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October 24, 2011

Things Best Left In The Past

It's a bit of a double-edged sword, I know. I want characters on The Bold & the Beautiful to mention Hope's harrowing ordeal of being trapped in a gondola and having to watch her ex-boyfriend marry her half-sister on top of a mountain in Aspen. I want them to mention it as much as possible. In fact, the more hysterically overwrought any sentence that includes the word "gondola" is, the happier I am. (Today, Brooke's "If Hope hadn't been stuck in a gondola like a caged animal...!" made me simply gleeful.)

But there's a tiny little problem with recalling the incident. Sometimes, you see, sometimes flashbacks happen. And with flashbacks? We're exposed to....this.


That horrifying wedding ensemble Steffy wore! The length! Those awful boots!


The train! (Ooooh, but Aspen is so pretty!)


The bare midriff with the one narrow fabric panel down the front!

Oh, B&B. Stop giving me nightmares. 

And in the meantime? Hope! Steffy! Would both of you please dump that pathetic, spineless weasel Liam on his ass now?! And can we put a nail in the coffin of this storyline?


Louise, you forgot to post the pics of the poor, spoiled blond princess stuck in that damn gondola!!!

Who's the guy that's marrying them? He looks like Andy Griffith.

Maybe Barney Fife designed the dress.

LMAO! Ron, that guy DOES look so much like Andy Griffith!

And the gondola cap??!!! That moment simply MUST be recorded on SDrama! Steffy's wedding dress *PUKE* I don't even think that Brooke ever wore anything remotely as vile to any of her many weddings. Thanks for covering B&B, Louise <3

I said it before and I'll say it again: Steffy looked like Batshit in a Tutu. Can you believe someone actually got paid real money to come up with that ensemble? Any 3 yr. old girl(or boy) could've come up with a better wedding outfit for her.

I only turn on B&B once in a blue moon, largely because of your posts, Louise, and because of the thought that I may eventually be driven to CBS when all of ABC's soaps are cancelled. So I happened to turn on this particular episode of B&B . . . and giggled all the way through. The fact that NO ONE on the entire episode said anything other than repeatedly recapping Hope's attempt to stop the great mountain nuptials was weird enough, and then I got a load of Steffy in that dress. This is still supposed to be a show about FASHION designers, right? That dress looked like something made out of cheap polyester remnants found in a dumpster behind Kmart and stuck together with a hot glue gun.

(Today, Brooke's "If Hope hadn't been stuck in a gondola like a caged animal...!" made me simply gleeful.)

Eeee! I can't WAIT to hear that!

The dress... I can imagine Steffy packing something white and suitable just in case, but WHAT IN HELL WAS THAT?!?!?!??!

Just a small fact, Steffy and Hope are not half-sisters. Steffy's parents are Ridge and Taylor Forrester, and Hope's parents are Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe.

I know Steffy and Hope aren't blood-related and that Ridge isn't Hope's biological father, but she and Steffy both call him "Dad." The show seems to imply that Ridge adopted Hope, but regardless, they share a father even though they don't act like it, so I have to consider them half-sisters.

But wouldn't step-sister be a more appropriate term? It would imply a family relation, but not a blood relation. JMO

If Ridge really did adopt Hope, then she is 100% Steffy's half-sister by any definition of the term -- nothing "step" about it.

If he didn't, though, yes, more like stepsister. Although are Brooke and Ridge even married? Former stepsister at least! Agh! Too much to keep track of with these crazy partner-swappers!

Well, the Brady Bunch were all adopted by their new stepparents and they didn't consider their brothers/sisters step or half on that show, but full, despite the lack of any blood relation. I admit I don't know how it's defined in cases of adoption - interesting question that I am now going to look up!

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