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November 16, 2011

A Llanview Wedding Album

Because some things are important to be captured as still images.



Shaun and Princess David Vickers! So cute!

In general, the wedding guests who lingered afterwards and talked about morality and compassion and the things that drive you to make choices you never thought you'd make were all pretty awesome. 

Especially, of course:



Cord is just so happy to propose to her! I love them so much. So much, y'all.

And then Viki called Dorian and Tina and Roxy shared Dorian stories! And then Shaun made jokes about how Buke weddings never actually go through and he and Nora took bets on this one!


This is the best wedding ever! And then Cord and Tina switched phones back and forth to tell CJ and Sarah the good news! 

And then Bo and Nora got adorable:

Bo: I can't believe Brody lied to Natalie like that.

Nora: Oh. He loved his son, and he loved Natalie.

Bo: Yeah. And so did John. But by the time that he could forgive her for lying to him, she'd already moved on.

Nora: Gosh, that sounds so familiar to me. Hmm.

Bo: Hmm.

Nora: Well, let's hope they find their way back to each other eventually.

Bo: Better late than never!

Nora: Hopefully faster than we did.

Bo: Yeah.


Oh, my heart.

And then it happened! The thing I've been waiting so many, many years for. Tina and Cord got married!!!! And I cried like a baby.

Tina: I, Tina Lord Roberts, take you, Cordero Roberts, to have and to hold...forever. 'Cause I swear this is going to be our best marriage ever. Because I won't ever lie to you, I'm never gonna cheat on you, and I am never, ever gonna yank that ball away from you again. Cord, I promise, I am gonna make you so proud of me. And I am gonna stand right by your side for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. Oh, and this time, I really mean it, I swear. Oh! I do.



What more could anyone ask for?

Oh yeah, and Brody knocked out Nigel and kidnapped Liam and airport signs talked to Rex and then he saw Stagi and Natalie was so crestfallen and heartbroken that the man she clearly so deeply loved and wanted to marry had lied to her that she couldn't stop beaming and leaped into John's arms, and John went off with her to see his son (thankfully she caught him at the airport because once that flight landed in Seattle it would have somehow been too late to tell him Liam is his!), and I felt all funny inside because I was actually happy for John McBain.


That was easy!

So that was it, right? Oh yeah. That wasn't it. Jessica and Ford had the sex. And, according to Ford, it was "colossal." I can't really think of a way to describe how much that grossed me out, but I am colossally nauseated, I can tell you that much. And you know what? I really loved Jessica and Brody together, and the final nail was put in that coffin the other day when Brody accused Jessica of losing her mind again when he knew she was telling the truth, but this was just sort of a reminder of the nail in that coffin and it was depressing. Maybe they'll just both nobly fall off a cliff while rescuing Liam from Brody. We can only hope.


I had a dream last night where I got to hang out with Andrea Evans, it was glorious.

I know what you mean, Louise, about feeling funny about cheering for John and Natalie. I mean, really? Yes! They were just so happy and sparkling and their IQ went up a 100 points when they were connecting all the dots. Very, very weird.

Of course they still really should have another paternity test done!

Awesome, adorable, amazing...can't find enough A words to describe this episode! (witht the exception of the Ford/Jessica mating - yuck) I heart this show - how could ABC daytime not know what they had here?!

So did you know that if you talk to the characters through your tv, it doesn't work? B/c I did....and Jessica did not listen to me. Ugh! I'm in favor of someone falling off a cliff, but I would grab Jess at the last second and karate kick Ford over it.

With the exception of all that, I loved this epi.

LOL @ Natalie's "I loved him!" while scrunching her face. Why this girl was looking a gift-horse in the mouth I don't get. She did not love Brody and her body language and actions surrounding her accepting his proposal said it all.

I was also happy for John.

Tina and Cord and their wedding guests were simply the cutest and this went from the wedding that made me want to stick a fork in my eye to one of the BEST WEDDINGS EVER! There was Tina & Cord, Dorian (in absentia), Shaun & Viv, Princess David Vickers, Bo & Nora, and Clint & Viki goodness. I FLOVE the padre for refusing to marry them without a license, forcing them to make sure this union was legal.

Lastly, Nora just happened to have $100 stuffed in her girls? Awesome and acceptable!

I watched yesterday, and almost started crying. Tina and Cord are so cute!

And I almost started crying for Nat and John.

What an awesome show!

Did anyone else catch the Destiny's Child drop Shaun made? I was like "Really people? We just had to go there"

Tina and Cord Rocked. We all saw this coming the second Tina got the MOH gig, but whatever. I still love it.

The best was when they were on the phones with the kids and they just swapped them and kept talking. So cute. And just such a perfect moment that shows how in sync these two are.
Dude, I love Soaps. Because most shows wouldn't have time for a moment that real, but it's those little moments that make soaps (even with all the talking dogs and magical airport message boards) feel like real life.
And the chemistry between Cord and Tina or Bo and Nora. You just can't get that sort of spark between two sexy models. It's what casting directors now don't get. Cast people who are interesting and who make you want to know what happens, not just whoever looks good shirtless.

I really don't have a problem with Jess and Ford neither actor is going to PP so I understand them putting them together. Yes I know what he did just like I know what Luke, Todd and Victor/Todd did. I guess I'm not as bothered by Ford since he's a minor charactor. The rest of the show was great I'm not for or against Jolie but the smile/squinty eyed thing John did with his face when he found out Liam was his son was kind of cute and funny!

Yes, Ford is a minor character who could die on the very last show and if OLTL hadn't written Brody as all crazy again over a child then he and Jessica could have reconciled.

Yeah! I heart Tina and Cord. Shaun with PVD was a hoot!

John was too busy sexing up Kelly to worry about Natalie moving on with Brody or any other man. The only reason his boxers got in a twist is because Kelly shut down their sex parties and moved back to London with Joey.

Cord asking Clint to be his best man, "cause you're the best man I know."

Um, Cord, I know you've been out of town, but he's got an ankle bracelet because of this little thing called murder, which he of course did not do and is standing up for his nephew, who actually did kill the man, after his beloved Uncle Clint (the best man he knew, for a while, until...) lied to him about his parents having an affair, blackmailed a women to seduce his brother, while paying the ex-husband of this previously mentioned woman to kidnap said nephew's mother, who was very nearly (and sort of depending on your definition of) sexually assaulted, which drove the nephew to SHOOT THIS MAN. The fall out from this shooting drove said nephew, in his guilt, to lose his virginity with a friend, who is now pregnant with his child, Clint's soon to be grand nephew. In anger over his death, the dead man's son punched the nephew in the head, rendering him almost brain dead (and if it was not for his mother's refusal to give up, the doctor would have delcared him brain dead and given his heart away) and now unconscious for the last few months.

No Cord, this is not the best man. Not in the least.

There is something wonderful about a big man holding a wee little dog!

"You just can't get that sort of spark between two sexy models. It's what casting directors now don't get. Cast people who are interesting and who make you want to know what happens, not just whoever looks good shirtless. "

The key is and will always be chemistry, however Andrea Evans and John Lopriano were a pretty sexy pair back in the day. It's just that now it's a little more believable when she says that she'll never cheat on him, because the pickens are a little slimmer.

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