

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