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October 23, 2011

Now I'm For It!

After Friday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, I was all set to sit down and write a big rant about how stupid it is that Thomas and Hope are brother and sister (though not by blood) because they really do have smokin' hot chemistry, and it's not as if the show treats Steffy and Hope as sisters or treats Brooke as in any way related to Steffy and Thomas despite having had a huge hand in raising them.

Because seriously, I cannot be the only viewer who interpreted this moment as the standard "sad, supportive moment leads to kiss" scene we so often see in soaps, right?




Right? I mean, she even did that thing where she looked up at him and then looked at his lips before moving in!

Alas, it was not to be.



But then as I sat down to write this complaint about these two not being a potential pairing due to, as I put it, being "brother and sister (though not by blood)," I remembered what show I was talking about. Since when has "brother and sister (though not by blood)" ever been an impediment to a pairing on The Bold and the Beautiful?!

What do you guys think? Am I crazy in seeing chemistry here?


On B&B, this is practically mandatory. I mean, Steffy & Rick (her stepbrother-uncle) were engaged, & Ridge & Bridget, a woman he ACTUALLY ONCE THOUGHT WAS HIS DAUGHTER were nearly an item. I could go on. This show is all about icky pairings.

I didn't really give it much thought while watching but I have to admit that it would be better than her going back to Liam or oh the horrors Oliver. There aren't many options for her unless they get some fresh meat on the show.

It just baffles me why Taylor and Brooke want Liam with their daughters since he's a loser and is a total weenie. Oh yeah I forgot those two have fought over Ridge for most of their lives so I guess that answers my question.

Since we have Ridge/Bridget as a precedent, nothing is out of bounds for this show. Just to recap: he was present at her birth, when he thought she was his daughter. For most of her life after that, he was her half-brother and sometimes stepfather. The week they found out they weren't biologically related, they made out. So. No, not crazy.

I absolutely noticed their chemistry in that scene and think they make a very pretty and appealing picture together. But at this point, I'd probably like Hope better with Freddie Kruger than Liam. His character can be put in the wood chipper a la Fargo, as far as I'm concerned. I no longer can stand looking at Liam.

I think I read about this possibility as a spoiler -- but when I read it, I thought it as Rick and Hope, who I think actually are related. Again, not that I would put it past the Bold and the Beautiful.

By B&B standards, then, Thomas and Hope are practically strangers. Which is why I love to read recaps of this show, even if I don't watch it.

You know, I'm a lot more comfortable with vaguely incestuous situations than a lot of my fellow countrymen (thought apparently B&B has a solid following, lol), but that Ridge/Bridget thing skeeved even me out. ::full body shudder::

But aside from kinda hating Thomas, yeah they make a cute couple and I wouldn't hate it. LOL

I totally wouldn't hate them together. They totes have chemistry, and think it would be hilarious if they became the next Bridge, because I cannot stand Liam ever at all ever.

Ewww! Ewww, ewwwwww! They both call Rapist dad, thanks to Bellboy who is trying to make as forget Nick is Hope's dad not Ratboy. As if!

Not only that but Thomas attempted on her brother's life twice, the little scum told the horrible lie about Hope's mother for money and power. If Satanie hadnt given up and confess, he would have kept his mouth shut. I dont want that homicidal maniac anywhere near Hope and i cant understand how Hope lets him even touch her. Oliver, Oliver where are you???

But this is BB and they will be screwing soon. "Lean on me"^Thomas soon will show his true colors and he will be working with his equally nasty sister behind the scenes to keep Hope and Liam apart. **huge eye roll**

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